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  1. Steam Name: Plastik Ingame Name: Plastik SteamID: STEAM_0:0:67030823 Ban Length: Perm Admin that Banned you: No idea Reason for Ban: No idea Dispute: I tried joining for the first time in like a month, a while ago I wasn't banned and helped get people on and tried to revive the milrp and all of a sudden I am banned without any reason. I played a month ago no problem so I don't know why I was banned in the first place.
  2. US 101st Airborne Officer Application Form In-game name: Plastik Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:67030823 Recommendations (If any): None How many active warns do you have: None What position are you applying for(2nd Lt. - Maj.) Captain Are you capable of fitting within the standards of 101st considering it's a special force: Yes Are you okay with staying out of the action and commanding your troops nearby: Yes, I love to be a strategist Are you capable of follow orders: Absolutely Why do you want this position in 101st (65 words or more): in history, the 101st are a crucial component to the success of the allies, without them D-day would have just ended in a German victory. I want to be able to continues this, the 101st are trained to take out enemy positions behind lines. I like to think I am a bit of a strategist, on many servers I have acted as roles providing strategic support, off and on the front lines. I want to be able to do that again, and especially in a WW2 environment. Why should we trust you with this position (70 words or more): Years ago I used to play on the milrp everyday, I grinded my way up to Brigadier general but before that I was demoted to PVT, the reason was on down time I talked to the Russian team during war. But I kept playing, and eventually got my rank back and then after that time was promoted even higher. I have proven myself many times to be a capable officer and soldier, I wish to do that again. How many strikes do you have (If any you will be immediately denied): None On a scale of 1 to 10 how familiar are you with the history of WWII: 8 Time Zone: PST How often can you get on the server: Everyday, once I am unbanned(the ban was not because of something I did just to clarify)
  3. not to flex but I am almost at 3 years(on forums add around 1 year off forums)
  4. I joined the Milrp in early 2016 back when we were on the good ol CS desert, when the Taliban were a sub faction that made the US want to kill themselves. I started on the US and started working up the ranks rather quickly. I met a ton of great people on both sides including the legend 6 God, Laguna, Shawn, Link,Tagoon,Maki,Snappz, and a shit ton more. but back to Taliban, at the time I believe it was Jake, or something along those lines who was the leader of the taliban, but he was AWOL and was barely on. He got on one day and I was trained for Taliban, the training was pretty much here are some rules, ALLAHUAKBAR. Back then all the tali had RPGs and damn was that shit OP, you could shoot one RPG into the US briefing and boom all were dead. It was a good time for the Taliban. A few days later he held a tryout for second in command of the Taliban and did a competition to see who would win, basically it was just make a joke and whoever had the funniest would win. I won, but I don't remember what joke I made. I was only second in command for a week when he decided to just leave so i became the leader. This is when Taliban changed A LOT.At the end of the CS desert stage I was a 2LT and then we changed to RP_pig, I would say this was the golden age of Mil RP, I know some would disagree but to me that was the best time for it all. Taliban now had a sexy ass cave, there was 2 great bases and a large city, it was perfect, not to mention the skybox wasn't 2 feet off the ground. The Talbian exploded during this stage, I had so man people wanting to join that at some points the taliban would outnumber the US and RU combined during peak hours. Because of the huge amounts of Taliban recruits I got a bunch of Co leaders, not the greatest move but eh whatever it worked. I created a roster, and organized the taliban and tried to make it into a larger thing than it was with only 3 classes at the time which were RPG man, sniper and the Leader, there might have been a forth I can't remember. I tried to get a medic class, co leader class and I think something else. But rip the tali zeep was like na fam and it was big sad. While on the US as an officer a lot happened during that time, we finally got a google forms thing so people couldn't self promote, we got a better roster, the marines and army weren't fighting, it was great. Until Marcus appeared. Marcus came in and got promoted VERY fast and soon outranked me. he became a MAJ and tried to institute all kinds of things that were pretty ridiculous. Can't remember everything but it was bad. One day as a CPT I was the highest one on, the russian general was like aye lets just go and listen to music in the radio station building, and my troops wanted to and so did I so we during war we all went down and were chillin. War was almost over and that's when Marcus got on. Marcus came on and started yelling at me to come back to base, so me and all my troops came back once war was over and thats when marcus starting yelling at me because I let my troops chill and listen to music with the Russians during war, I started to argue with him basically saying that since he got on during the war he should have check in or something if he cared that we were doing what we wanted to do, anyway it escalated to the point where he demoted me one rank, thats when I lost it, I went off on him and I ended getting demoted all the way to PVT. So I was pretty much done and Snappz the BG at the time on the russians said he would give me my rank on the RU Side, turned out he couldn't so I was basically just nothing for the rest of the day. The next day my friend 6 God came on and saw I was demoted and actually blacklisted. I talked to the generals and other Colonels and eventually got my rank restored. While me, 6god, tagoon i think and a bunch of others were in discord we remember him saying he was in the airforce but then saw his profile picture in game which we noticed was actually a us ARMY uniform. From there we investigated, we found his friend that actually WAS the guy in the picture. We told him that marcus had taken his picture and claimed to be in the military. After all of that we confronted him and he changed his picture, left the game, got off the TS, and just disappeared, we brought it to the manager and he ended up getting perma banned from everything, the guy who was in the army said he would talk to the cops and try and get him arrested because he was basically using stolen valor because he tried to seem like he knew what he was doing and rise the ranks because people trusted him. After that I rised the ranks to MAJ then we switched back to CS desert, at this point not much changed in the actual server other than the map and the amount of shit recruits the us got, every minge joined the US it was pretty cancer. Anyway 6 God was now a General and I was soon promoted to COL then BG, it seemed like everything was going really good, in fact I was told by the generals I would be receiving a Promotion soon. This is where shit hits the fan. I was a Mod at the time and made friends with a bunch of the Purge Staff including Unicornal, for those who don't know she was the manager, and we were playing a lot of gmod and shit, thats when 6 god came to me and started to talk about a new Community( I will call it Pringles for this, idk why pringles but whatever) I joined Pringles and it seemed pretty cool, all the people who joined and were staff were all Gaminglight staff or players, then we as a community kinda went to war with GL although a large portion of people did not participate including myself. this is for many reasons I will not go into but tbh I was naive and felt betrayed. Anyone who was related to pringles got banned and at the time it didn't seem like to big of a deal it seemed pringles would be togeather for a while. yea well long story short that shit failed. Short summary: Taliban Was lit but crazy We had the best map of all time it was the golden era we caught a person who was doing stolen valor I became a general I got banned because of pringles It was a mistake and all because of one person tbh This has been a long ass post and was kinda all over the place but I thought it would be nice to go through some history of Milrp and my past on GL, if anyone actually read that whole block of text Ima be very suprised. Basically what I'm trying to say is, make a Milrp Classic server please(2016 version)
  5. Name: P L A S T I K Rank: 1 L T Concerns: Y E S T A G O O N U G L Y
  6. I am going to be on LOA for a few days, not sure how long will prob be back before the officer meeting. A girl commit suicide in my school who I was friends with, gotta deal with that.
  7. Ah this is new stuff man lmao, This is all after I was banned except I think to Russian one tagooon posted. I remember after I was banned my tali roster got hecked up by waldo ;(. 2 years ago I wanted the tali to get a medic, actual sniper instead of CO leader job and a few other things, but was told it made the Taliban to organized. Then they turned it into a faction, then put it to donater only ; ( I miss the good ol days. especially RP pig, when I was a LTC and got demoted to PVT because I took US troops to a room with Russians during war and we just chilled. and then after that we got him banned because he pretended to be in the military using his friends picture and everything. Then I got BG a bit after that. I still miss those days. Also shout out to the real ones from back in the day: COL Green, LTC Swaggie, LTC Duke, LTC Dino,CPT Suicidal Loaf,CPT John ben who somehow got demoted every other day and was still CPT, 1LT Tbig, 1LT raymond, General 6 God, of course laguna, Shawn and miller, and of course the good ol Colt. On the russians there was Red, Snappz, maki,Hunter who still can't say my name right, Waldo and pope. Man I would give my soul to go back then.
  8. Plastik

    Core Rolecall

    Name:Plastik Rank: h e a d c h e f oh and CPT Activity: Can be on most days during the week, I do have school so it will be more limited than before Any Concerns: Chefs aren't a true regiment
  9. You need to follow the format my guy
  10. Name: Plastik Rank: CPT Activity: Every day Questions and or concerns: None
  11. Name: Plastik Rank: A1C Activity: Every Day Questions and or concerns: Can I get BG back?
  12. Steam Name: Plastik Ingame Name:Plastik SteamID:STEAM_0:0:67030823 Ban Length:Permanent Admin that Banned you: Unkown but I believe it was Valk Reason for Ban: 12/02/17 03:57:52 AM MilitaryRP Plastik Permanent Perm/Blacklisted/No appeal Dispute:The day I was banned I got in an argument with valk about The Order, I had done nothing and only joined back to play on the Milrp again and had nothing to do with The Order at that point. He had teleported to me and started yelling at me for being associated with the order, which I understand was not a great situation at any time. He had done nothing at the time and I just went on playing on the server when I got kicked from the game and when I tried to rejoin I was banned, with no reason. I had not encountered any other issues with staff even with the ones who knew about the Order and what went down there,I simply was there to play the server, I was done with the order(rezi is a dumbass). All I Want to do is just play on the server, I don't want to be staff, I don't want forgiveness, I just want to play on the server that I fell in love with years ago.