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  1. -support -dude get off the internet if you can't handle insults -if you know billy thats how he talks (funny scot) -dont get into an arugment and whine like a child once they argue back with you
  2. All the OG's about to be retired : ( Good work Duncan you will be missed https://tenor.com/view/floppa-gif-18714662
  3. o7 End of an era (interlinked) Have you ever played on USMS? Cells. Within cells interlinked
  4. +Support -Massive map would be great for more RP -Skybox allows for helis etc to be added more RP for State and FBI
  5. Thank you everyone for your comments I love you all < 3 I will still be around and may even hop on other GL servers : D
  6. You look lonely, I can fix that
  7. Welp here we are, almost 3 years later I will finally be leaving FBI. For the last year+ I have been director and wouldn't change anything but it is time for me to move on without having to worry about being a dep dead. From being trained as a PA by Kinky Unicorns, to being promoted to DAD by @Jimmy Jamesafter never of spoken to him lmfao. Even getting demoted 3 ranks by Alex Raddish because the other 2 ranks were full. I have enjoyed every moment on PRP and have met some genuine friends that I will keep in touch with. Jimmy: It is still my FBI and I am the best director ever. But fr thank you allowing me to be command and growing into the Director spot. (tanks go br) @PhilI was the best DD and you know it @kessel COS for life @Matilda You know I will still be around and you suck at Raft and Phas @justin Worst DD ever (ily) There is so many more people I could list on after being here for almost 3 years so don't feel left out. I have just been here too long. I will still be in UMC and on the server here and there. Lime King signing off
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