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  2. Hi all, Jet here and I wanted to say I have reacched 2 years here at GL! I wanted to say this is the best community I have EVER been with and I plan to stick around forever. A few Mentions: @Timmemes Being a great friend, staff member, and person in general @Freeze Making the banner @[GL] PhillPhill you are a meme and I love it @gamikzone Shut up redge queer More to come!
  3. Jet TZ

    Alpha-1 Major Update

    I am not even NTF anymore.. I am in RESERVES
  4. What you want to see? - Security Models Changed (Approved by @Timmemes before) Why should we add it? - Help make the server look better and give a different model for each officer What are the advantages of having this? - Adds more realism into RP Who is it mainly for? - Security Links to any content - Trainee Model: Keep it the Same Trainer: Trainer Player Model OFC-CPL: models/bloocobalt/l4d/riot_02.mdl or models/player/group04/male_02.mdl SGT-MSGT: class_securety_2 SM: models/player/pmc_4/pmc__05.mdl LT-MAJ: models/player/pmc_4/pmc__01.mdl
  5. *Cough* breaks lore *Cough*
  6. Jet TZ

    Alpha-1 Major Update

    It is under suggestions sooooo
  7. Jet TZ

    Alpha-1 Major Update

    -SUPPORT No offense but NTF needs a buff before anyone else just saying (I am not in NTF anymore)
  8. Can you make me one like yours, my 2 years is Fridat