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    Unfortunately, I have decided to not use snapchat as a form of communication anymore. The account has been deactivated. I layed out a list of rules and expectations, but regardless of what I said there were still those who ignored my demands. I would wake up every morning to spam. Messages from multiple people, and most of the time it was basic questions that could be answered by a Moderator. As I said before, if it was abused, it was going to be removed. And abused it was. I even recieved the same message every day,“when will you be on”, from several people. It’s very stressful. So from now on, any messages must be sent to me through the forums. I will not be doing this in the future. My decision is final and cannot be debated. And do not ask for me to add you on my personal snapchat either. Thanks for understanding, Fame.
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    + Support The amount of RP has been decreasing on the server for over 6 months. Martial Law was a rare occurence but now it happens everyday with multiple bank robberies and mass shootings. Nobody roleplays on the server anymore and those that try will just get gun downed by CC with negevs. We need to be more harsh with punishments (dare I say like what Valk did). There was a lot of things I don't agree with Valk but he damn made sure people actually roleplayed and didn't break rules by banning them. PoliceRP is now actively mocked by it's own playerbase as a DarkRP with vehicles and contain no RP whatsoever. It's sad to see this occur but it's been happening for months now and everyone just kinda accepted it. The excuse of 'it's a semi-serious rp' doesn't mean people should get away shooting people or cops every 2 minutes. If we want the server to go back to what it used to be, back when I first joined and RP actually occured, then we need to start being much harsher with rule breakers. As wolf said the warn system is flawled and people don't care about it. I see staff give people warns for RDM/FailRP and just put them back down with a "Don't do that again". I love this server and community but it's been toxic and just constant no RP for a very long time. We need to go back to what we used to be, a server that can still have those crazy moments. But make them a rareity not the norm. A lot of people have left the community in recent months for these reasons of no more RP. It's just not fun constantly going from one shooting to another and the offenders just keep getting away with it. We need to come down hard on those that fail to even attempt to roleplay and simply minge/ban them. If we don't do something soon then I feel it will be too late to fix this problem. Then eventually the players that really do care like myself and many others will give up and leave, because it's not fun anymore.
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    "Minge hour" is not a thing, and if someone says otherwise, please let me know. The rules apply to the server at all times, regardless of whether or not staff is on, and regardless of what time it is. If someone is breaking the rules while no staff is on, please gather evidence and report them on the forums.
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    First, I got trained. Simple stuff. Then, I met a whole bunch of players/staff, studied some of the SCP on the forums, killed some D Class ... the norm. Patrols, blindly guarding the D-Block exit, and handling breaches when called upon became the normality for me - until the event. It was a Chaos Insurgency v. Foundation event, and the CI had proclaimed 5+ SCP. I didn't understand anything much past that, but I did my best. I was part of a squad that went to the surface to engage in combat, there were 9 of us I think. We received information that the Chaos Insurgency would be performing bombing runs on the surface. Oh lord, please save us. We quickly dwindled from 9 of us to 4 of us, the last 4 being led by MSGT Tyler. The Chaos Insurgency decided to enter the hospital where we were hiding. The gods gave me a boost: 300 Health! We stood a chance! Everyone around me was dying/dead, but I just got boosed to 300 health! We entered a firefight with the Chaos Insurgency within the hospital. There were shots, screams, and bombs. So many bombs. After the dust had settled, I was the only one who survived, and had bloodstains from 5 different CI members on my clothes. I added 5 notches to my weapon. I needed to exit, return to the surface. I hid in the hospital again and called out over the radio. I was the only one. I snuck to the building across from the hospital. All I could hear were the voices of CI and SCP around me. All of them were there, every single one. One passed me as I crouched in a corner, then another one. I took my chance and followed one up the stairs to see if I could get one last kill - he jumped off the roof, leaving me completely unnoticed. I snuck around the voices, hearing doors open and close, steps taken, guns fired, and bombs in the distance. The bombs...anyway, I made my way back to the entrance of the Foundation base. I made it. I survived. As my beginning rank of SO, I successfully made it to the surface, ended the lives of 5 members of the Chaos Insurgency, and made it back alive - all with 133 health to spare. This was my experience with my first three hours of SCP-RP. I cannot wait to experience some more.
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    ARU ACCEPTED MEMBERS Prog Dunkin Rhys Gibbi Dave Bobby Hunter Training Date: 2/2/19 5:00 PM EST Trainers: Snar and Fame
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    Almost one month ago, I sent this message in our command discord: Today, I sent this message: In the entire existence of the Gaminglight SCP-RP Server, before it was even announced, I have had the pleasure to watch it grow. From an average player count of 10 to 40 to 70, I have been there every step of the way. The amount of growth and success we have had is astounding to me. Just seeing how far we've come in just a few short months, is eye-opening. This post is going to serve as me expressing my gratitude for everyone who has helped our server become what it is today. Without all of the dedicated Management, Staff, Command, and even regular players that hop on every day just to have some, none of this would be possible. Everyone as one collective helps our server maintain a positive environment, and continue to grow. And hopefully, when we get a higher player count, we can continue to grow to even larger numbers. Thank you all for contributing to SCP-RP's growth, I especially appreciate you Here's to even more growth, for the server we all know and love.
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    Zuthar. Thank, you, NEXT
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    Rule will be added to help you guys out!
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    As explained by the title, a mandatory C.I and MTF meeting will be held on Saturday, 8:00PM EST at night. Once again, this is mandatory.
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    I'm back boy'z And gal'z
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    [ADDED]: SCP 1048 SCP 1048-A [CHANGED]: Updated MOTD Added SCP 1048 + SCP 1048-A rules Fixed whitelists for R&D Command + Shades Task Force E4 Thank you to the dedicated players who make suggestions, continue to do so!
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    3,000 spam posts
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    Where’s CI’s special gun?
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    -Mature -Friendly Player -Team Player -Knows Rules -Knows when to react to a certain situation in a sit -Shows his intelligence in a sit ( uses a whole 3 braincells ) -Active In TS and game -Great Staff Member -Good Application -Keeps Calm under pressure -Respects the Community -Shows his love for the server and his dedication -Proved his loyalty already deserves a chance to get admin
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    Let's just pretend the MOTD was not updated at this time.
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    Change Log - 1/25/2019 (8:54 A.M.) [Added] *Section* 1-) Basing "Max buttons (Per Base): 3" 3 -) Adverting/Yelling *You NEED to /advert raids
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    Guess what?! I'm the police commissioner, and manager of PoliceRP! If i would like to have ownership of the department I oversee, that is what I am going to do. On top of that, cole phelps was no longer a command member of state, so it really did not matter that he made it Nevertheless, I have resolved the issue. SMT will not be taking ownership of family discords, but we will be gaining ownership of department discords. We have the full rights to do this. Closed
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    ACCEPTED Please speak to myself and/or AO CMDR Omega for your training, access to all documents, whitelisting, and all that other good stuff. Sincerely, Grand Admiral Science
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    Tbh, you're completely right, more and more often I see staff just put their own opinion into rules and stretch their meanings out way too far. People even end up getting warned for a rule they had no idea was even a thing, which it isn't
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    This is why you should be allowed to drink on duty (that's a joke btw)
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    This is literally perfectly written. Everything about this is trye, and he did a great job. The only problem I have with it is when he said: Since when do your sits result in a warn? The only thing I ever see anyone warned for in my sits is LTAP. It doesn't matter if they RDM me, break FearRP, or steal my cop car; 99% of my sits result in a "verbal warning".
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    I love how my name has got mentioned twice already, must be doing something right. Also, to add on to this thread. If you wish to RP as a prisoner, keep it as RP as possible and do not pull out a gun every 5 mins, also, when you are in cuffs if you do not comply its FailRP. If you are put in solitary by me, you will be feed dog food as it has all the nutrition you need. - DOC SGT Cody 1F21
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