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  1. Since when can Senior Mods (CHEETO) warn Admins? +Support and staff strike for disobeying the staff handbook (Unless permission was received for the warn)
  2. Sassi

    Anton ban appeal

    LOOL I was the one who filled the report against you ingame. Both myself and Snar witnessed your vile behavior. Your permanent ban deserves to stick -Support
  3. Sassi

    No one was on staff.

    This is a flame war. Calm down. Relax. I can imagine some of you are ripping hairs out of your head over this. My take is this, no one got on staff. A higher ranking staff member said hey can someone get on and they proceeded to say stop complaining and you get on staff. Back when I was staff on here, saying that kind of stuff was instant grounds for removal of staff I'd say +Support give them a strike and bring the 1-10 staff ratio back . Also there is no such thing as going on standby unless you are on TS as support. You are either on duty or you are not on duty plain and simple.
  4. +support Make it so if any number of SS is online then he can be assassinated at any time!
  5. -Support I dont want AnimeRP on PoliceRP thanks
  6. +Support Another staff member can even attest to the fact on video that Robby was taking his own sit. That staff member was SRT PVT Death.
  7. Sassi

    Where is EMS?

    LMFAO Sums it up just right
  8. Sassi


    I literally only said it will not fit with RP calm yourself and stop trying to start a flame war.