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  1. I've questioned Luci about it and I didn't need permission for it. I've also been told that you're a "Candidate" when entering FL. I should be good.
  2. 1. What is your IGN? (In Game Name) : Emily 2. What Regiment are you applying for?: Starfighter 3. Why do you want to be a commander of this branch?: Whenever the subject of Starfighter comes up it’s always something Negative in my opinion and the usual thing I hear is “They’re mingey.”, “Inactive.” or something negative that has happened in the past. My experience as a FL, SFL, and MP has shown me that not many branches or people respect SF because of the past and it’s understandable. Now, I am not saying that SF are all negative because my experience has shown me that they’re actually very kind and respectful. I wanna be a Vice Marshal so I can change the branch beside VM Blunt. I plan to do this regardless however I plan to host more training, have others do tryouts, or simply encourage activity. One of the main reasons I wanna become Vice Marshal is to lead SF into a respected path alongside VM Blunt. These are more passive reasons but these reasons are also important. I wanna lead SF by having them do more tryouts, encouraging promotions and doing promotions (Hopefully NCO) and teaching SF how to maintain flight and increase skill in airspace formations as well. 4. How much game time do you have on the server?: I have 2 weeks. 5. What is the Main Purpose of a commander for a branch?: The main purpose of a Vice Marshal is to lead and manage the Starfighter battalion. How can he do this? There’s hundreds of things that a Vice Marshal can do while in this type of position. I will be naming a hundred. If you read the entire thing, I love you. If you don’t, hopefully skimming this is good. Is this overdoing? Yes but It was late and I was bored so I figured I’d show how much this means to me. 1: Encourage activity by doing @’s and also speaking to NCO’s to encourage tryouts and activity through discord. 2: Training with SF by having increasing skill in flying and shooting. 3: Simple ground training by doing formations, faces and target practice. 4: Trigger discipline and simulation practice. 5: Game night, showing your troopers that strictness isn’t all that a Vice Marshal can do and having fun is an important thing too. 6: Patrolling the ISD and doing correct formations while patrolling. Double column or Single Columns. 7: Explaining a Tie Fighter and Tie Interceptor by showing what parts are which and what Tie parts are on each vehicle. 8: Testing SF on their knowledge of both ties then informing them of Ties. 9: Passively roleplaying by fixing Tie’s or parts that fit on a tie. 10: Breaching training. This is important in case SF cannot fly and need to join troopers on the field. 11: SF PVP by having teams set up and having them vs each other with Tie Fighters. 12: A Simulation where SF will fight droid ships made from Imperials that assist in training. 13: Dismantling enemy ships from previous battles. 14: Having SF do a supply pick up from the DS01 and passively roleplaying on refilling ships and supplies. 15: Teaching SF how to be respectful and kind by saluting, and also respectfully not interrupting tryouts. 16: Teach NCO’s correct training to keep SF organized and also well taught. 17: Practice with advanced Flyers to increase skill and others (Have a simulation with other branches such as IF, or DT’s that can fly.) 18: Search through SOP and update things accordingly and more easily to encourage troopers to read through the SOP more often and also give themselves knowledge. 19: Have bunk inspections with SF and weapon inspections as well. 20: Have a Tie Fighter or Interceptor inspection and inspecting weapons, thrusters, targeting systems and more.. 21: Actively updating roster and checking enlisted to see when the last promotion was. 22: This is mean but it’s also good to remove inactive people based on last promotion and last login. 23: Enjoy the good times. Hang out with your branch and have a good time while also making sure they stay active. 24: Stay active on forums and also maybe take some good screenshots of moments from SF. 25: Speak to old Marshals and Vice Marshals and get some advice on certain things. 26: Look into branch problems and work on possible updates for things. 27: Encourage conversations with other branches to show respect. 28: Assist all members of SF on controls and inform them on the sneaky ones that are hard to spot or learn. 29: Preparing meeting notes and doing meetings with NCO and Enlisted. 30: Passive roleplay combat. This is never used however it’s good to understand a good feel to CQC Hand to hand combat. 31: Do small exams with SF on random times to test knowledge. No punishments if they’re wrong. 32: Have an Advanced Dupe Simulation by having them follow certain dupes in the correct formation then executing without the dupe. 33: Have SF go to Medbay and get standard check ups. 34: Managing LOA’s, Activity, and Inactivity. 35: Adjust and edit the training documents to make it more organized and updated. 36: Adjust the SOP Ranking structure. In individual rankings. This could make the SOP longer however the sections or headings on the left will make it easier to switch between all sections. 37: Do giveaways with more tryouts or other. 38: Physical training such as running laps, grammar jacks, or other. 39: Begin setting up squads during events so SF remains together. 40: Make Advanced Dupes for training like Kill houses, flight simulations, and obstacles. 41: Make a race track using Tie Fighters and allow SF to have some fun and race each other with it. 42: Take active screenshots of certain Tie Positions and SF! Photos are what make memories last. 43: Add new things within the formations such as Bomb run Wedge or Double Column. 44: Bring all the SF to Cantina and have a little moment to relax and have lunch. 45: Begin having SF guard places and assisting other branches. 46: Encourage the event team to begin giving us small goals or other to increase activity in SF. These small things could be transporting, investigation, or EVACing civilians out of danger zones. 47: Hosting single player training to fly on separate maps and also practice combat. 48: Have passive things to do such as scavenge old ships or other throughout the Galaxy. 49: Explain to NCO’s to try and be friendly or over friendly to new SF. 50: Introduce a new thing to SF called Pilot of the week. If you’re pilot of the week, then you’d be seen as a Superior ranking to whatever rank you are such as FC, FL, or other. 51: Actively do NCO+ meetings about problems within SF to encourage fixing them as a branch. 52: Introduce Flight medals to SF which can be earned with superior flying or other. 53: Create a physical training dupe and have them run a course. 54: Setting up scheduled training or other that can boost activity and numbers during training. 55: Practice respectful saluting and test them on rankings for Naval. Inform them of rankings as well. 56: Possible joint training with other battalions that are allowed to fly such as Lords, Navy or possible others depending on rank and specialty. 57: Possible set up a movie or video night where SF can get together and just watch some movies or you tube videos. 58: A flying training where small targets such as props, maybe balloons or other are set up and shot by SF. 59: Activity supporting or minus supporting posts on the forums like, applications, or suggestions. 60: Introduce a new game mode for training where SF, IF, DT, IQ or other can participate where it’s Aerial Conquest and what this means it points need to be captured. A GM will have to keep track or other however it’s an interesting game mode. 61: Make Squadrons more active or other. Have more be recruited or selected. 62: A training that’s full thrusters through an asteroid field in a single column or other formation. 63: Specific training for squadrons that go to advanced environments and timed transports, attacks or other. 64: Encourage more specific tasks for each squadron, communicate with the Navy more to encourage tasking them. 65: Encourage passive role play before every take off by checking Ion cannons, targeting and thrusters. 66: Begin doing NCO Interviews every 2 weeks or other depending on how many NCO’s are here. 67: Encourage more use of communications in Team-speak and inform others to inform SF to be in TS. 68: Check on inactive SF to see if they’re still interested in SF or not. 69: Do standard check ups on Discord to make sure everyone in SF is in the discord as well. 70: Begin doing flight patrols and airspace patrols during events or out of events. 71: Show SF how to properly take off and inform them of all controls. 72: Possible change weapons or try to do active updates. 73: make training docs for NCO’s to use for inspiration or other. 74: Update SF bunks or something more SF like or even have a contest of SF making things in single player. 75: Host contests that cold win rewards. The contests could be dog fighting, ground fighting or other. 76: Add a new training to Ground Armor that can be trained for any rank. Obviously, very small training but it could make Ground Armor more trained. 77: Adjust some things that Squadrons can do for Magma, Onyx and Cobra. Add new things they can do with that position. 78: Possibly revamp armor skins for SF that could match specific squadrons. 79: Make use of the Tie movers and begin setting up more Passive RP. 80: Use the tie bays more often and set up Tie fighters for combat drops. 81: Have a training of combat drops where Tie Fighters or others take off together in formation. 82: Teaching better communication when taking down another ship by saying “X-wing down” or “A-wing down.” 83: Teach newbies or other how to correctly spawn vehicles even though I still mess up. 84: Often try to recommend or support other branch changes. 85: Be a role model to every trooper you can. Being a role model is important for future troopers. 86: Communicate with other Commanders or Command to see if they’re in need of assistance in anything. It’s always good to pay attention to other branches and command. 87: Show dedication to their branch by being active, speaking to members and actively speaking in discord to other SF members. 88: Negotiate possible usage of Probe droids. This could help in scouting when no scout units are on. 89: Possible attempt to add drones or something along those lines. It’s most likely not gonna happen however it’s an idea. 90: Begin proper formation use when entering Debrief, MHB or other places when troopers are called. 91: Better sportsmanship when watching another SF or having yourself take out a Rebel. Basically some “Wooo!” or “Yeah!! Take that!” type of stuff. Like the movies Obviously not loudly but an idea. 92: Host simulations where SF vs each other with certain weapons. 93: Host simulations where SF can vs each other with fun weapons and have a good time. 94: Encourage more talk in Team-speak when not on duty just to keep TS active. 95: Encourage SF to learn about enemy ships to find weak points or other. 96: Standardly have SF check on their ship or other. 97: Do a training on parking Tie Fighters inside the Tie bays. 98: Encourage SF to suggest changes or other to the branch for better activity. 99: Inform NCOs of this list and give them ideas on how to be a good NCO or what we expect. 100: Always show SF that you respect them and you cherish the moments you have with them. Being a Marshal or other is always about respecting your Men and Woman. 6. Why should we trust you to be a commander? : This isn’t the very first experience I’ve had with leading a branch. On Gamling Light SCP, I used to be a Colonel which was considering a High Command and lead the MTF Branch by the name of Nu-7. This isn't the first High Command position I’ve had however it’s a good example of experience I’ve had through the years of roleplay that I’ve done. Another reason to trust me is on my maturity and age, this isn't a huge thing but maturity means knowledge and knowledge is a top key to leading troopers as well. Dedication is another reason to trust SF in my hands and I think I showed good dedication with the 100 reasons. 7. How often can you be Online? : I am on everyday however sometimes I’m not on SF all day however my activity is going to change as I am trying to focus a little more on SF. I’m not inactive in SF however I also don’t have perfect activity.. This is going to change regardless if I get accepted or denied anyways. 8. Do you have any Warnings? (What for?) : One single warning when I first touched Gaming Light on SCP. I believe I was warned from killing another D-class for calling me stupid and I believe i said “No your stupid and a nerd! And I beat up nerds!” and I beat him up with my fist. Something like that if I’m correct.. Thanks for reading! No matter what if I'm accepted or denied, I'm very proud of this application. I put a lot of work into it and I hope you enjoy reading it.
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    I didn't put Badaim cause I forgot but hey he's cute
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    Just as once a great man has said, "The Time Has Come" for me to take another path. The experience was absolutely amazing and I'll never ever forget the experience I've had while in this branch. There's not much for me to go off of, so I think I'll tell a small story. Little ol-me, when entering this branch was looking for someone who can lead a branch in a way I liked it however everyone seemed to have lead there branches very well but I knew I found a branch I wanted to fall under when I met some of the people in Nu-7. I believe the first face I came across who I liked was Kiddo, he was a friendly guy with a nice accent that made me hot and with him making a good introduction to me I began to just play on Nu-7 and move up rather quickly. Eventually, I met the biggest asshole in my life, Fool. The Commander of Nu-7, Fool was probably the biggest cunt I've known for quite awhile but eventually as I ranked up, I realized that Fool was just a ordinary dickhead who wanted to game and lead his branch which he did extremely well. I'm not very good at stories, I don't know what else to say other then this experience was absolutely amazing.. I'll still be on the server, I'll still be around the community. I'm gonna name off some people who just I love in the branch but, I love all of you. The branch has made me a better person and made me appreciate this community so much. Before I touched this community I was just hopping servers, messing around, playing DarkRP (i know) and just being really bored overall.. But when I saw this I decided to try it out and ordinarily have the plan to minge and just mess about but I ended up getting really attached to it and enjoying it a ton. I never thought I'd make it this far due to me being an idiot but I did, and you all just made me extremely proud. I'll never forget this branch or replace it. -Mike: My guy, honestly when you first got VCMDR I wasn't very happy and didn't like the idea but you impressed me and made me like you even more the more you were VCMDR. I wouldn't have anyone else over me. - Pixel: You're an amazing LTCOL, and an amazing replacement for me, I know you'll get there and I'll know you'll do it. Sorry for being a wall on you. -Fool: Fuck you, lets play some COH2 some time. -Bread: You're one dedicated man, I hope you get your goal someday. -MattO: Man, you need to play with me more often. There is no words I have for you because you already know them. -Kiddo: You're one sexy man. -Evil: You talk a lot but, you're a good man. Impress me with HSU. -Rainbow: This man is a loser. Love you buddy. You'll get in HSU eventually. People I love. -Daedran: Your face is cute. -Giovanni: Its a shame that you left but at least you're still around and being cute. -Kami: Get a peepee, loser. -Blackbeard: Your name is fucking awesome. -Happy: Hope you destress and kiss someone. Honestly I forgot some, but don't get offended. I fucking love you all anyways, from any branch. I can't be perfect and have everyone listed off but you all know you have a place in my heart Keep the branch up, keep Nu-7 great. ---------------------------- Name: Novah Rank: Colonel SteamID: STEAM_0:1:181694738 Reason for leaving: I played for awhile and I'd like to try other things without the worry of command. I know Nu-7 will be able to continue without me. Will you stay active during your 48-hour notice?: Negative. Technically I'm still on LOA.
  6. In Game Name: Emily Powers (Also known as Novah) Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:181694738 Job applying for (Medical - MEDIC + | Red Right Hand - ANY MTF RANK OR GENSEC COMMAND | Research - Researcher+): Researcher If applying for Red Right Hand preferred O5 to guard: Not applying for RRH, but all of them are cute. How many Strikes do you have: None. Why do you want to join the O5 staff team: I’ve been interested in the O5 Researcher team for quite awhile now because of several reasons. Firstly, the tests that O5 Researchers have simply amazed me for their creativity. I’ve seen tests that have extraordinary Roleplay and Communication that went extremely well, and it only made me want to become a Researcher even more, which is exactly what I eventually did. I got trained into Research after watching some O5 Staff participate in “C.N.T.N roleplay”. The second reason is because of the Secrecy and Roleplay in general that I’ve witnessed even myself. The server has Roleplay, but not a lot of Serious type of Roleplay which is what I’m usually interested in, obviously it’s awesome to have fun here and there but I believe some Seriousness is also good in certain times. I also hope to hopefully participate in an O5 test with Serious roleplaying someday as well, becoming an O5 Researcher could increase my chances largely.. Thirdly and lastly, O5 has always been a dream thing that I’ve wanted to play on just as everyone else most likely wants to play on. It’s a very simple small reason but it’s another reason why I wanna join the O5 Staff team. Why should we accept you: As Emily Powers, a lot or most of the Roleplay I’ve actually done has always been something creative that I like to come up with that could show more of a Roleplay side to becoming a D-class. Obviously, sometimes this doesn’t work but most of the time I’d like to say the D-class actually enjoys it. For example, 7/13/20, I started my therapy sessions again that I usually did while on Doctor Bright and it actually went well to where someone was actually suggesting valid things some people could do while on D-class, they weren’t bad suggestions either. Another example to the Roleplay I love doing is keeping mementos from tests I've done, an object Emily Powers always keeps on her is a Duck which is actually a Human being trapped inside the object of a toy duck. This is a simple thing that happens when drinking a certain cup from SCP-294. She also carries a single bottle cap for a remembrance of a death during a SCP-173 gone wrong test. Another obvious reason is the ability to do more tests as well which could expand my imagination and creativity on the tests I usually do. Activity is another reason I believe I could be accepted, I attempt to get on Research every day however sometimes I focus on Nu-7 over Research in case there’s Breaches, a Raid or other. This could show responsibility as well. To also put a note on activity, I’ve been inactive not too long ago and recently had a rumor go out or a screenshot about 8 Hours of activity. I’d like to clarify that I’ve increased that massively since then and I’m usually on Gaming Light everyday being active. Maturity is something I wanna actually talk about, firstly sometimes I’m not actually all that Mature for someone my age only because I’m actually quite silly and weird however during certain situations or times I actually change up my personality or mood to fit the situation and begin to start getting serious about something and becoming more Mature for it. So, maturity is something I do have during situations when it’s needed, Common sense type of situations. Dedication is another reason I believe I could be accepted as well, I put a lot of dedication into something that I like unless it’s unnecessary as well. I love Researcher and I believe with Activity, Dedication and Maturity I can make it far in Research. This is not a massive reason to be accepted but it’s also fit to mention Leadership. I’m Third in command of a MTF Branch called Nu-7, I am a Colonel and very often make Leadership type of decisions as well. I believe if I get accepted into the O5 Researcher team I could activity be on doing tests which could benefit a lot of things by One, allowing RRH to flag up and guard these tests and allow them to have a reason to actually flag up and do something other than a normal job you often probably do. Two, this could also allow SCP's or people flagged up as an SCP to have an activity to do as well other than sit around and wait for a self breach or a test they normally have seen before. Three, this could also have a small benefit by having other Researchers witness a test by an O5 Researcher which could interest them as well in becoming an O5 researcher and also something else to attempt to work on getting access too.
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  8. Lore Name: N. Powers Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:181694738 Rank: AR Activity Level: Semi-Active
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    Its sad to see you go.. You know this gay furry loves you.