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  1. fore sure, you stay safe as well
  2. Due to unexpected circumstances in life I have to resign, I will be back in time thanks for the laughs and memories! zee- your a great person taught me a lot, and you always had some geeked up stories. scrubby- your a femboy. Fr tho your a great person and youll be a great VCMDR sainty- your british. Na your once of my favorite HCOM members no kizzy. Astro- you were a great kallus and you gonna do great things in HCOM, always remeber the TS moments apple- Your my bae, favorite SMT gilbert- favorite Minge Im gonna keep it short but if i didnt put you still much love!
  3. +support -but app could be a little better
  4. i might be wrong but if your a tmod you dont apply for moderator, you jus get promoted eventually.
  5. Accepted speak to an officer for NCO training
  6. +support -good guy -app could use some work, the answers are to short
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