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  1. do you really want a war ! you will lose
  2. +support but i think fame already removed it
  3. how is that relevant to the warn tho?
  4. +support him having out 2 false warn appeal doesn't been the warn is vaild? he got warn for fear rp but in the video it shows him taking damage so at that point he can pull out his gun and the no valuve you he was not warned for so it is not relevant / you guys wanted him to drop 500k for some reason
  5. damnnn bro took lon enough we wil still play other games
  6. i agree i feel we kinda have no say into things like are -/+ support mean nothing most time it does not make a difference i also feel some time sometime they take it to far with blacklisted people for smalls things that i feel you should not be banned for but that just my opinion on all this
  7. what? are you saying this should be the format? if so you would have to post this in suggestions
  8. +support active good leader active on forums active on ts nice guy overall (but im pretty sure you need over a month to apply but if not ignore this)
  9. wrong section if someone could move it !
  10. +support and smoke i think that more for mass warn appeals