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  1. - Support From my perspective it seems you're more dedicated to this other community that you are staff on then GamingLight. I suggest resigning and focusing on GL before applying for staff. JBane nailed it on the head, no need to say more. Good luck!
  2. Hey Frank, be sure to not reply to your staff application unless someone specifically asks you a question. See below " 9. NEVER reply to your own application for staff! (Take it to Forum PMs if there is a issue). (Unless your asked a question on your application) " - Staff Application Format : Here
  3. + Support In my opinion this is a great application and you seem like a good candidate for T-mod. If you happen to be denied, which is very possible due to how new you are, participate more in the forums/TS3 and I'm sure you won't have a problem re-applying if it got to that point. Good luck Frank. [The Positives]: Great application - Active - Clean background (Nothing outstanding) - Active on discord - Seems to want to join the staff team for the right reasons. [The Negatives] New player - 4 forum posts (at the time of this post) - Failed to follow some steps of the format (Post name + Private vote on post) - Warned 1 week ago.
  4. Yesterday there was a noticeable amount of players breaking rules and I wanted to take the time to thank our staff team for a fast and professional response to all that happened yesterday. One situation that stood out was two individuals making light and celebrating a specific tragic event. Leaky observed this and wasted no time dealing with the two subjects. Thank you Leaky and all other staff involved in enforcing rules yesterday as well as everyday, you are appreciated.
  5. -Support If players on OFC/State Trainee job can't follow the rules they just get demoted/blacklisted. No need to keep restricting the other players that actually wanna be there and learn how to play the game and get promoted. Report trainees that are abusing utility and they will be dealt with.
  6. It doesn't appear that you broke a rule, I wanted to get his side of the story as in what he was thinking from a staff perspective.
  7. @complex7 Can we get your side of the story please.
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