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  1. You can. The only thing you cant reply to are applications.
  2. It is allmost impossible to box cars in with the lagg and in gmod in general.
  3. -support There would be no way for cops to stop cars. Irl you can ram the car off the road and disable them that way. If you ram a car off the road in gmod it just spins arround and keeps driving. And i know people are gonna say "block them in" but it is allmost impossible to do that in gmod.
  4. Questions Your In-game: Richard Springfield Your SteamID: STEAM_0:1:97372750 The admin's name in-game: multiple The admin's steam name (If you know it): n/a What warning did you receive: ardm,revenge rdm Evidence of the warn (REQUIRED): Im on my mobile atm but search for: 76561198155011229 in the warns list. Why do you think this warn was false: Old warns i havnt been warned in ages. Any extra information:
  5. If he has 3 years here he should know the rules. A ban is well deserved.
  6. -support The officer had his gun out. You cant pull ur gun.
  7. You dont need 15 cops to block off the bank. ^The cops that do arrive at the bank get yelled at and are just standing there doing nothing. Its better if they would still be keeping an eye out for other crime arround the map.
  8. Now listen i know this is a ton of work but id suggest redoing the entire server to stop the lagg. Policerp is one of the laggiest servers i know (on this scale). Ive seen other servers this size with even more features be less laggy. If this would be done it can make the server way more popular because lag is the reason why most people i knew stopped playing.
  9. What rule did he break? He didnt rdm. He killed danny to screw arround. Also it seems like cheeto is targeting munchies.
  10. +support Long time ago. I dont thing saying that should be a perm ban.
  11. -support Looks really bad. Also why didnt you just post this at that other tow truck post?
  12. I dont know if this is something to be proud of.
  13. Also if this is added it should NOT be payed. This would be a great way for players to make money LEGAL.