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  1. The following links are a few pieces I've have done in the past and I don't really use them any more but I'd like to share them, incase people would like to use them to represent the community somewhere. Hope you enjoy.
  2. Hope you like
  3. Beckett

    Jedi Jump course

    What you want to see? - A Jedi Jump course that is Permapropped. Why should we add it? - It is a must in the Jedi order to improve your Force leaping skills so you can progress through the ranks. So it is hard to practice when it can only placed by the select few that have it saved (and has an admin rank). What are the advantages of having this? - The ability to practice constantly and for people who aren't Administrators that have Padawans can contuct training sessions. Who is it mainly for? - Jedi Links to any content - N/A
  4. +Support I know he has started to play on GL servers again with only good intentions, having teamspeak is a must with most Gaminglight activities.
  5. This is for real now, my actual setup
  6. -Support Although rules say Admins can only warn while off duty, this is an altercation which I thought the Admin handled logically. If the player was to be so petty and not follow standard roleplay and waste other players' time then Rhenic acted in everyone's favour - especially the adminstration that would of been on duty, by saving them their time and not bothering them for something so small which could be handled within seconds. Futhermore, if the player were to refuse entry of the jail then he himself would of been the first to intrupt roleplay and not the Admin. So, I believe the following player should be spoken to and definately not the adminstrator.
  7. Server: PoliceRP Custom Class: Rogue Agent Hello, unfortunately my class is missing the permission to retrieve the following vehicles: -Pagani Huayra -Mclaren P1 Hopefully one could see where the concren is, due to one of the vehicles (the mclaren) is only in the server because the class paid for its entry. The other was not so cheap too, as it being a secondary car on the class. I have provided evidence of the Pagani's payment/acceptance, however considering the Mclarens post being so old - I am unable to review the archive, perhaps a member of managment is able to do so... I hope what I have provided is enough, I'm eager to hear from one who can fix this! Regards -Beckett