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  1. I knew this was coming but its still sad
  2. Your name: catfishing for nitro Your Discord ID name (EX: Igneous#3706): catfishing for nitro#6969 Your Discord ID code (EX: 204661777512923136): 305800604603908096 Which discord server were you banned on? Police RP and main What was the reason for your ban (if you know it)? I'm not sure why I was banned Why do you deserve to be unbanned? After speaking to tactical about my situation, he couldn't find a ban in logs. However I have tried to rejoin several times each time it showing me as banned. I don't know what I did to be banned but if staff tells me I am more than open to fixing the issue in means other than a ban.
  3. we cuffed USMS heavy and were able to put him in with the jailer.
  4. those are serial killer scratches
  5. sheeeesh will kinda tall tho
  6. +support - active -helpful - cool guy, ready for next rank
  7. +support Give man's the colonel spot He's the most active major, mature
  8. damn I at least got to get trained by you one day before
  9. Name: Catfishing for Nitro Rank: 2LT Activity: 9.5
  10. -support Seems like he had solid reason to run I wonder if this report has ulterior motives
  11. What you want to see? - staff to be MUCH MUCH stricter with jail times, especially for newer players Why should we add it? - minges don't care about warns. I've had people who KEEP RDMing and KEEP failrping because warns don't deter them What are the advantages of having this? - stopping minges, making them leave the server Who is it mainly for? - everyone who gives two craps about the server Links to any content - no
  12. -support Save up and buy a department then you're free to do this
  13. +support Smt needs to be overseers of every family and have full say over them The issue is when it's mostly bad apples and your command team had bad apples
  14. + support - firstly, they have SOOOO many minges. And they DEFEND their minges instead of reprimanding them. - they do mass crime with like 10 people - constantly having to report them - dissing us and harassing us
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