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  1. What do you want to see? - I would love to see troopers get a blast shield within their inventory. Why should we add it? - Massive scale battles can be quite tedious without the correct amount/type of cover. The current 38th Fortication tool can really create useful cover, but there are times they get destroyed easily and render troopers exposed to gun fire. Also, I think it would look amazing to see a line of troopers with this shield slowing pushing up while others are stacked behind, opening fire. Finally, it is a very small file size so it would hardly add to the overall content. What are the advantages of having this? - Portable and useful cover - to those using it and those behind them. Durable and easy to use. Troopers while stay alive longer during battles and have more motivation to continue and finish large scale events. In addition, it would making breaching protocol much more efficient. Lastly, it has the Galatic Republic symbol on it so it would be even cooler to have. Who is it mainly for? - Defence and Specialist battalions. Links to any content -
  2. -Support I agree Stealth Ops need more players, but I don't think people should pay to rank up - there could be an amazing CSM that derserves Officer but can't because they either don't want to or cannot donate. Alternative: Make the battalion free to join (without a donation rank) but people who do have Knight+ can have a special class/job within the battalion that gives them more weapons/sweps/items and it doesn't count as a life.
  3. All current battalions need to be stable and healthy in active members before adding anymore. The reason why these posts have always been denied is because there is always a battalion in the server that is dying and this should be the priority other than recruiting for a whole new battalion.
  4. On behalf of the Jedi Order, I would like to thank you for all your efforts and the amount you contributed to ensure the best for everyone involved. You respectively upheld the rank of Ki-Adi Mundi and it will be hard to find someone to replace you. I hope your studying goes well and you come visit us time to time. Best regards, Beckett / Grand Master of the Order
  5. Double-bladed Lightsaber* - Duel lightsabers are different
  6. This was checked the other day, people cannot move while attacking. Ahsoka's Duel wielding lightsaber works perfectly fine, perhaps theres a bit of coding within that script which the personal dual wielded lightsabers are missing.
  7. The one thing that annoys me the most are the actors/characters. The result of this can be the fault of the GM or the player. It truly makes a difference whether a GM instructs someone to 'just go kill them' or actually restricts them and provides them with a specific mission. On the other hand, some players take it as an opportunity to get a really powerful villain and kill as many people as they can, thus disregarding the actual essence of role-play. I know it might be bias, but I really do agree with this statement. People need to understand that in lore and role-play opening a secure vault to something so valuable isn't as easy as pressing a button and adverting that you stole it. In addition, if a player is doing his job by standing guard at a door and you no-clip through him because you know you might lose in battle, then you have ruined the structure in which we teach people (let alone depriving that person of doing his job, defending) - what is the point of ordering my men to stand at their post if it turns out to be irrelevant and unfair. Common sense and fairness can go a long way.
  8. It's time for a Role-Call! Click on the link and respond as soon as you can, you will have a week - deadline is 05/09/2019. Those who miss the deadline will be removed from both the roster and the Discord. Those who come online afterwards and didn't fill the Role-Call (and is not on the Discord/roster) will only have the Youngling whitelist. Those people will also have to go through Initiate training, again. ~ Beckett / Grand Master of the Order Yoda
  9. Accepted Congratulations on becoming a Jedi Master, we will be expecting much more from you now! More responsibilities are heading your way. ~ Grand Master of the Order Yoda / Beckett
  10. Granted The long period of time you had to wait was due to the strong negativity with these replies. However, due to it being quite some time now, the Council voted in favour of lifting your 4th strike. Congratulations. You will still be on 3 strikes and if you get another strike the punishment will be a lot harsher than before. ~ Grand Master of the Order Yoda / Beckett
  11. Beckett

    Nathans Loa

    Denied This is not an LOA, this is an advanced inactivity notice. Being bored is not a valid reason, Jedi Generals/Council members need a valid excuse to keep their position (especially for long periods of time). - Beckett / Grand Master Yoda
  12. In-Game name: Who gave you your 4th strike?: Reason for Rank-lock (4th strike): Why do you think we should give you another chance?: How long have you been Rank-locked?
  13. You will always be Mace in my heart! It is going to be hard to find someone to fill the role you once did - really high expectations. You set a great standard for others to follow. I'll miss you boi. You are always welcome in the Jedi Order and talk whenever!
  14. Beckett

    Nerf the jedi

    I have done the math (by counting each room). There are 74 rooms on the ship in total (not counting hallways, of course). 4 of which are used only for Jedi. 12 of which are empty spaces that aren't use. Finally, the Clones have a total of 58 rooms. In terms of numbers in rooms, we roughly have 5% (rounded to the nearest %). P.S. It is 5 in the morning for me so the numbers may be off by like 1 or 2