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  1. What rule did he break? He didnt rdm. He killed danny to screw arround. Also it seems like cheeto is targeting munchies.
  2. +support Long time ago. I dont thing saying that should be a perm ban.
  3. Oh my bad. Well +support than.
  4. -support If only 1 or 2 ss are on and 5 crims try to kill the pres the ss has no chance
  5. -support Looks really bad. Also why didnt you just post this at that other tow truck post?
  6. I dont know if this is something to be proud of.
  7. Also if this is added it should NOT be payed. This would be a great way for players to make money LEGAL.
  8. Won't work It isnt a vcmod car
  9. +support Garry had no other way to solve this besides keeping his gun out. If he pulled a tazer and missed dura would be allowed to pull a gun and kill garry.
  10. ^^^^ Should have been promoted a long time ago.
  11. Let me guess you posted it and removed it after 0.01 sec
  12. Cough cough @Roleplaygod