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  1. Yes he means change the playermodel (if I'm wrong please don't smite me Snar)
  2. You will be missed : ( You will be placed into reserves after your 48 hour notice is over. Thank you for everything Locus
  3. Denied Reapply never Can't believe you are leaving me and FBI : (
  4. Give the steam workshop link for the Player model
  5. +Support -Looks dope -Would work very well with the new HUD. And it will deter gov from sitting in front of a wanted board 24/7.
  6. This is a very common scam that many people get daily. They will threaten you with leaking personal info or certain videos/pictures of yourself in order to scare you so much that you forget common sense and cave into their demands. THEY WILL NEVER HAVE ANYTHING ON YOU, and you did good reporting it to the FBI Cyber Crime (Lets go FBI) since they deal with this all the time. And if you ever give them money there is nothing stopping them from continuing scamming you. Once someone pays your info gets moved up the food chain since people that fall victim to one scam are MUCH more likely to fall for another one.
  7. +Support -Dude has a horrible attitude -Minged and made false sit after false sit this morning
  8. -Support -Lots of errors and grammar mistakes that shows you are not ready for staff -Replied to your own application -Didn't even bother to edit out the unneeded questions
  9. +Support -Mans needed to learn to stop minging -He's been minging all day on crim and gov
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