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  1. Nah that’s just the visual effect for it for whatever reason the 31st model and the attention special don’t like eachother
  2. Eh it’s really either or 31st have the same salute as all other jobs it kinda is the models I did this in suggestions because only way to fix it is to give 31st different salutes other than changing the whole 31st models again
  3. John Afro

    My warns

    1st-Format 2nd-next time this happens try and get their steam id/ screenshot of it happening
  4. I mean he did say he was gonna reverse the warn And he said anyway with your warns it won’t matter either way of becoming staff
  5. -support -arrested staff on duty as shock -sorta mingy
  6. States he is staff on another community -1
  7. Wooooo +support this man cares bout shock and he’s active too