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  1. I wish you the best of luck Cheez, sad to see another legend resign
  2. +SUPPORT -This dude knows everything about RG -Has past experience in RG as Vice Sov -a very nice friend and a extremely good teacher when it comes to rules dueling etc. Good Luck Joslin
  3. +Huge Support -Very active person -Does many SIMs -Was doing great while i was in RG -Helped me alot and i believe he is ready for this position as he was the one i would go to if i need something Good luck Zabuza
  4. High Sovereign Ved Kennede's Resignation So many of you already knew this was coming and for thoose of you who didnt know, well im resgning from the position of High Sovereign Protector. The reason behind my resignation is that i am soon going to the millitary and will now need to devote my time fully to working out and preparing for the millitary. I have met many people over the 9 months on this server and i have made many friends. Im gonna miss getting to talk and have fun wiht you guys and if there ever is something then feel free to message me about it. So moving on i have some special mentions, sorry if you were not mentioned, there is just too many of you guys so mentioning everyone would take way too long. Bon: I remember the days where you were a slow shock commander and look at you now, honestly you have been doing great on the server and i wish you the best of luck. Bop: Im impressed on how far you got from being DT commander to then becoming a general and now a Head Admin and i want to make it clear that You copied my name!! Kev: You have always been a very genuine person, youve done great as Command, as a Shadow Guard and as a Grand Inquisitor and ive had fun while guarding you Name: You were the one to first train me into the royal guard and we have had our fair share of fun, ill miss you as well. Jaeger: You are one of the persons ive known for the longest on the server, i remember the days of you as a ninth sister and oyu manged to become the first ever High IQ and you manged to get Grand IQ as well. You stepped in and helped saving RG when it was at its worst and you have been a pretty good friend. Vertigo: You have been doing amazing as both a Purge Commander and as a Field Commander, and if someones evere out for trouble then the reigning heavyweight campion will come get em Lydus: Dude you were a great officer in RG and it was sad that you left us. Best of luck Cheez: Man cheez ill miss you showing me your creations, i was always impressed at what you manged to build, ill miss you as you were a great friend Nebel: VK out- Sainty: You were the last and my favourite Havoc Commander, we have had our fun and i wish you the best of luck Fennec: We have had a lot of fun together and i will miss sitting in teamspeak with you entering and beginning a convo. Joslin: You are my goto person when it comes to dueling, ive known you for a while now and you are a great guy. Its sad that you returned just before me leaving, but i do believe that you will do great in RG like you did in the past. Skylef: It was sad to see you leave once and it was more sad to see you leave again, but you have still been one of the people that ive been in contact with the most and i remember back when i first trained you. And as always "Jag såg en nyckelpiga som bajsa, sen gick jag hem och åt Kalles kaviar" Leviathan: You have been a pretty good friend, i remember you going up the ranks and becoming command, it was sad when you left and just like with Skylef it was even more sad when you left again Given: Even thought you resigned i stillw anted to mention you as you were a great friend before leaving Spoon: One day ill come back and parry the shit out of you Fred: Make sure not to fall for one of the "Traps" Fred Regent: I dont undrstand half of the things you say but i hope you can manage to do well as RG command Julien: You better not let RG die, good luck in the future Zabuza: You have become a good friend and someone i go to whenever i have a dilemma or if i want to rant about something, i believe you will do great in RG as you already have been doing great with SHG Skarr: I know your focus has been towards DT but you were still doing great in RG Kat: You have been doing amazing within the period of you being an RG, i believe you will get far Grub: You are addicted to force choke, but ive had fun with you Lukenuke: I havent got to know you as well as the other but i think you will do great as an officer in RG Its been a great run, hopefully ill return once in the future and i wish you all the best of luck in life.
  5. +SUPPORT -Many of us has been wanting this for a long time -This would be great for RG and could improve our activity as well as server activity -Would give our battalion more options when it comes to SIMs and Trainings as well as the fact that we could do flight SIMs together with SF -This could bring more players to RG and make more people buy our Royal Guard Package
  6. Cheez has a lot of experience and i believe that he would do well if chosen for shock commander Good Luck Cheez
  7. +Support i agree with most of the other + support comments and i dont believe that keegan did this for any other reason than him trying to help the server. The amount of effort he put into this even after being removed shows how much he truly cares for the server, most people would probably just leave when getting removed, but keegan still care for the server even after being removed. I myself has had periods where it has felt like the server was beginning to get quite bland,i have seen people who worked their way up through the ranks leave the entire server due to them getting bored by the lack of updates, i know that internet problems are not something that an individuall has power over, but many of our current suggestions has been up for extreme amounts of time. note: I was also scared of my staff rank and rp rank being affected by me posting my opinion, but i still felt like i needed to post it as i do care a lot about both the community and the server, this is in no way meant personally against Hotshot, it is just my opinion
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