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  1. O.o Carpenter is a manager sp00ky stuff definitely gonna have to come on and try it out
  2. Mervin

    Server Meeting

    Think about it logically tho. The people who dont roleplay properly arent going to show up to a meeting to discuss better ways to roleplay. My personal opinion is that a serious police rp with strict rules and is heavily monitored is the best avenue. That way the minges can be minges on one server while the people who actually want to roleplay things can on another server instead of constantly having to deal with minges.
  3. +support its not really fun this way Maybe also make leveling up easier
  4. What jobs get the detective swep
  5. @Finch I made the family with Carbon. But ill definitely say something. +support tho evidence is valid
  6. -Support Im still satisfied with this map maybe in a couple months when this map gets old again
  7. Mervin

    Repair suggestion

    And also admins+ don’t get a different wrench it’s something inside vcmod you can given certain ranks.
  8. +Support - adds something for the black market dealer - Would make it more realistic
  9. Personally the only run ins I have had with you haven’t been good. But good luck ?