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  1. The thing is in reality those minges boost our player count when there on the server and having no training in our title makes it more likely for them to join so our player count gets boosted so the server is ranked higher. Also just because someone spends 5 mins talking to someone doesn’t mean there going to change there attitude because someone read the text on the wall to them.
  2. Hunt

    Matthew’s birthday

    Well Happy birthday cutie
  3. This exact addon was already denied ages ago and as a compromise the fusion cutter was added with works more than well
  4. When you realise it was Matthew’s bday on 2nd of august but you didn’t get to say happy bday
  5. That’s in the main IRP discord not a private DM....
  6. I have no clue why you were banned but it most likely has something to do with the many disrespect messages you have sent about people In the discord for example “Pooders was just an asshole” or the amount of times you felt it was needed for you to use up to 6 swear words in a single sentence. just an idea of why you could have been banned but it could be another reason all together.
  7. Nah he spelt it correctly
  8. So let me get this straight you were banned for being a minge so you come back on an alt ( very against the rules) and you think becouse you think you have changed we should ignore all the past and the alt account.... yeah I don’t see an issue - support bruh
  9. Yeah this jimmy guy did his job what a terrible person let’s remove him for doing his job! -support obviously [reasons above by Jimmy and echo] also if your going to make a report make sure you don’t expose yourself for fail rp (sitting down in a raid) and staff diss
  10. I’ve had this issue happen a few times with the new system when you enter a wardrobe or do the command in the top right there should be a rectangle that has the model in it when you press on it it should become a drop down menu select your model then it should show up. This works with all the models I have this problem with or it could be an actual issue.
  11. -support In my opinion most of if not all of this is not needed IF are already Powerful they don't need to be OP. If IF was nurfed like you said There is A REASON FOR IT you don't just get nerfed randomly and it isn't a reason for you to make suggestions to become more powerful. Half the weapons you have asked for in this update you removed from the class in the past IF is fine as it is now . It is a balanced branch You do not need to be the most powerful even if you are Special Forces. Just because a weapon has become " common" as you say doesn't justify it being changed for something more powerful. Also the NT-242c (rw_sw_nt242c) is Overkill it does 500 damage which is enough to 5 shot a rebel event character. Also not to be disrespectful but you change your weapons almost every couple of weeks it is unneeded.
  12. ACCEPTED Congratulations! Come speak to a Senior GM in teamspeak to recieve GM training!