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  1. Accepted Congratulations Divide on getting Senior Gamemaster! Your efforts have been noticed by myself and the Community, I look forward to seeing how you perform with this new position.
  2. It is not in any Gamemaster's control whether the NPCs spawn under the map - it happens when the platform tool isn't 100% compliant with the current map's contruction. If one realised this, they would see and understand why it doesn't happen on certain maps. The problem has been around since the tool was released. With the various Health for NPCs, there can be many reasons behind it. The main one is due to the simple fact, more NPCs = More Server lag - and when that happens the compliaint amount is a lot more. Furthermore, some NPCs will be gifted more health than the average due to distracting and slowing down battlions like Inquisitors + Starfighters - some NPCs may even be intended as 'heavys' and/or 'bosses'. In addition, any event with NPCs having low health will result in a short one, then we get more complaining that 'the event was too short' - not every map is suited for huge scale assualts, so we improvise and create solutions (one being to incease health to slow them down and create an ending feeling of accomplishment/satisfaction). In connection with what you said regarding teamwork, NPCs with higher HP encourages that - it pushes them even more to work together and coordinate efficiently (just as if you were playing a round of Black ops Zombies and the higher the round = increasing health - thus increasing satisfaction if completed successfully). As any Gamemaster knows, there will always be a compliant with varying topics. Furthermore, any experienced Gamemaster will agree and understand the way as how we run things currently. The little things you complain about is a compilation of solutions from a lot larger, previous, complaints.
  3. Accepted Welcome to the team! Please speak with a Senior Gamemaster to receive your training.
  4. Accepted Welcome to the team, please speak with a Senior Gamemaster to receive your training.
  5. Name: Beckett Rank: SO Status: Inactive What do you want to get changed: Nothing
  6. Accepted Welcome to the team! To get trained, please speak with a Senior Gamemaster (Hunt/Jesse and Phoenix)
  7. Accepted Welcome to the team! Please speak with a Senior Gamemaster to get trained (Phoenix & Hunt/Jesse).
  8. Accepted Welcome to the team! Please speak with a Senior Gamemaster to get trained (Phoenix & Hunt/Jesse).
  9. Accepted Welcome to the team! Please speak with a Senior Gamemaster to get trained (Phoenix & Hunt/Jesse).
  10. You make good points which are on the minds of many. The inactivity of a server isn't just the main reason why it closes. Other factors like how long its been alive and to those increasing numbers of people that have donated count. Due to the many donators, through varied amount of purchases, it can be a very difficult decision to close a server - especially when Zeeptin puts the money back into the server to ensure it is running. In addition, we have had cases where inactive servers pull back a strong number of players, so keeping the server open is also allowing it to gain the players again - whenever that will be. Also, the difference between server eras is big - even though the concept is the same, many content isn't (especially how things run). This is evident from the player count difference at the moment.
  11. Accepted Welcome back to the team, I look forward to seeing you redeem yourself.
  12. +Support ◈ Old time member, has been SM for literally years ◈ Qualified - good officer ◈ Can get the job done Good luck!
  13. In-Game Name: Beckett SteamID: STEAM_0:1:58573589 Server: Police RP Custom Job Name: Rogue Agent Hello! Is it possible to see all the Steam IDs on this class? I cannot remember all of those that joined and some of the original job posts date so far back I cannot access them. I plan on removing some more people soon.
  14. Accepted For your official training, please speak with one of our Senior Gamemasters - Phoenix and/or Hunt. Welcome to the team! - Beckett / Head GM