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  1. lol wtf is ur profile pic -Support reasons above
  2. +Support I have been apart of this community on and off for the past few years, and I have been staff a total of 3 times. I have meet some great staff members and some great people in general, however Jayden stands out to me and here is why - Jayden is always willing to staff and help other staff members. In the times we staffed together he had numerous newer staff members coming to him for assistance and he was always willing to help. Heck he has even helped me in more than one occasion with sits I had. I have had the opportunity to witness Jayden become one of the best staff members I have seen since I joined this community in 2016. He has all the personality traits it takes to be a great staff member he is calm, knowledgeable, compassionate, professional, caring, giving, and many more. He handles every sit with professionalism and always tries to find the best solution for both parties involved. Jayden was and is always willing to render assistance to the players of GamingLight even if he is not on duty and getting his sit count up. Back when Jayden and I were Moderators we would say to each other that we were "Superadmin material" I think after awhile Jayden took it as a joke but I was never joking, Jayden was too humble to realize that. One of his best traits is he knows when he needs help with something, he understands he doesn't know everything and he is willing to seek out the resources that will help him. There had been plenty of times I considered resigning due to my inactivity but Jayden always motivated me to continue staffing. Long story short Jayden is very fitting of this promotion and the next one.. and the next one.. and the next one...
  3. I like this guy 

  4. +Support - Great staff member - Very active on the forums and discord
  5. This makes no sense to me, From the evidence provided the warn is justified. - Will was not brandishing a weapon when you shot him (Maybe he had one out prior and that's why LuckyGoose said he did(But there is no evidence of this)) **Will did not have a weapon out at the time so you arguing that he was a an immediate threat to LuckyGoose is invalid also that wouldn't allow you to breach the MOTD about giving warnings** - "If someone is wanted (sign above a person’s head) you may AOS/KOS the person. In order to KOS you must warn the criminal at least 3 times to stop moving. If they comply, you must arrest them instead." ***No Proof of you giving the 3 warnings*** I mean maybe it should have been handled differently however that is not for me to decide. The warn is justified. Also this seems like a warn appeal? -Support
  6. +Support - This player clearly has no intent to RP and follow the rules on the server. - Has a previous ban - This player is not a good representation of the PoliceRP community I am surprised this gentleman has avoided being banned for as long as he has.
  7. +Support utetwo was a great staff member and has been really active as of late!
  8. +Support - Great staff member - Active - Friendly - Knowledgeable Easy fit for support team
  9. +/- Support leaning more toward -Support - Idk why you did all the colors - You said "I also" about 6 times - You stated you left the other server because it was "repetitive" are you going to quit staffing here because it's repetitive? - You spammed forum posts on Sunday - I think its odd you say you have been playing on the community for over a year but you only just made a forums account on January 7th Good Luck
  10. Running laps around the map blasting music @Jayden
  11. Unfortunately I will have to give you a -Support Having 16 warns is a bit excessive and to me shows you have no respect for the rules of the server. A good amount of your warns are for some serious/immature reasons And the application is still not fixed (No steam name, No in-game name)
  12. +Support - Active - Friendly - I have never had any issues/complaints about Dropperlemon The only thing I can say that is negative is maybe you should have been more active here on the forums before applying as you most of you're posts are from yesterday. However overall I think you would make for a good addition to the staff team. Good Luck!
  13. I think Matthew said it perfectly, What you have to understand is staff members are human. And humans a faulty by design not every staff member at every point in time is going to be perfect. That's a reason why we have the report system so a staff member can see what they've done wrong and be guided on how to fix their issue(s). There are actual guidelines in the staff handbook that try and avoid staff members dealing with a sit that involves friends "Do not deal with your friends sits or an issue that you were involved or witnessed off duty. Any staff caught doing this will receive a strike or Removal from staff." It seems you have had a few bad experiences with some staff on the server however what you need to understand is not every staff member acts the way you are stating. I hope you continue to play on the server and stay with the community