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  1. No.. It'd be the same thing I mentioned with previous ones lol
  2. For the sits, yes there may be a lot at first but than again it actually gives us a reason to do our job as staff. There's always plenty of sits for many different reasons. I've realized that there is a small way to determine if they're crouching jumping which has to do with our Player combat logs and we can see where the battle first started and how it started. If someone is spam crouch jumping and they kill that other person while in the air, we can determine it that way. Other ways, is video proof or just flat our talking. A sit like this shouldn't take more than 5 minutes in my eyes. Yes, Yes I understand that others may not handle this like that but it's only Crouch jump spamming.. This is the only server I've witnessed that has it that much which in my eyes ruins combat. Other servers manage, this one could as well. If, this was accepted than the sits that did come in would be large or medium amount however as a Community we can most likely overcome this together. It's crouch jump spamming, it ins't disallowing sprinting or shooting while like crouching or something. It's just crouch jump spamming. Hell, even jumping isn't that bad but the crouch jump spamming will just mess up combat and have people exploit there hit boxes. I don't expect this to be accepted but it'd be nice to see combat differently with formations being used and people actually using tactics.
  3. Still, would it be that hard to actually handle?? If you think about it, people would find out about it than probably stop but it and it wouldn't be constant sits. If there are, I was wrong but still it'd be nice to not see people jump around like frogs wouldn't it? Enforcing the rule wouldn't really be that hard in my eyes but, if it is for others than, it is for others. It shouldn't stop us from being able to staff however.
  4. Well, if it was Considered FailRP than it'd be a FailRP warn or a verbal. There's a ton of things that can get you warned for FailRP but we don't always have proof of that however confessions or video proof help us a lot. Remember, we have a lot of logs but we don't have logs for everything ;3 We still manage!
  5. Crouch jumping works with 076 however there's other tactics to kill 076. Such as, running and gunning and closing doors in his face. Or, just simply running around him. I notice that no matter what it's still hard for him to hit people. But, i do get that however jumping isn't the only defense from 076. And, for the hard thing to know who jumped and who didn't. I stated my defense for that above. ^^^ We already have things we can't determine.
  6. A lot of our weapons have been Nerfed or buffed depending on what weapon. Plus, isn't it the same way for both each other? Usually when people avoid dying by OP weapons, they use nearby cover.
  7. Pretty much. We often do that anyways plus, usually I leave it up with verbals or just inform them that "If" they did just not to do it again. If, this is approved than it's possible it can balance branch combat as well. Plus, a lot of other servers consider battling like that Fail-RP and manage that pretty well.
  8. How do you check if 173 failRPed with people watching him? How do you check if someone called someone else a offensive word? We don't have logs for everything but as staff it's always good to improvise or find the stories from each person. We manage pretty well.
  9. I think Verbal warnings would be acceptable in this type of situation. Obviously since it'd be a new thing for the rules it wouldn't be known well yet but things spread around quickly and specially stuff like this.
  10. Truthfully, for the first day or two if it was put in than yes but it'd make tactics and formations actually useful..
  11. Hey y'all, I love y'all but I'm gonna be resigning from CI! ;c I'll still be all over the server however so hopefully you get a chance to see my shenanigans! People I love. Kami Rabbit Duke Zone Rtiz I love y'all but just naming people off the top of my head. ~ CI RnD SR Novah
  12. What you want to see? - A possible rule to make Crouch jumping combat FailRP. Why should we add it? - I can name a thousand reasons on why it can be considered FailRP but for now I'll name the basics. Firstly, during actual combat a person wouldn't be able to jump 2-3 feet in the air because of how heavy some of the gear they have on them is. It's mostly required in most MTF branches for someone to have a Backpack on them which would make jumping even harder. Reason two is that during actual combat, no one would actually be jumping up and down constantly during a battle. Reason 3 is that I think it'd be nearly impossible for someone to constantly jump up and down during a battle and fire weapons at someone like a Assault rifle or a shotgun or something along those lines. One of the main reasons however I think it should be added to FailRP is because a lot of people crouch jump or other to abuse their hit-box to make it hard for others to hit them or shoot them which in my eyes is technically exploiting. What are the advantages of having this? - MTF or CI go through training's and PT to teach formations or tactics during raids however it's hard to actually do these tactics and remain serious when someone is constantly crouch jumping during a battle to abuse there hit box and make it harder for someone to damage them. Who is it mainly for? - Everyone. Links to any content - N/A
  13. We both know I want you to have a chance