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    Ok so honestly dude, I have just had enough. So I heard about ARU being added to the server and all that but I want to know where the community had a say. We are not informed of any changes occurring in GamingLight and I'm just irritated. CERT is being removed to only one job because of ARU. So that means people who have worked very hard to get the rank that they deserve are just being thrown under the bus because SMT is making these decisions without informing anybody. I'm an ATL in CERT and I've worked hard for it but now CERT is nothing because SMT said so, not the community. We are not informed about anything at all with changes and we deserve to know. Wheres the poll for changing the map or adding ARU or changing CERT? Right, there is none. SMT does these do benefit themselves but are not thinking about the community. That's my opinion, if SMT doesn't like it I will happily remove it. - P.S. Please do not call me disrespectful for making this post. I have my right to my opinion.
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    Accepted All three players will be issued with a 1 Year Ban
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    There are so many things I’m thankful for in my life. My family, my friends, and so many other things. But I’m also thankful for this community, and so many people in it. There are so many people in this community I just wanted to thank for all their hard work, dedication, or just being my friend. Gaminglight- I’m thankful to GamingLight. I’m thankful that GamingLight provided a place for me to come and relive my stress from IRL Issues by giving me joy and fun to have. Im thankful that GamingLight brought me back into Garrys Mod and giving me a source of entertainment for such a long time. 3+ years I’ve played this game and I look forward to so many more years. Thank you, GamingLight. Friends: @Spection My boy spection. You never cease to make me laugh. Every time I join a channel with you, or even play with you, I always die of laughter. You’re truly the funniest person I know. I’m thankful you’ve been such a good friend to me, and even though we’ve gotten into arguements and don’t agree on everything, we still have fun together and share so many memories. The times we shared as admins I will cherish for ever. Thank you for being a good person and being a great friend. Love ya bro! @? BrycE ? My boy Bryce. Man. When I first got word of who you were, back when you were in PD, Let’s just say I didn’t have the best first impression. Regardless of what everyone thought, you still pushed hard and worked to change your reputation in this community. That I will always respect in you. When we first started talking, I knew the first day we started talking we were going to be good friends. You’re honestly just a really likable person. After months of talking to you, I ended up getting really close to you. I can honestly say you’re one of my closest and best friends on this community. You’ve given me advice on so many different topics, told me so many stories, and always asked me if I was okay if I was feeling down or upset. Thank you for working so hard, being so dedicated to this community, and being such a good friend. I couldn’t ask for more man. Love ya bro. @Zeeptin Thank you for working so dang hard for this community every single day. It’s crazy and this community couldn’t work without you dude, seriously. It’s been an amazing ride and you have provided so much joy for THOUSANDS of people world wide. Thank you for that. GamingLight appreciates you and we love you man!!! @Snarlax SNAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hahah. You’re such a good role model, and honestly one of the most mature SMT members ever. Thank you for promoting me to senior mod, admin, super admin, Head Admin, Head Of staff, and seeing be promoted to manager. Thank you for being a good friend, and being so dedicated to this community. People don’t see it, but I know you always are working hard for PoliceRP. You’ve been a manager for so long on GamingLight and you have helped this community grow stronger and bigger. Thank you for being such a cool and respectful person. @Gaur Back when you were staff on PoliceRP, you were my biggest role model. You were such a good staff member, and I always wanted to be just like you. Thank you for working so hard and being so dedicated to this community. You’ve done SOOOO much and we as GamingLight could not thank you enough. Thanks for being a good friend, and always looking out for the good of the community. @Ruthless I’m so happy you’ve gotten so far in the community! Thank you for being a role model, and working hard for your server!!! @Mikedanoobgamer I’m so glad you made it to where you are now in the community. Back when we were kings together and you were like a senior mod, even then you were such a nice person. You made the king roster and I’ll be forever thankful for that! Ahah. Thank you for being so dedicated to the community and working hard every single day for the better of this community. This community wouldn’t be as successful if it wasn’t for people like you. And I thank you for that. @Scheffer Thank you for working so hard on MilitaryRP and for being such a good SMT member and such a nice person! @Eman You’re a very nice and respectable person and I wanted to thank you for being my friend and a Manager on GamingLight. You work really hard for clone wars, and even though it’s all behind the scenes, I still recognize it and know you do it. Thank you so much for that Eman! @myandabeast Thank you for accepting me into swat, and being such a good person and respectful to everyone you encounter. We knew when you were a SuperAdmin, you were going to be a great fit for Head Admin. And we were right! Thanks for working so hard being such a good Swat Commander, and a great Head Admin on PoliceRP. @ArmyGuy thank you for working hard as a head of staff and working so hard for PoliceRP everyday. The thing about you is if you want something, you will fight for it and keep fighting untill you get it. That’s a very good quality to have! Thanks for being nice and such a professional and respectful person. You’re very mature for your age. @Carpenter John Carpenter! You’re such a nice and genuine person! You’re always working hard with your smile on your face and that attitude puts a smile on my face and so many other peoples faces. No matter what, never loose that personality man! It’s truly one of a kind!! John- I couldn’t find your tag! LOL! Thanks for working SOOOOOOOOOO hard for MilitaryRP every day, and doing even the littlest things to help provide a great gaming experience for the community. Because if you, MilitaryRP has continued to be an amazing and enjoyable server. Thanks man. We appreciate you a lot. @Rhenic Thanks for being such a hardworking staff member who truly cares about this community a lot. I’m so happy you finally started using your microphone a few months ago. That was a huge step for you. You’ve always been one of my favorite people in this community even before you used your mic, just because of how you always played with me and because we shared so many good times with each other. Thank you for being a good friend to me and being such a good staff member! @Jeff Junior Thank you for working SOOOOO hard for not only staff, but also support. This community and SMT really appreciate you. Thanks for being a good staff member, and working hard to ensure everyone has a fun and proper rp experience on PoliceRP. @Vizz Thanks for being a great friend and staff member. You work super hard for my server and I appreciate it a lot. I’m glad you started watching anime @Matthew Thank you for being such a nice person over all! You’re personality is one of a kind Matthew! I’ve never met someone that’s always so happy like you. The only other person I could compare you to is carpenter! (And even he has his moments some times lol). Thanks for working so hard for Support staff, and for working so hard for PoliceRP as well. And for AnimeRP too. @Hannah King Thank you for being not only like a sister to me, but being friends with me for SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO long. I’ve known you ever since the day I became a Yuki. And those were the days Thank you for being by my side and cheering me on for so long. I really appreciate it Hannah! @Freeze Thank you for staying in this community, playing on it so much. Thanks for RPING with me back in the day as a Yuki, and being a really nice person. You’re a good friend of mine and you always will be. @HelloItsBilly The way we met was very memorable, let’s just say that XD. The first time I talked to you, I instantly wanted to be friends with you because of how cool of a person you are. You’re a good staff member, and a really nice person. I look forward to having a long friendship with you, and sharing more memories with you. Thanks for caring so much about your staff rank and about the people you work with. @Danny Muller Danny Muller! Thank you for working so hard for AnimeRP and becoming the first AnimeRP Superadmin! You’re a really nice dude, and a great friend. You’re one of the few people in this community that love anime as much as I do, and I appreciate you a lot for that. @Munchies Thank you for Working so hard for AnimeRP, PoliceRP, Support, and GamingLight in general. You always do everything to the best of your ability, and that’s a trait in you I will always respect. @Hotshot Thanks for being a huge part of this community for such a long time. Wether it was you being a MilitaryRP Manager, or a PoliceRP Admin, you’ve still done a lot and I wanted to thank you for that. Others: Support Team- Thank you for working so hard to ensure that the people of the community in the teamspeak have their tags and have all their problems solved. I recognize each and every single one of you for all your hard work, and I truly appreciate you guys! AnimeRP Staff Team- Thank you for working so hard to populate the server every day! I really appreciate it guys!!! Special: @Busterdrools HAHAHHAHAHAHA Thanks for being a great friend and being the reason I’m in this community in the first place. I’ve known you for so long idk know!! Like 8 years? Thanks for being a friend of mine for so long and coming back and playing on GamingLight every once in a while. We’ve had so many adventures in the last 4 years with meeting so many different people, joining different clans, and playing so many different games. The last 4 years have been so fun with you. Thanks for it all man!! I wouldn’t take it back for the world! @Soarix i guess you are apart of this community now so LOL! Thank you for joining my roblox clan back in 2017 and being one of the core members of that clan. 2017 was one of the best years of my life and I wanted to thank you for all the memories we shared in both Sutoraiku, and in Agari. Those were the best days ever!! @Deathzone071 Deathzone! Thanks for being a nice person and such a hard working staff member back when you were staff! we miss you in this community!!!!!!! we shared so many memories and I will always remember them! Once again, I would like to say thank you to everyone for everything they have done!!!! Have a great Thanksgiving Guys and stay safe!
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    So as you may know, I put in my 48h notice for Staff, and I would just like to post this as a thank you. I have been through a lot as a staff member, and I have loved every second of it The interaction with the community, the friends I made on the Staff Team, it was all amazing. So, Thank you for making my experience as a Staff Member amazing, GamingLight!!!
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    i wasted an hour out of my day and i dint even get accepted im done with this all my life ive wanted to me swat everyday i get on the server and practice my aim and breaching. Ive trained everyday for the past year and a half and i dint even get accepted. This swat department is corrupt im starting a riot and taking over it all!
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    Today marks one year, one year i joined this community, To think i could get so far in only one year. Its crazy. So much has happened and iv'e seen so many people come and go over the year, butI wouldn't take it back for the world Follow your dreams guys and grats to me on my one year
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    CLOSED / BLACKLIST NOT LIFTED (SMT Vote. "Yes" = O "No" = 8 "Abstained" = 3) The Yuki Family is probably one of the more known families on PoliceRP. It has become infamous obviously for its past actions, and trouble that it caused. Those things that you as a family did have not been forgotten. It was a lot more than Asuna who caused issues on a server-wide scale that spread past RP on the server. A majority of the Yuki family became major rule breakers, and problem causers for SMT while the family was still active. You as a player cannot sit here and accuse Asuna of causing a majority of the mischief your family caused when all of you could of very easily strayed away from how he acted as a leader and player. While his actions were, in the end, worse than some of the other members of the Yuki Family, it goes without saying that all of you played a part in giving the Yuki's the reputation that you so desperately want gone With that being said, this uses up your one chance at appealing this family.
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    **How to get your local police department to knock on your door because of a post**
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    Me and the rest of the Police RP SMT are HAPPY to announce the return of ARU (Armed Response Unit) The Command of ARU will be Gold Command - Snar S19 Silver Command - ArmyGuy S17 Bronze Command - Noot S02 The jobs for in game will not be fully added in until later on in the week If you are interested in ARU, feel free to read the guidelines, application and requirements for getting in! This has been a very long discussion for the past couple of months and we have finally decided official, on 11/27/2018 that ARU will be returning The guidelines and application forum will be posted a little bit into this week to GamingLight, Police RP -11/27/2018 (9:25 P.M.) -ArmyGuy
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    Lol chiken was dissing me. called me things like a "4 foot freshman" just the usual from chiken...
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    DENIED In fact, you're going to receive a 6 month staff restriction, so at least you got something You didn't even try to cover it up, on you copying his staff app
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    CLOSED Very good point, USAF and RUAF will be removed! false <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
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    Change Log - 11/13/2018 (9:04 P.M.) [Changed/Fixed] *Section* (General) "No major crime during a PD/FBI meeting (UNLESS, highest PD/FBI Command on AND all tactical unit command that are on, agree otherwise)" (Basically saying) Highest PD/FBI Command and all tactical unit command that are on during the PD/FBI meeting, are allowed to authorize major crime if they all agree
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    Change Log - 11/14/2018 (6:48 P.M.) [Added] *Section* (General) "After changing your name to join a family or assist, you may not assist/help out anyone in that family with any criminal activity for a total of 3 minutes " (Meaning if you don't understand, you MUST wait 3 minutes to help out a/your family with a crime, if you put the obvs. in your name) [Changed/Fixed] *Section* (General/Government) General section - "You MAY NOT respawn while any EMS are on duty, respawning would be considered Fail RP. (This only is only considered if you were involved in a criminal situation/criminal activity). Government officials MAY handcuff you as soon as you are revived and may take you into jail, you MUST comply with them after you are revived, you may not try (Running away/Resisting arrest/Starting a//another shootout/Etc.), if they decide to take you in (Max, government may arrest up to is 8 years or lower though depending on what crime you committed)" Government section - "You may arrest criminals after they are revived, if they were involved in a criminal situation (You may only arrest total up to 8 years or lower though)! They MUST comply with you after they are revived, they CAN NOT start shooting/run away/or etc. once they are revived" -Only reason you may respawn, if toxic gasses effect you in the criminal situation (Mustard Gas)
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    [ADDED]: Chess/Checkers Improved levels Lowered level for Security Recruit Lowered level for Research Assistant New Junior Research job Added random weapon spawner Added Gun NPC [CHANGED]: Changed HP for many classes Changed guns for many CI classes [FIXED]: CI Heavy Model Security Classes not spawning with keycards If you have any suggestions or bug reports feel free to post them in the section under SCP-RP!
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    Nice What a great way to get follows
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    Not gonna happen, we went back to this map for a reason, everyone got bored of the old one. We will stay on this one for a while to see how it works out
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    ... *Nice Application*
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    ACCEPTED I myself have had nothing but bad experiences with this player. This video clearly shows disrespect and obviously does not care about the consequences. Player will be receiving a permanent minge due to his warns and overall behavior.
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    How does being SM for a year say something about your activity? Maybe he just didn't want to apply for command yet as there's also other departments to get into.
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    I’m already typing down an entire informational post, SOP, rules of engagement, everything, already finished the roster everything is good to go we just need your approval to do this. Also Asuna has no say anymore as he no longer owns the family name. We have completely new owners (me and Hannah) and we won’t minge like Asuna did. We promise on our little anime hearts. (Me and Hannah’s hearts) So.. +Support
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    @Gaur @Spection @myandabeast @Fame @ArmyGuy @Max @Max @Max SMT ping time I don't want it btw, I'm fine
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    ACCEPTED Clear breach of the MOTD rules. DURAMAX failed to put his hands up and comply while a gun was pointed at him. DURAMAX will be spoken to.
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    Lets start by pointing out the lack of evidence.. so here is the story while its fresh on my mind.. 2 people that i had called staff on were continuously carjacking me with out advert would run up to my car right as i was repairing my car. they would jump in the driver seat right as i got to 100% so i then shot and killed them.. about the 3rd time snookiebear shows up as im repairing my car and come up to me with a gun and says to drop the weapon. i explained i had no weapon and i tried to explain the situation but lets face it garry hates me and doesnt want to listen instead ignore like he does the rest of gaminglights population. so anyway i keep repeating my self i have no weapon. mind this entire time i have king in my name. well Finch also has king in his name comes up from the side of garry and starts shooting him, garry then shoots me once while i still have a repair tool in my hand then turns his attention to finch. so at this points its finch vs garry so i then pull my weapon and help finch kill garry. i feel no rules were broken and no disciplinary action should be taken.
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