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  1. Sorry you got hacked man hope you’ll recover soon!
  2. Good luck with your future endeavors Mars your a pretty chill person, you'll be missed in the community.
  3. Adding this person: Rory SteamID: STEAM_0:0:127511230 Paid by: Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:127511230 Class name: BOS Wasteland Warrior
  4. Adding this person: YDKids SteamID: STEAM_0:0:461672058 Paid by: Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:456446626 Class name: BOS Wasteland Warrior
  5. +Support I'm the owner of this class and I approve of him to be added to my CC
  6. +Support 100% This player was RDMing people in spawn after leaving the server to avoid a punishment given to them by an admin. This person has no intent to RP at all and only wants to minge and ruin peoples fun. Honestly a bad for 24hours- to a week seems fair.
  7. +Support - same reason as quoted message above.
  8. Alright will do. As of right now my sub count is pretty laughable. But in the future once I grow, expect to hear from me to work something out with you guys. Thanks for your quick response!
  9. Hello Everyone Merry Christmas (This is not a self promo as I wont be posting any of my links. This is just general questions. That's it.) So, I have a few general questions mainly aimed at JMT and or SMT+. But if anyone else has useful feedback I'll take it into consideration. My questions are: #1: Do I need permission to post videos about this server? #2: If not who do I contact to get permission? #3: I was also wondering if I could have some rules could be lifted just slightly for my video. Nothing major like RDM, NLR, or anything like that. I just need minor offence rules that would typically get me demoted off a job to be slightly ignored. For example if I wanted to be a president and I did something like corruption, I don't want immunity for being kicked from a job I'm just asking if something like that was to happen I was wondering if instead of demoting me instantly we just RP it out until I get assassinated or if Gov deems me a threat then they could stage a coup d'etat. And if I do go overboard I wanted to make a deal with someone like Super Admin+ to keep me in check so I don't ruin anyone's RP experience. #4: Would you like me to promote the server in my vid #5: Do I need permission to use some GamingLight's models in the video thumbnail. Once again this isn't a self promo, just a few questions I have to avoid conflicts and at the same time given me creative freedom to make awesome content about a GMOD server that I am really passionate about. If anyone wants to answer my questions in DM's msg me on discord: Simpington#7729 Thank you for taking you time and reading my silly questions.
  10. +Support but barely I see the proof of the LTAP after being jailed. That's technically running from a sit and avoiding a punishment given by staff ontop of LTAP. Honestly if i was staff again I would of got ahold of someone higher up who can ban them. I wouldn't go as far as to say this should be a perma but maybe a 1 day ban for just the whole LTAP. For the RDM they clearly killed you and as it seems you didn't fight back but I'm always skeptical but if you ask me how do we not know if they was on a murder/himan job. HOWEVER! this does like like spawn because of the floor tiles. I don't know if anywhere else in the map has the same floor texture . If you could send another screenshot clearly showing spawn that would be awesome. Also if they did kill you in sawn Id also get them for fail RP because spawn id a safe zone and no sort of RP or PvP/PvE should take place in any safezones.
  11. In my personal opinion Chad should of reached out to you. Yes he could have argued that he didn't have your info but that doesn't mean that he couldn't remind himself to write everything down in notepad or set a reminder on their phone and got ahold of you late to finish the sit. This isn't a +support or a -support yet as I want to hear @Chad B's side of the story.
  12. Atleast now I wont be randomly RDMed by an OFC and this is a great way for SGT+ to prove themselves if they are LC material.
  13. Im conflicted. I dislike the new map but honestly Rockford felt kindda dated and overused. The old map is like watching the same old movie for the 10,000th time. I think they should get an updated version of Rockford or even try the Flordia_RP_V2 map which is very hug, pretty, and performance friendly. Rockford will always be a piece of me that I'll always cherish but I don't think the old Rockford map is the future .
  14. God Speed to you ol friend. I didn't get a notification of this until now so sorry for the late reply. I hope that your journeys in life is a successful one. And I just want to thank you for everything. I hope we cross paths someday once again.