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  1. That’s pretty cool, let me know like a month ahead of time when y’all plan one next year, I’d be down to join.
  2. Name: Simpington SteamID: STEAM_0:0:456446626 Rank: LT Length (Provide Dates): 6 days 03/18/22-03/24/22 Reason (If private say N/A): Ill just copy and paste what i said for another LOA i just put in: I just have a lot going on IRL. Mentally drained. Typically Id op on the server to relieve stress but there's a certain point I've gotten to where Id just rather be alone. Sorry to upset anyone for going on a LOA, Ill see ya around.
  3. Well.. this post aged like fine milk
  4. yeah using the same feature like the remote bitminers command would be cool. !property or /property could bring up the same phone as the remotebitminers command and you can select one of the properties on that list. You could also use the RTA computer to buy access the property command for 100k or something like it, its similar to buying the remote command in the bit miner. It would still give RTA a use. Just shooting out even more ideas.
  5. Just for you i duct taped 9 fire crackers to my iphone. cant charge it if the charging port no longer exists.
  6. Thanks so much for reading jimmmy. I appreciate your quick response and even responding to one of my conserns with a fix already. Is there any chance there might me a perma option until disconnect or even a 3 hour option?
  7. What you want to see? - Id like to see if SMT could fix the amount of time a person can own a property in game Why should we add it? - Well let me explain, I love the new system. I feel like its a very welcomed feature that the server needed but we never asked for. To whom ever suggested this or had the idea to add it, kuddos to you. Now lets get to the nitty gritty of why it should be slightly modified. So on the PRP Discord server Jimmy James announced the update and he states "You will be purchasing the whole building in 1 hour increments" so that leads to the question how many hours can you own a base max? Well currently there two options for most bases, you can Buy or Rent a property for 2 in game day which is 2 hours IRL. No where states how many hours the "Buy" option gives you. Assuming that Jimmy said its in hour increments and the buy option is cheaper that Rent for 2 days option I must assume this is only for one hour. Also just throwing this out there but if you walked up to a door and buy it do you only buy it for 1 hour or do you rent it for 2 hours? The main concern I have with the hour system is that the buy option should be permanent until the owner of the property disconnects from the server. Why you may ask read below to see why. What are the advantages of having this? - First off I'm going to list the current disadvantages then state the advantages of adding my idea. DISADVATAGES OF CURRENT SYSTEM #1 - AFK: This is a huge disadvantage to those who AFKs. Why? Well lets use an example. I purchased the property but forgot when I bought it but I have to go AFK for a second and when I come back I have an admin telling me to delete my base because someone else just bought the front door. I can see this happening often because if Factions are at war with each other or if a minge wants to ruin someone's basing experience. #2- Police Raids: It'll be pretty hard to keep up with your time if your under siege by Gov. Some Gov raids can last hours. Don't believe me I was in a close to 6 hours raid months ago. #3 - Costly: If you didn't notice some properties cost more than others. The most costly is the Yellow and White warehouses in the industrial district of Rockford, which cost $100,000 for just an hour or $300,000 for 2 hours. In 1 hour alone is just 100k which is hard to make in a hour if you don't have a custom printer. Even with a custom printer you'll hard make a profit or even go negative if you purchase the 300k option. #4- Non user friendly to new people: The new players wont even know that their property has a time limit and ontop of that they only start with 125K. Almost 9 out of 10 times new players wont go to RTA to buy a base they'll just buy the front door and only pay for the 1 hour and most likely will spend most of that money and wont be able to make any profit at all. That might frustrate them and cause them to leave. With that being said none of the doors say how much your going to buy the property for so if they want the white Wearhouse little do they know they'll lose 100K of their starting 125K leaving them with 25K. the only thing they'll have to resort to is weed and weed wont make you enough in an hour to profit. IDEAS AND HOW TO IMPROVE THE CURRENT SYSTEM #1- Make the buy option Permanent until disconnect: Doing that will reelevate any concerns of players who forgot or is worrying when they lose their spot of owning the property. Keeping minges from buying the door just to make people delete their bases. Also like I stated earlier when your being raided I'm sure no one will pay attention to the doors with their names on them as some raids by gov can last a long time. #2- Add a timer on the doors of when the full day(s) is over and add property price onto doors of the property: This would be a good alternative if SMT don't want to make the Buy option perma owned until disconnect, then no one can argue that they don't know when they have to rebuy the property. Adding the door prices to buy the door would also be appreciated especially for the newcomers of the server. #3- Removing the ability to purchase the property with the door- Another alternative to adding a property price on a door but the opposite. Make it to where you can only purchase the property at RTA so that minges cant buy the property by buying the door and would also keep new players from blowing all their money when they first start, at least the RTA computer will give them all the info they need so they know how much they are spending. #4- Lower the prices by 10-25%: It would help the margin of profit to property cost ratio #5- Add More hours options for owning a property: self explanatory #6- Make a remote way for buying property: Maybe a command or a phone addon that only lets you buy property without all the other fancy features to reduce lag, or maybe make it where each person can spawn 1 PC that's at RTA in their base as an entity. They can only spawn this entity in their property if they already have purchased the area. I know this idea sounds little weird and counter intuitive to having a PC in the RTA but I'm just throwing out ideas that could improve this awesome update. Thank you for listening to my whims, tell me what you guys think down below on my ideas also tell me what's your favorite and least favorite part of this new update. Who is it mainly for? - People who wants to bases Links to any content - N/A
  8. Yes sir, one moment ill remake a suggestion post there
  9. My main concern I can see is what if your AFK in your base and some minge comes up and buys the property on purpose to start drama. Note I’m sure this isn’t the final product of the newest update as right now SMT might just be seeing how well it works in game publicly. Changes could come or they might not come at all. At the end of the day it’s up to SMT but lucky we have a great team that will listen to their community so don’t be afraid to share your opinion!
  10. I want to know your guys opinion on today’s latest update. My opinion it’s cool I feel like it’s convenient by the update could be refined a lot more. For example having to repurchase it every in game hour (certain places you can purchase for 2 in game days which is 2 hours I think) is a downside. I typically base at yellow wearhouse which is $100,000 per hour to keep the door. That’s abit costly during the day you’ll more than likely lose profit with new printers. At night during cash surge with a custom printer you might make enough for a small margin in profit. Now not every property location is 100k some suburbs houses are 25k I think. Matter of the fact is if you base on yellow or white wearhouse in industrial alone you may not make hardly anything. I appreciate this feature and love it because it’s realistic and I think SMT added a nice feature that’s very welcomed to the community. Let me hear your thought about the update down below in the comment section. Update notes will be posted on a screen shot down below. Note I’m sure this isn’t the final product of the newest update as right now SMT might just be seeing how well it works in game publicly. Changes could come or they might not come at all. At the end of the day it’s up to SMT but lucky we have a great team that will listen to their community so don’t be afraid to share your opinion!
  11. You need to put a poll or else command will "denied" your app
  12. Rank You are Applying For: Lieutenant In-Game Name: Simpington SteamID: STEAM_0:0:456446626 Current Rank: SM How long have you been in your current rank?: 3 weeks and 2 days What timezone are you in?: EST How many Warns do you have?: 2 Why should you be promoted (150 words Minimum): Hello, My name is Simpington! I'm a pretty chill guy with a strong passion for this community and the people who resides with it. I'm just going to cut the rubbish and get straight to the point. I've been in this community since 2018 or 2019 ish. I have a strong passion to bring justice and amazing RP to this community with about 1300 hours into this server alone so I'm pretty devoted to this server. Alright I'm going to name off a few qualities about me that may best suit me for this role. I train at least 10 cadets everyday. When I'm not on PD I'm mainly staffing as a moderator. I have 3 years of customer call center experience so that means I have experience with irate people and know how to solve delicate issues with professionalism and with high satisfactory. I know the MOTD very well, I read it in my spare time when I'm bored. I'm one of the least biased people you'll ever meet because I always try to see situations in a 3rd point of view and try to meet in the middle to solve the common issue both sides is upset about. I'm great at multitasking and organizing things. And I think my best quality about me is that I refuse to give up on something I love. Yes I'm aware I post this before but I posted it on accident in the area where command does their LOAs and Community resignation. I deleted the old post to properly put it where it belongs and if PD command thinks I'm unfit to be a LT just for posting in the wrong area then ill gladly take my punishment. Sorry to those who +/- supported the last post I promise this time its not going anywhere. You agree that disobeying any rules set by High Command will result in an immediate demotion (Yes/No): Yes
  13. + Support Reasons: 1. Seems to care about the community 2. Also seems to care of gaminglight's image as a whole 3. He's taken my sits in the past when he was a Mod and did a good job. 4. He seems to knows the basic commands and steps a TMod can do 5. Has been in the community for along time although he has taken a break for awhile, even though that's true ever since he has came back hes been pretty active.
  14. I thought headlights was removed to reduce lag @Alijah My headlight bind don't even work anymore.
  15. Sorry you got hacked man hope you’ll recover soon!
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