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  1. -Support while you are correct tons of players push there car with a prop it’s up to the admin if they get warned or not. As for staff doing it I do t understand because they can physgun there cars out. It’s a valid warn, with that said, if panther decides the warn wasent necessary I will change it to + support.
  2. Teh_Gat

    Jet's LOA

    I feel you jet, have fun on your LOA
  3. Name and Callsign on roster: Gat SAF23 Your activity: LOA, but before Active Why we should keep you as a SAIC (50+ words): I feel you guys should keep me as SAIC due to the fact of my activity, knowledge of the rules/sop and how I help lower ranks. I am very active on the server and FBI. With my current rank it took a lot of hard work. With my time on the server I've learned the rules as FBI, through just being active and helping host training's. Thank you command for all the hard work you do and giving me the opportunity to be a SAIC. 3 Things you should be doing as a SAIC (20+ words): There are multiple things SAIC’s should be doing. One of them is to be respectful and mature to all players at all times. Another thing is they should be supervising the lower agents helping them when they need it. Finally we should report to low command and do as they say.
  4. Name: Gat Rank: SAIC Date: 1/20/19 Activity: LOA, but before it was Active
  5. Teh_Gat

    Gat’s LOA

    Name: FBI SAIC GAT SAF23 Rank: SAIC LOA Time: 1-19-19 to 1-26-19 Reason (Private if needed): I’ve played gmod since I got home until I went to bed for a couple of months now and I’m getting kinda bored of it. I don’t want to resign but I feel If I keep playing that’s what will happen. That’s why I’m going to stop playing gmod for a week and come back better then ever. Thank you for understanding.
  6. Yes he is, his tags just haven’t been updated yet
  7. Agreed, Ziege is a very friendly person.