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  1. Tagooon

    Weapon Nerf

    + support medics should do medic stuff their weapon should be when the need to defend themselves
  2. +support -maximum effort -well known member -very friendly
  3. The taliban explosive specialist still has no atv pls fix
  4. Shouldnt every class just have an atv anyway?
  5. ACCEPTED you are a former member of SZ before the server died so i can trust that you can handle the rank again if you dont already have the whitelist then find me kai or rac
  6. I want to change the ma85_wf_ar03 (Aug A3) to the wf_wpn_ar23 ( AS Val) and I want to change the ma85_wf_shg38 (Prestiege) to the ma85_wf_shg37 (Compact) Paid for by - STEAM_0:1:108810185 Owner of the class - STEAM_0:0:59589757
  7. Attempt #2 +support poor evidence
  8. kai is just too epic
  9. Tagooon

    Shit Shack

    the tunnel itself is still there though, thats what i mean
  10. Tagooon

    Shit Shack

    What you want to see? - open up the tunnels in shack and move the cap point inside Why should we add it? - the old classified point is probably more fun to attack and defend than some shitty shack and allows access to more power cells which opens up more RP opportunities. It also provides and area for players to fight without having to cope with the currently overpowered helicopters. What are the advantages of having this? - provides new RP situations for players Who is it mainly for? - everyone Links to any content -
  11. there is no format for warns plus they are duplicates it doesnt really matter