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  1. Your attitude towards staff was deplorable. When he thought you had RDM'd on the hit, your immediate response was to call him a retard and tell him to fuck off. Then when you started talking about how he was abusing in OOC, I told you to stop and take it to forums, wherein you decided to start asking me if I was even a real admin, and that I didn't actually have any powers. Perhaps he handled this a bit poorly, but you were even worse. Edit: Everytime Steven came near you, you immediately called an admin sit. Also, reading closer, your 4 hour ban, which is long over, was a result of the combo of constantly staff dissing steven, refusing to stop arguing about things in OOC, then when you told myself that I was not a real admin and had no powers. I felt it would benefit from a short ban, so you could cool off.
  2. Good luck...I will miss you on SWAT.
  3. ...This is...Not only the wrong format, it's also the wrong PLACE. This needs to go under Report Center, and you need to use the False Warn Appeal format. This is staff restriction appeal format.
  4. Ronin

    Gafgs Ban Appeal

    -support Fam. This just got denied not even 24 hours ago. I seriously doubt anything has changed in their decisions that quickly.
  5. S.W.A.T Accepted Applications If your name is on this list, your application has been approved! Accepted list: Jayden If you have been accepted, please contact a Field Training Officer ASAP for training! You have 14 days to be trained by an FTO. Failure to do so will have you removed from the department and you'll have to reapply. Denied List: If you were DENIED, please wait until 9/12/19 before submitting another application. SWAT TL Ronin XB4
  6. Ronin


    Well you little MINGE! +support Old warns, gud boi.
  7. It's actually not a racist word in itself, being unrelated in terms of vocabulary, however I can understand why people got offended as it's rarely used due to its similarity.
  8. +support Changed because I am doofus. Right amount of warns.