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  1. It doesn't appear that you broke a rule, I wanted to get his side of the story as in what he was thinking from a staff perspective.
  2. Nick Hunter


    Welcome back!
  3. @complex7 Can we get your side of the story please.
  4. Forums Diplomat Message There is no strong evidence that suggests that the accounts in question are 'alt accounts'. Both accounts joined approximately 5 hours ago which make me suspect that they are friends of his. After concluding my investigation, the two posts will be hidden due to the scenario and evidence gathered. Please keep this post to +/- supports. This post will be closely monitored until an application decision is made.
  5. Although we have never met, if you believe in yourself and put 110% effort in yourself and your goals I have no doubt that you will overcome any obstacle in your way Zefer. Do not look at the whole 'book', take it by page and keep moving forward, remember, the community of Gaminglight has your back.
  6. +Support Please community blacklist this person, absolutely zero tolerance or excuse for that type of behavior.
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