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  1. It's one of the trades that's all I'll say lol
  2. So basically I had an interview and now I'm hired into my career job lol Reeeeeeeeee
  3. So basically I started a business and honest I'm having fun so if anyone wants to rp with me I'm trying to promote role play and have fun . We are hiring and need apprentices and plumbers ! Lol I'm the CEO There are 3 ranks Apprentice 20000 paycheck Plumber 35000 paycheck Master plumber 50000 paycheck Just something I'm trying it's been fun so ya
  4. I've decided to try to come back sooner than expected, but I will be trying out star wars rp and most likely will appear on prp from time to time to just say hi
  5. Due to personal reasons I am leaving again and obviously I haven't been around . I can't say when I'll be back it just depends if i make it through my current situation. Thank you to all the friends I've made and especially to smt for the opportunitys I had with this community . If I do come back I will be here full time and that's a promise . The real Noot
  6. Sorry for not being on but I'd like to let everyone know I won't be on for a bit I'm dealing with personal issues.
  7. Literally just realized ive been on gl for over 3 years waaat
  8. [GL] Noot

    Noots LT app

    In-Game Name: Noot SteamID: STEAM_0:1:105036982 current rank: SM How long have you been in your current rank? : 1 year what timezone are you in? : EST How many warns do you have? : 4 why should you be promoted? : I Think I should be promoted because I have a very extensive amount of experience in command and the PD. I was active in command for over 1 year and reached the rank of deputy commissioner in high command. I have enjoyed my time in command before and I am ready to come back and help out the department once again. I believe I can bring good leadership skills to the department and using my experience, I think I will be able to become successful again in command and try my hardest to do the job that is required of me. I have a very good understanding of what officers should be doing and how to manage the department on a large scale no matter what events are going on. I Do think that I will be able to lead the officers once again and I am confident with the amount of experience I have and will put it to good use. You agree that disobeying any rules set by high command will result in an immediate demotion(yes/no): Yes
  9. Anybody know how to fix the awesonium has crashed or something cant create new object bug????
  10. Ya im really trying but my gmod wont get past the startup screen every time reeeeeeee
  11. Hello everyone , its been like almost a year since i last participated in the PD, at the rank of dep commissioner Back then i decided i had enough , but now i have decided to try to come back to the server, and if all goes well maybe go for command ? anyway lets see what happens lol -the real Noot