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  1. -Support You must be unaware of how PAC3 works, users can access PAC3 by themselfs. Also lags server a TON
  2. Ajax

    NTF Update

    Why does containment specialist have 250 hp damn, our A1 Heavy gunner only has 200 with a M249
  3. Ajax

    Ajax LOA

    Gonna be taking a small LOA, I need to take a break and I haven't had the willpower or time to do events. I think a good time for me would be 1/18/19-1/25/19 but if I need to make it shorter ill gladly do so, there is a lot of A1 stuff happening as it is growing and many updates are occurring and I need to monitor it all.
  4. Btw with this would be counted as power gaming which is not allowed. And it strictly says it as well.
  5. I will see what th3 wants to say on this @th3
  6. Ajax

    Remembering Mike

    We appreciate your friendliness a lot!
  7. Ajax

    Alpha-1 Major Update

    What a cliche, not like I have heard it many times before. Dont quote me, go speak to th3 if you have an issue with MY Update. If you want NTF Updated go get it updated, now Stop.
  8. Accepted Granted by Ajax, permission from Razonix Come speak to me or Razonix to be trained!
  9. Name: Ajax Rank: Senior Event Team # Events Ran: 13 How will you improve yourself on this team going forward? More events Daily (Been focusing on A1 a lot)
  10. Ajax

    Alpha-1 Major Update

    Don't -support a branch update this is not a suggestion, if you want it updated go speak to th3. This update has already been approved by th3. Nor are you even in A1. Keep bias opinions away.