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  1. i have no idea why i was banned on teamspeak, i tried to act formal and presentable, i tried to show my point to the manager that i wanted my friend unbanned, i want the teamspeak so i can play MRP, i stated that im sorry to show that i have changed, if i had an idea on why i was banned from teamspeak i would give the reason, but all i know was the manager said "oh, its one of those plugs" i told him that my friend was unrightfully banned, then i gave him my reasoning, then he said no, after that i was banned, as i said before, i want team speak so i can play MRP correctly, MRP is my favorite thing on gmod, i joined MRP to see what it was like, then i devoted over 500+ hours on this server. I love the community, i fell in love with the server once i joined, all i wanted to do was play the game, i tried my hardest to work my way up the ranks, i devoted so much time, but for me to be banned on the teamspeak, i realiesd that i couldnt do anything on MRP anymore, now i cant join in on special events, or join in on important meetings.
  2. Steam Name: xdemonicpheonix / コショウ Ingame Name: Big homie SteamID: STEAM_0:1:420598766 Ban Length: Permeant Admin that Banned you: ARU Commissioner Snar S19 Reason for Ban: Minges like Big | "We banned the wrong people" | "Fames a faggot" Dispute: I was banned from the teamspeak and discord, I know I was in the wrong for yelling at Snar and I am sorry that I did that, i dont want to be unbanned from Police RP cause i know if i join again i will just minge. I went away for a while and i thought of what i could do to fix this, Snar I am sorry, i didnt think that i would follow through with them, and i have pushed the plug family away, i hope you see this and find it in your heart to help me, I came so far in the mill RP and i dont want an old issue to hold me back from becoming what i want to become on a different server. idk why i was banned from the teamspeak, i was talking calm and showing formality to the manager of the server, the discord tho, i typed in general chat long live the plug, or something like that, I know that yelling at someone under the owner wouldn't talk to someone who gave off hostile vibes, i was calm because i didnt want to be banned, i knew if i was banned from the teamspeak i wouldn't be able to join in on meetings for MRP, my objective was to have a civil conversation with him, not to be banned And also I never called Flame a faggot, we all had the same name, and a different person called Flame a faggot, i have no issue with Flame
  3. it wasent on mill rp, i was banned from the police rp, and the manager from police pr banned me from both
  4. i was banned from the teamspeak and discord a while ago, i want to be unbanned so i can play mill RP and rank up again, i dont know where to find the forms for those, and i looked for them