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  1. +Support balance balance balance balance balance balance balance balance
  2. Novah

    Our time is passed.

    Man I wonder who posted it... Such a Mystery................................. Big giant F for Fool. I haven't known you as long as others have known you but you're honestly an amazing Commander and intimidating as fuck. Love you brother! ;c
  3. bruh i helped make it, my vote doesn't really matter.
  4. Massive -Support D-class already have OP things. Usually D-class supports buy knives, or guns on the Donating page but these suggestions are even better than the Platinum job.. This is a no-go for me.
  5. +Support - Good application. - Been apart of the community for a long time. - Best candidate for Super Admin in my opinion. - Amazing Senior Admin - Active - Well known within the community - Active on the forums as well. I support this fully.
  6. Novah

    warn appeal

    During the time, I was dragging 939. He wasn't moving and resisted twice during the time I was dragging him. He was being very annoying with it, which I am willing to admit that I was very annoyed with him because he wouldn't assist us in movement at all and attempted to make it extremely hard for us to RC him. He watched us pretty much attempt to bring him down to UHCZ and resisted in two situations on him basically not wanting to help. I got annoyed and gave him to an E11 who reported for I believe resisting. In my response when I saw that was "PlEAAAAASE WARN DIS MAN" however I had no knowledge of knowing that he wasn't dragged in a sit or anything else. I actually only said that as kind of a joke? Not a joke joke but something like supporting the minging he was doing. I was not on duty at the time and was RPing as Nu-7 so, otherwise that's pretty much how I fitted in this situation.
  8. mom said she dosnt likke hovy so i =suoprt
  9. Novah

    Roster - Denied

    This could be a bad idea very fast, if I'm correct Igneous actually mentioned before that only HCMD will receive access. I'm doing a big guess that this will not change for a few reasons good reasons that I'm sure everyone can figure out.
  10. I'm simply just astonished. -Support
  11. -Support The application is pretty good but Developing for another server does count, sorry. Plus, I myself haven't actually seen you in game before but that could just be me.