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  1. Meanie Definitely going to miss you, come back soon!
  2. + Support I believe that this would make a good addition to the server, currently the squad system isn't utilized too much by MTF unless people are asked to form up. With this system our NCOs will be able to set up squads with the enlisted and be able to lead patrols and other activities with ease. Although this can be accomplished by our current server systems, this will increase the efficiency of both the leadership and communication of the team. ~ Depending on the addon, it may add outlines or a HUD with squad-members information. This can be useful but may be abused by people in order to find out information through metagame.
  3. +/- Support Although this would be a cool addition, I believe that this would behave similarly to the day/night cycle addons. These addons usually decrease the servers performance and are usually removed from servers due to that reason. If there is an addon that does not impact the server or it is possible either edit or create an addon to be more streamline and run better on servers then I will support. They can also just make the weather able to be set via a keycard in the staff area that can change the weather, although depending on how it is made can cause a very abrupt change if the weather doesn't 'fade' in.
  4. + Support Could also make a dedicated room with the crafting bench and the NPC inside one of the cells.
  5. + Support. Another option is to edit the respawn and harvest rates.
  6. + Support Maybe just a small explanation of the town, a small bit of its history and when it was founded. As well as some information about the civilians that live there and the businesses.
  7. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1hP2jRsgTloVPIsk9tRi5KvZ_C0kuXQs_AN8g2Ca-OsE/edit?usp=sharing
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