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  1. I need to know who is still in KGB, reply with the format. If you do not reply you will have to be retrained for KGB. LOA's are exempt from this. ------------------------------------------------ Name: Rank: Are you apart of SOC, if so what rank: Concerns: ------------------------------------------------
  2. i know a few players get this but im not sure if everyone does, but there is like a 1 second delay when you aim in to a scope on the lynx, and it really interferes with combat, not sure if you can fix this
  3. i really dont see anyone ever actually using these
  4. What is your in game name: Tagooon What is your rank: LTC Any concerns?: am finally back full timr
  5. the best way to join :)
  6. Tagooon

    Tac insert

    sure wish i could
  7. Tagooon

    Tac insert

    Tell me would you rather have the black ops tac insert or the flare from MW2
  8. Can you guys help boots find his boots, this is so sad.
  9. cs desert comes back - server pop rises why not a better cs desert + support
  10. -support advertising his appeal in my discord