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  1. -support minge disrespectful dont listen to command doesn’t train not active pm me with questions but you ain’t guaranteed a answer....
  2. Yup, 100% agree. I left because they force us to get on even when we are clearly having fun with other things. People are promoted way to easily, I had just joined and by the end of the week I was one position before low command lmao, the quotas are genuinely unnecessary and where not welcomed at the meeting when they where announced.
  3. HE is allowed to be in other communities
  4. +support seems like they are making it up as they go. I've had problems with staff today as well they just aren't having a good day, all of them. They even silenced my opinion earlier. Ive had this in my mind for a while, Jeff Jnr (my heart goes out to you but) you need to learn to listen to him, You seemed to make up rules as you went along. You didn't supply sufficient evidence that it was in fact RDM. It isnt against the rules to kill someone who is AFK because if it was then people would just go AFK when being mugged etc. You did NOT explain what the rule was, Yes its a bit of a summy thing to kill AFK's but he is right. There was no need to have 3 staff for 1 person. There was no need to jail him either. Genuinely never thought id say this but Finch ur right lol (Aussie power lol!!!)

    Ya boy phil

    Phil b, you already know you can message me anytime if you need to talk, you where one of the best. You know what, you where the best staff member I knew. You where always striving for the best and where never bias! You always helped me through stuff and I want to thank you for that! If if this is because of them dam kangaroos, box em! Hope to still see you in game and on ts!! -CHEETO
  6. I can vouch for this, I’m in a discoed call with a Command member. He says 15 is min but he says it’s safer to wait longer
  7. I suggest you take Bryce advice b4 u get into trouble.
  8. Yes actually... I was outside as a civ
  9. Andrew, I drew you a picture to simplify it... Its up there ^^
  10. -support, Ya gone goofed If you think it's vague then go to the suggestions and post about how you want it made more clear. You were in an active situation...
  11. CHEETO

    Bye to all

  12. +support (Phil, boxed any kangaroos lately!?!? Lol)
  13. Isnt much need for his... the evidence is right there THICC HUGE +SUPPORT