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  1. Im switching the G36 for the MP7 tfa_g36 -> tfa_mp7 = $10 Paid by STEAM_0:0:57266598
  2. It appears sense me being added to the CC, the total number of max slots has not been increased for the class, it should be a total of 4
  3. Could i please get a list of steam IDs on the CC please, thanks just recently purchased it and wanna know whos on it thanks
  4. -Support it was more difficult trying to control everyone, when everyone can just self check each other and if people constantly talk over each other, speak to their command of their department and it will be adjusted
  5. What you want to see? - add more clarification to the tryout rule. Government cannot have text screens or props advertising their department unless it is the day before a tryout. -> Government cannot Advertise tryouts by using props, text screens and in chat, unless it is the day before the tryout. Why should we add it? - because it was confusing and this will remove and confusion that may be it. What are the advantages of having this? - less confusion due to the current stance of the rule, it doesn't state that adverts are not permitted a head of tryouts when speaking with SMT they are prohibited. Who is it mainly for? - everyone so as the rule states as is, is that you cannot use TEXT screens or PROPS to advertise a tryout unless it’s the day before the meeting, it states no where that you may not use chat to advertise your tryout ahead of time, and when we went to SMT to get clarification we were told that you may not use chat even though the rule does not state that and we are simply asking for the rule to be rewritten
  6. So i was the original person that pushed for this warning, in this video you can see her make the 911 call, as one of first person on scene, when arriving to these things its typically the person fleeing the scene that does it, and when i pull up she adverts in global adverts (non dark web) practically emitting to the crime, stating that i had to choose the fleeing criminal, that jumped off the cliff and ran or go save the officer, there for would be running from me, and i would be chasing her. and as a Side note are you still permitted to hang people off building or cliffs anymore, Cosmo stated that it was, and if thats the case and if echo did hang him off the building, then she should have the warning for FailRP for hanging the OFC off the side of the house, not shown in this video.
  7. So ill quote out a things. I just checked and the group or family that i am apart of, and the family that we are mainly allied with Billy has no affiliation with it by any means. the base that i was using, is a similar base that i used to use back in the day, or a small make up of it, it could have been made illegal with the server rules ever developing, if so ill take the warn. As soon as i got killed my internet just decided to die, not sure why i had some storms going thru earlier this morning and it may have had something to do with it, who knows.
  8. -Support Locus i really do think you are doing a good job at command, but i dont think you are ready for Major Its kinda difficult to explain or put into words ill just put down -When you are the cause of issues you are very quick to blame someone else for your fuckups -driving on the wrong side of the road and when someone hits you you threaten to go to their command. and other smaller issues you say "wanna keep talking shit" and run away.
  9. i am still not added to the custom class from several days ago, all information in pervious post. *Storm CC Was Renamed to MMF Operative by Owner*
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