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  1. Wonton

    Wonton's LOA

    In-game Name: Wonton SteamID: STEAM_0:1:84877245 Rank: PFC Length of LOA (Provide Dates): 1 week or 2 Reason (If private then put N/A): Family
  2. Wonton

    Dogs or Cats?

    I just want to prove someone Dogs are better than cats.
  3. Wonton


    In-game Name: Wonton SteamID: STEAM_0:1:84877245 Rank: Trooper FSTC/DOC CPL Length of LOA (Provide Dates): 12/27/19 - 12/29/19 Reason (If private then put N/A): Family Spending
  4. Wonton

    Wonton's LOA

    In-game Name: Wonton SteamID: STEAM_0:1:84877245 Rank: CPL Length of LOA (Provide Dates): 12/27/19 - 12/29/19 Reason (If private then put N/A): Family Spending
  5. I have gotten the flu. I dont know how or where I got it, but I have it. I just woke up with it, and I want to get rid of it. The amount of pain I am in sucks. I ain't gonna die though. Hopefully haha. I hope to come back in a week, or at least what the doctor said. If anyone wants to talk to me or something talk to me on discord. I need company lmao. So I dont think about the Flu 24/7. If I don't respond I am probably asleep or just not looking at my phone. Love, Wonton
  6. In-game Name: Wonton SteamID: STEAM_0:1:84877245 Rank: Trooper/DOC OFC Length of LOA (Provide Dates): 12/11/19 - Until I start feeling better(12/14/19 or 12/15/19) Reason (If private then put N/A): Flu
  7. Wonton

    Wonton's LOA

    In-game Name: Wonton SteamID: STEAM_0:1:84877245 Rank: CPL Length of LOA (Provide Dates): 12/11/19 - Until I start feeling better(12/14/19 or 12/15/19) Reason (If private then put N/A): Flu
  8. Rank You are Applying For: Lieutenant In-Game Name: Wonton SteamID: STEAM_0:1:84877245 Current Rank: Sergeant Major How long have you been in your current rank?: 1 year What timezone are you in?: Central Time Zone (CDT) How many Warns do you have?: 14, I have Friendly Steve's permission to apply! Why should you be promoted (150 words Minimum): Well, I have been on this server for a long time 2 year to be exact. One of the main reasons I think I should be promoted is because I have had High Command and Low Command on a different server. Which shows my ability to do meetings and other such(if that matters.) Yes, I have been told I am Semi active by some people, but if I do get LT I will try and be on anytime I can be. I do not have school on Monday which I a good way of getting on and watching over people who get on on Monday, because most people aren't on Monday. I usually am on everyday, but sometimes I have my days were I don't get on. I feel like I am really good at handling situations like, If someone has been minging as a PD member, Someone feels as someone needs a demotion, and etc. I have been always good a making meetings, and making my way to them. I will try to join the TS even if I am not in game. I really do try and be active on PD, but sometimes I gotta be active on SRT or State. I care for all department. I feel as if I am well known by some people, and if I am not just come up to me, and feel free to talk to me(just stating that I am well known.) When, I was High Command on a different server, I was shown a lot of things. I would love to bring all those things I have done to this server. You can almost ask anyone I am a caring person. I care for every member of this server(stating that I care for the server and I would love to help by being LT.) Well, this shows all the reasons why I should be promoted to LT. Love, Wonton You agree that disobeying any rules set by High Command will result in an immediate demotion (Yes/No): Yes
  9. No it is not that at all. I decided to leave because of how they had the server set up(Not Gaminglight). I had a rank on the server I thought I didnt deserve so I went down a rank to balance everyone out. Then they restricted some of my rp ranks. Yes, I went to that server but only because I was permanently staff restricted. Also I had to start at the bottom like everyone else. I wasnt immediately given my rank. I came back for other reasons. If you dont think I deserve to get my staff restriction removed ok. And how should I be blamed for my friends mistakes. I never made the same mistakes as them or I would be blacklisted. Also, I didnt know Snar was the main reason. Fame gave me the restriction. Edit: I dont want everyone to forget what happened. I did nothing wrong towards anyone. I just got staff restricted then got pissed off then left. Yes, I regret my choices, but now I am back and trying to put my activity up. I don't plan on doing the same shit over. Yet I feel like you guys will think I will.
  10. Well, at the time Connor was the owner and everyone was joining the server and checking it out. I decided well hell I'll join and find out what it is about. David who left staff(I think) to join the server gave me a rank which who wasnt the owner. I guess he wanted to do some testing or something I dont know. At the time I was just messing around, and someone joined and screenshots me with the Moderator rank. Then, at the time I was talking to Fame and he brought up the screenshot. I tried to explain, but was quickly banned at first permanent. Then, he tried to clear up my perma. Though my staff restriction is. I explained this to Steve. So, I am pretty sure Steve remembers the story I told him.
  11. -Support I can completely understand this MikeY. He has been in cuffs for so long, and honestly you should listen to your higher ups. I would love to also see some video proof. You can't just let a guy sit there and not let him roleplay. You should just have let him go, because it seems he had served his sentence.
  12. Hi guys! I am so thankful for this community and for me to be apart of it. I am thankful to roleplay with all of you guys. People always wonder why I play GMOD because "it's boring" or "roleplaying is stupid." Yet almost everyday I wake up and forget what those people say and get on the server and roleplay with my friends and I plan on doing that for a long time. Just it is really relaxing to pretend I am a cop or a criminal. There is just something about it. Everytime I get on I have great roleplay. I have had great roleplays with high ranking command members or just a new person who joins the server looking to have fun. These roleplays make me happy and I am Thankful for that. Yes, I might have left the server for 6 months, but I am back and I regret leaving. That doesnt matter though I am back and I am thankful to be back. Well what are you guys Thankful for? Love you all, SRT/PD/UMC Member Wonton
  13. Steam Name: Wonton Ingame Name: Wonton SteamID: STEAM_0:1:84877245 Have you donated to the server? Yes Staff Restriction Length: Perma Staff Member that Staff Restricted you: Fame Reason for Staff Restriction: Moderator rank on a different server Why do you think that your Staff Restriction should be removed? (longer the better): Well, I have left that server for good and plan to not come back. I have also been putting my hours on the server and even obtained a rank in SRT. I would love to get it removed because I am thinking of trying to get back into staff. I completely understand if you don't want it removed. Edit: I feel as if I should go into more depth with the story. I have already told Friendly Steve my story. I joined the server got the rank. I was staff restricted and banned before I can explain it to Fame. I have already explained it to Friendly Steve and I was told I would Maybe get my restriction removed if I put in more activity and I have. That is up to him and the other SMT members. Sorry
  14. Name : Wonton Call-sign : 1S68 Rank : CPL Activity : 3