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  1. In-Game name: Who gave you your 4th strike?: Reason for Rank-lock (4th strike): Why do you think we should give you another chance?: How long have you been Rank-locked?
  2. You will always be Mace in my heart! It is going to be hard to find someone to fill the role you once did - really high expectations. You set a great standard for others to follow. I'll miss you boi. You are always welcome in the Jedi Order and talk whenever!
  3. Beckett

    Nerf the jedi

    I have done the math (by counting each room). There are 74 rooms on the ship in total (not counting hallways, of course). 4 of which are used only for Jedi. 12 of which are empty spaces that aren't use. Finally, the Clones have a total of 58 rooms. In terms of numbers in rooms, we roughly have 5% (rounded to the nearest %). P.S. It is 5 in the morning for me so the numbers may be off by like 1 or 2
  4. Beckett

    Nerf the jedi

    Yes, I dedicated a year of my time towards that server before coming to Clonewars
  5. Beckett

    Nerf the jedi

    It runs well enough for almost 100 people daily to dedicate their time to (we have an average of 40-50)
  6. Beckett

    Nerf the jedi

    -Support This is ridiculous. First off, All of our important Lore characters are assigned to a battalion to ensure fair and correct roleplay. The only lore characters that do not have a proper assigned battalion are Quinlen Vos and Aayla Secura (only two classes). The reason why some do not have their correct lore battalions is because they died out due to CLONES not wanting to join. It sounds like you think it is unfair because we are a growing, strong, battalion. It is no ones fault people would like to become Jedi more than clones (especially when they donate). The minute you change and remove things from the donation job, which people were promised, it becomes unfair. Secondly, having as many classes as we do does not have a bad effect on the server as you think it does. PoliceRP for example have almost double (if not triple) the amount of jobs and it runs fine - even with a more popluar player base. Thirdly, the only reason you have decided to voice your opinion now is because we have asked for a Jedi Jump course, which we had for a very long time - through many maps. It is a feature we have always had and the minute we ask for it back in the new map, there is this massive uproar? Why? It is unfair to those that have dedicated time and effort into achieving this requirement, just for it to be removed without warning or debate. The course was built around the side of the room, on purpose, to make sure the room is still available for troopers to train in (which they did without complaint). Furthermore, the map was not built with consideraton of the training processes we have - there is completely no space for the Jump course without a bigger room. In addition, you complain about space when you have multiple rooms that still haven't been claimed due to the massive amount of empty space we have. Fourthly, It feels like you have only voiced your opinion because the Old Yoda resigned and you think I cannot uphold what he once did. I will fight for what we derserve and not submit to your bullying/harassment. Finally, the server is called 'Clone Wars Rp' due to the actual Clone wars program. The Jedi Generals do actually have the right to command and control their battalions to their best ability. If you have a problem with the way they perform in-game then take it to me, instead of annoucing it to the whole forums. Furthermore, in terms of the lore, you would know the clones were actually built to help fight along side the Jedi (the idea to create the army came from a Jedi Master). I have voiced my opinion and I think it is fair. I hate to have conflict like this but if I need to debate, I will. Beckett / Grand Master of the Order Yoda
  7. Beckett

    Luminara's Job

    I believe that Luminara's lightaber is not in the content pack. When someone is on the job, an error sign appears on the hip of the player model (where the lightsaber should be). I am aware that it isn't just me that has the problem, others point it out aswell. I am hestitant on giving someone this lore character due to this bug which makes it unplayable (rather not have people seeing a massive error sign, constanly in battle). Here are a couple examples: (don't focus on the scale of the model, thats because I switched from my Yoda job)
  8. Thank you for dropping this massive bombshell on me! I promise I will sustain the Jedi order and all the Jedi in it. You have been my biggest inspiration and I will always think of you. Thank you for being the best! -Beckett
  9. What you want to see? - I would like to see a Jedi jump course perma propped in the Left training room. Why should we add it? - Well, ever since the map change, the Force leaping course has been wiped from our training process (due to the lack of space in Jedi assigned rooms). I wish to have a perma propped course in the Left training room. Also, there are three huge training rooms that are never used at the same time, so I hardly doubt it will interfere with anything. Furthermore, it would only be concentrated around the sides of the room, on the walls, meaning the room can still be used for other activities. What are the advantages of having this? - We will bring back a very important process that most Jedi have to complete in order to rank up. It is considered as very useful and helps us determind who deserves to recieve the next rank. Who is it mainly for? - The Jedi Order Links to any content - N/A
  10. MAJOR DENIED! I do not accept this
  11. Name and Numbers: Beckett 1738 Rank: SGT Activity: Weekly (on 212th)
  12. ~ Denied ~ You say that you're active on weekends but I haven't seen you on Stealth ops for awhile. You need to show the potential of a Colonel to become one. If you are already a 1LT and dedicated to the job, I am sure you'll get there soon enough. ~ Beckett / Jedi HC Master Ki-Adi Mundi / Jedi General of Stealth Ops
  13. Beckett

    The Map

    ^^^^ I know of so many people that can't connect and have been trying many tutorials to fix it
  14. +Major Support Respectful and professional. Active Knows his stuff Responsible I have seen him on stealth ops for awhile. Good luck Tombs! I hope you get it. Beckett / Jedi Master/General Ki Adi Mundi
  15. +Major Support Professional Very nice guy. Helpful Great RP. Derserves the rank. Active. Good Luck Omega! It'll be great to see someone with your activity to take this role. Beckett / Ki Adi Mundi