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  1. Ru guns are good idk what u on about Also US mostly win dom because they greatly outnumber us, RU easily defeat them in tdm if they actually try to win
  2. idk i think this RJ guy is kinda a minge so idk if he fit for this job, should probably just remove em tbh
  3. +support I feel like this thing would almost be impossible to take down an aricraft with but it could also be used as a mortar during war, It could be placed in an area thats difficult to defend as to balance it.
  4. Posted April 14 On 4/14/2020 at 8:36 PM, AWG said: +Support
  5. Tagooon

    Scoot report

    +support this FREAKING SCOOT guy kills me all the hecking time im getting so tired of it and he needs to be banned this guy is the sole reason for all of my fears and insecurities after all he has done i want this guy gone!!!!!
  6. I dont know if it was intentional to not give Taliban squads and radio, but I think it is needed. Its difficult for Taliban to communicate when they are on a battlefield and that makes it even harder to not kill eachother becuase they have no squads. Especially during a terror, there are plenty of situations where a tali might kill another tali and it will ruin their terror.
  7. We already had clonewars rp twice and they died
  8. +support Ive known Fisheyes for a very long time, and I know him best for his skill in handling any kind of situation. Fisheyes is more than fit for this position and I would not pick anyone else for the job. The only downside is his word count, he did not make it to 150 words but that does not mean he is not good enough for the job.
  9. Name and Rank: Apprentice Tagooon Activity (Such as active, semi-active, LOA): LOA How many ticks you have currently: none What battalion you are a part of: none
  10. There is not zero roleplay, the problem is that no one is creating roleplay. People go out to war to get kills and then go afk after debrief until the next war. Other than the occasional event, it is up to the higherups/special forces to create situations for newer players to experience during peacetime. Although these do happen from time to time its not enough. That is something important that needs to be built upon. We have even gone over this during meetings but still nothing has changed. The most RP the server has ever had anyway was its ranking structure and little ops done by officers and what not. Others may have different experiences but from what ive seen from over three years thats pretty much it. (Not including taliban terrors or stealing power cores on cs_desert)
  11. The military RP leaderboard doesnt work anymore but im pretty sure it has to do with the IP change for the servers If this is the case it may be possible to fix the leaderboard and that would be totally epic
  12. How much would it cost to transfer then
  13. If this is allowed, Scoot gave me permission to have Fupa (Popee) give me full ownership of RU Stalinium and SZ Distracion Specialist. He is unable to get on the server and I need to be able to make changes to the classes without his approval. We made the classes together so we basically both owned them in the first place, this is just to be sure. In case these are needed: Fupa's SteamID is STEAM_0:0:59589757 Mine is STEAM_0:1:108810185
  14. You should just put this in bug reports...