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  1. The only thing is the pack is huge especially since it’s only one tie
  2. + support I mean kinda makes sense BUT This will have to be under strict guidelines as they unfreeze props unless this was fixed and I don’t see much of a point as if it is needed in an event gms will give them to people, as they have 0 use in normal rp outside of events.
  3. what would I like added I would like to see a way implemented to view your whole purchase history on gaminglight as at the moment you can only see the last 10 ish purchases. Why should this be added I think this should be added as players can get proof of donations from the past so smt do not have to look for it. This will help because if someone purchased a custom channel like 2 weeks ago and need proof to get it added if they have bought things recently they can not get a screenshot of it so SMT have to look for it.
  4. In-Game Name: Huntt Steam Name: [GL]stoneship478 SteamID:STEAM_0:0:431015836 Are you a Staff Member Within Gaminglight? Yes I am an Admin on IRP How often are you on TeamSpeak? I try to be on every other day even if im not ingame Why would you want to join our Support team (Word Count 150+)? I would love to join the gaminglight Support team as I would love to help anybody with any concern or questions they may have and also improve the community by actually helping out any support is unavailable to get on. I would also love to join the Support team as when people join the support rooms it is (or could be) there first impression of our communities staff team and I would love to give them a good first impression of our community. In addition to this I would like to join as it is another thing that I can do to support the community and help people out if that's them needing a tag in TS or help in game or in TS. Joining the support team will allow me to extend the amount that I can help people in our community. I love helping people and I would love to help people who need help with problems and need tags if they are new to the server. There's not always support active during parts of the day that I am online as I am in GMT time some new players join and can be waiting up to an hour to get a tag as they are new to the community and just joined which can leave a somewhat negative impression on our community. How do you think you could affect support staff in a positive way? I can support the team in a number of positive ways. I am on early in the morning which not many support members are on during this time, aswell as I am a very friendly guy to talk to as if you join a new community for the first time it can be a nerve racing experience for some people. In addition to this I am a very calm and patient person who is always willing to help out no matter the situation or the players reputation. How would you greet someone that has a problem in one of our support channels? I would say " Hi my name is Hunt" Then I would ask them how there day is going then I would say, " so how can I help you today? Have you read our rules and do you promise to uphold all those rules to the best of your ability? yes
  5. Hey I’m sorry to say but you can not have a boba fett cc as hotshot has stated on other posts he is a lore character which is something we are trying to limit if you have any other questions about this please feel free to dm me on discord Hunt#0117 or message me on the forums I am sorry if this has caused any issues please message me if you need help or if your confused on why you can not have this character many thanks
  6. F and my favourite moment was when me and Sith and like 4 DT and some other dudes were in my mando gauntlet and listening to Charlie and the chocolate factory music pure imagination then someone did an event and we went to battle with that as our battle music
  7. +/- if the words were said then fair enough but in my opinion everyone should get a sit/ an opportunity to explain themselves so you shouldn’t have warned him straight away he should have been able to talk about it.
  8. Hunt

    LFS 3D Screen

    + support would be nice for naval to have so they can see all the ships around them would be great for rp Small pack size - could see some issues eg maybe a small bit of lag but over all would be a nice addition to the server
  9. Zeeptin just need approval from hotshot and to make the sabres that’s all
  10. What he means is he would like you to change your job becouse Job Description: Stalking the children 24/7 is not ok
  11. Honestly please don’t leave me Well if your gunna I hope where ever you wonder of to you have w good time bark bark