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  1. +support great pd command great state command mature and active good guy great leader
  2. same lol but i was in the channel with him he trolled me
  3. -support no proof didnt follow format and no need to diss bambob for doing his job
  4. +support great guy always likes to help!
  5. +support mature good staff active uses his brain while on staff really good app knows the motd
  6. +support im all for this but i would also like a set of rules with it like no prison rp unless 3 doc on and riots only every 20 mins or something so it not crazy
  7. -support i was there you tased him and said u could since he didnt shot
  8. noooo timm you will be missed pls hop on every now and then so we can play i wish you the best and come back soon!!!
  9. +support crease is a great guy never seen him break rules weird situation never seen this happened but he did said he can prove it so i believe him
  10. maral the great


    when you hit f1 this code and command come up i dont think we are supposed to have it
  11. still want @mockingbird side
  12. this was posted like 3 months ago why you replying now