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  1. -Support -You cant kill a cop for being detained -L
  2. -Support -Mans was a inside informant and you got played lmao
  3. -Support -Shields are there to balance when raiding and getting trapped inside fading doors and a base. -This would easily how any crims to get gov trapped inside -Just build better bases to get multiple angles to stop any shield rushes.
  4. Lime King


    Sir this is a Wendy's
  5. You cannot have the Barret on CC's
  6. +Support -Will stop minges from sitting during RP
  7. Yeah join FBI and get us to 100 members over the summer!
  8. Noted. Thank you for your time in HRT
  9. -Support -You cannot be trapped inside DOC there are buttons that even crim can get access to upstairs -Not an issue
  10. Thank you! You will be placed into reserves after your 48 hours have concluded.
  11. I am pretty sure @Ecottonly allowed gov to use this vehicle as Command+. I am fairly sure he paid the cost to only add it to his own class/department. unless he says otherwise
  12. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1270634696 Add this link to your post models/player/bw/minato.mdl I found the in game path for you add the text above to your post
  13. Add the in game model path of your player model and you have to get the direct link for it too
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