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  1. Teh_Gat

    Gat's LOA

    Name: FBI DAD Gat RA9 Rank: DAD LOA Time: Honestly not sure and im sorry but anywhere from a week to a month Reason (Private if needed): Ill let command know
  2. ugh when you have like 15-20 kings with CC vs like 5 PD and the highest of them not even being a SM its not fair at all
  3. What you want to see? - A limit where only so much of one family can be on at a time or where only so many can rob a store/bank at once. Why should we add it? - With some family's growing very quick it is quite unfair to have 1000 custom classes in the bank with very little gov on. It kinda ruins the fun when your on gov and I cant see how its fun when on Crim. Also with big families its hard to get into them and new players wont stand a chance and will probably leave the server. What are the advantages of having this? - A fair balance between gov and crim. Who is it mainly for? - Gov/Crim Links to any content - No This isnt a hate towards any family, im sure you all know which family I am talking about though. I am in a very large family that does this and it ruins fun in my eyes so dont think this is a biased thing or that im just making this because im mad. I could easily hop on Crim with them and do this but I dont find it right. I hope you guys can see where im coming from.
  4. What you want to see? - Discord roles for differnt servers, like PRP, SCP-RP etc. Why should we add it? - I feel you guys should add it so players can react to a thing and get a server role tag for the differnt servers. Then if we did that you guys wouldnt have to @ everyone and you could just @ which ever server letting them know theres an event going on. What are the advantages of having this? - People who dont play certain servers wont get pinged for it. Who is it mainly for? - Everyone but mostly the players so they wont get pinged for something not important to them. I hope you guys understand what I mean by this, if you have any questions please ask.
  5. Teh_Gat

    Gamikzone LOA

    Have fun gaymike!
  6. Teh_Gat

    EAD applications

    Good luck to those who apply
  7. Teh_Gat

    Ways to improve FBI!

    If you have any ideas on how to improve FBI please fill this out, you can choose to put your name if you wish but don't have to, thank you! https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1VcIAg8pcK18bQbGN1Mky-m9oeSE9eOcR8Gh9JZS4tJ4/
  8. Teh_Gat

    SAIC Roll Call

    SAIC ONLY, failure to complete will cause a demotion, please use this format thank you! You have until May 1st!!! Name: Callsign: How active are you? Why do you deserve to keep your SAIC rank? (50+ words) What are the main things you should be doing as a SAIC? (25+ words)
  9. Teh_Gat

    FBI Roll Call

    FBI Roll Call, please answer these questions. Roll Call ends May 1st. Name: Rank and Call Sign: Date: How active are you? (be honest please):
  10. Teh_Gat

    Gat's LOA

    Name: FBI DAD Gat RA9 Rank: DAD LOA Time: 1 week Reason (Private if needed): Its spring break and I've been spending time with friends. I've also been waking up late and I want to enjoy that.
  11. Teh_Gat

    Elapin's LOA

    I will not be marking you on LOA, due to the fact you didnt follow format again. If other command wishes to they can.