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  1. Let me guess you posted it and removed it after 0.01 sec
  2. Cough cough @Roleplaygod
  3. @Ersem
  4. +support He made a mistake. An exeption on the 3 month rule should be made for this one.
  5. I was just wondering. @Go Fish
  6. -Support The motd states that you ger perm banned after 40 warns. You have started acting better after your first warn. And tbh you were given 40 chances to improve but you didnt. Also commissioner fat bad boi??? Really?
  7. Richard

    Motd changelog

    What you want to see? - A changelog that states all changes/added rules Why should we add it? - So you dont have to read the motd every time you join the server. You would instead just take a quick look at the changelog ande see if any rules changed What are the advantages of having this? - Less confusion Who is it mainly for? - Everyone Links to any content - N/A Edit: This would apply for all servers.
  8. If staff abuses it just demote them.
  9. Massive +support Improves rp a lot
  10. +support most of the times if they arnt following an extra taze makes them comply. Also i think the other guy should be warned instead of you.
  11. Richard

    Gas And PD

    Guys lets stay on topic.
  12. You can use airlocks