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  1. In-Game Name:Lufty Rank:Agent Reason for leaving:not being active and also applying to another department wouldn't be able to keep up on activity Do you agree to stay active for 48 hours after this post? Yes
  2. Lufty

    Admin Suggestion

    +support Not Staff but this looks like it would make staff life easier
  3. +support Would be nice for JOB BUNDLE because currently the only half useful job in there is bus and kinda useful is truck
  4. +Support -Very Active -Mature -Nice Application
  5. +support I like police rp and it would be pretty good for scp rp
  6. Name: Lufty SteamID (PROVIDE THIS, "STEAM_0:0:XXXXXXXX"): STEAM_0:1:73610309 Status on forums (Active or Inactive): Active Can you attend the weekly meetings?: Yes
  7. Job Name: Assasin Spawn Places: In bank JOB Name: Thief and VIP Thief Spawn places: In front of vault I spawned underground PD only oncen tho