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  1. OMG: How could I forget the days of Us ruining PD for all those little mingy OFC's xD I am genuinely saddened to see you go. All the best, James / CHEETO

    False Warn

    Clearly you don’t know how this works, you prove your innocence... it’s down to you. No one had access to the logs anymore, they get refreshed every so often, “bud” Not arguing, just explaining to new people how the process works.

    False Warn

    It would be, you said you didn’t shoot him. The logs and I say different- you need to prove your “innocence” ? just saying ?

    False Warn

    So you threw the video out? That’s suspicious. You did, and your friend. Convenient that you threw the video out tho.

    False Warn

    ADMIN SIDE : I was flying around and was asked to report to someone in need of help, I showed up and was met by three people shouting, I told them all to "Shut up so I can speak", I was dealt with the sit, But half way through the victims car was stolen, I noticed this but forgot about it while dealing with people. I was then asked to report to the victim again as his car was stolen wrongly, I knew it was the same person and knew who took it, I tp'd to 'EGGS' and asked what car it was he stole, he said the BMW so I TP'd the owner to the car and said you can take it back as it was stolen while you where in a sit, Wezzy instantly starts shouting and NCWS, (His warn) I just ignored this and jailTP'd him out after telling him 3 times to get out, So i JailTP him out. I then told the victim to take his car, he did, I moved next to the door, Baring in mind Weezy and EGGS had guns out and kept trying to shoot the victim through the sit, As soon as the victim tries to drive away he is met by gun fire killing him, Hence the shooting during a sit warn on EGGS. As I move closer to EGGS and Wezzy To explain they cant Im greeted by more shouting, calling me multiple names. I got sick of it and Warned Wezzy for, STAFF DISS | NCWS |. I suggest you post the video anyway Wezzy, as you currently have 0 evidence to back yourself up. At least that should help your case.

    Im back!


    Im back!

    Hello, For you who are part of the community for a long time, will remember me, I was SRT/BSI/FBI/PD/EMS/SWAT/STAFF, Well I was a lot of things. I've been here since NOOT NOOT was a thing on the old ( Original old) map when there was Pewdiepie's face on the map! So needless to say, I've been here a while and now I'm back, WIth a LOT more to offer (Twitch channel with 100+Followers/Subs)
  8. +SUPPORT Good PD member Longtime member like me :) GINGER Active (p.s You are ginger)
  9. -support only one month as SM not well known
  10. CHEETO

    Jeeto Failrp

    Who the hell is jeeto and why is he copying me lol
  11. CHEETO

    Logan False Warn

    Fighting on your own post wont solve anything "lol" YOU STILL DONT HAVE ANY EVIDENCE YOU NEED TO SUPPLY SOME.... Without evidence how do you expect people to belive you?
  12. CHEETO

    Logan False Warn

    This server doesnt take witnesses. NO MATTER WHAT. As past staff I know there should have been some sort of evidence for the warning, Whether its log's etc. If not thats something completely different and should be delt with. "for the story part atleast)" Implies you are lying... I hope this is NOT the case. Feel free to ask questions by QUOTING me. DO NOT PM ME, I will not reply.
  13. Next it will be gender neutral characters lmao. +/= support, Can't think of a reason for them. But don't want to appear sexist to the snowflakes.
  14. CHEETO

    Logan False Warn