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  1. I think Matthew said it perfectly, What you have to understand is staff members are human. And humans a faulty by design not every staff member at every point in time is going to be perfect. That's a reason why we have the report system so a staff member can see what they've done wrong and be guided on how to fix their issue(s). There are actual guidelines in the staff handbook that try and avoid staff members dealing with a sit that involves friends "Do not deal with your friends sits or an issue that you were involved or witnessed off duty. Any staff caught doing this will receive a strike or Removal from staff." It seems you have had a few bad experiences with some staff on the server however what you need to understand is not every staff member acts the way you are stating. I hope you continue to play on the server and stay with the community
  2. +Support - Active on forums - Great staff member - Knowledgeable - Mature
  3. +Support - Active - Mature - I have never herd of you breaking any rules on the server - You are knowledgeable when it comes to the MOTD
  4. That's great to know more about you! I was offensive tackle/guard and d-line when I played football in high school When I first installed GMOD Gaminglight was the first server I joined and very nearly the only server I played was MethRP (I would always play SWAT sniper and roll around in a camo charger police vehicle)(And staff of course) My dream job is becoming a bay constable (I live on a long island no pun intended) I have a brindle boxer named Rex (NOT CHLOE) I'm a Ford person more specifically I love Broncos and Mustangs (I would take a 2020 Shelby GT500 over a Lamborghini) My favorite color is orange I am an open book and love to share with people the troubles I've had in life in hopes to help them with what whatever they are going through
  5. The man the myth the legend, This is great to hear Snar you know how I felt when you resigned and I am looking forward to your return!
  6. +Support I am going to be honest at first Ender I was skeptical about you however you put a lot of time and effort into staffing and I definitely think you are ready for Admin - Active - Friendly - Well known - Knowledgeable - Willing to staff
  7. -Support In my opinion I don't think you are ready for the next rank and here are my reasons - You intervene in other staff members sits without being asked for help - You present yourself as if you are better than others - You seem to have an urge for more power and position - You can be short tempered at times Senior Admin is a big rank and I don't think you have earned it yet. *Edit* After exchanging messages with Will he does seem genuine in his intentions. He is not afraid to admit when he has done wrong and he actively tries to correct himself, And seek advice on how to improve. To me this shows quality of humility and good leadership. I do not retract what I have posted however I will change to a +/-Support
  8. +Support This was a really fun map back when GTARP used it, And I don't remember it causing a lot of performance issues. However GTARP didn't have 30 cop cars and 50 other people driving around at the same time, So I don't know how it would perform.
  9. Ingame Name: Lil Yachty Job Name: Corvo Server: PoliceRP Players SteamID you want added to the job: STEAM_0:0:53521957 The person that Paid SteamID: STEAM_0:0:53521957
  10. Um can i just have some money and not do any work for it?
  11. +SUPPORT This is blatant Prop block - Martial law does not grant PD the ability to block the bail NPC - If the family was causing issues and breaking rules as you stated Cole & Yobo a staff member should have been called. - "We blocked off the bailer because we did not want a continuous cycle of Jailed-Bailed-Arrested-Unrealistic Shootout- Jailed - and so on. And We also wanted you to serve jail time. " This is not a valid reason what so ever and with the way you worded that sentence sounds like you have not intent to role-play as that cycle is apart of role-playing on a POLICERP server. And how would the shootout be unrealistic? Because they are better equipped for a gun fight? With more people and better guns? Also the way you worded that sentence means that they did not attribute to that cycle and you were blocking the NPC preemptively to avoid said cycle. Now please understand I am not defending anyone or anything. I am simply stunned how this is even an argument.PD got frustrated because they couldn't compete with the criminals on the server so they decided to break the MOTD
  12. +/- Support - Application does not follow format (No screenshot of warns) (No Steam ID) - Staffing is not about "Seeing how far I can make it" - I Personally have not seen you on the server before. - One forum post even though you have had the forum account since 2018 (Which to me shows you have no interest in the community, And you made the forum account only to get member tags on TS) My rating is based off this application and this application only I have not interacted with Frost on the server. Due to my lack of interactions with frost I can not give -Support because I simply do not know frost. And I think you were meaning to put EST for the time zone not ETS?