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  1. Ronin


    -support Nah fam, it was you. The other guy never said a word in OOC or elsewhere. You kept pming me insults against Ender as well.
  2. Eyy, it's me! Hah, yeah. It's happened a few times. Maybe we should move the afk people away from the wall?
  3. -support Your family has been trouble from the first day you made it. This is what that behavior gets you. Wait it out, and be fortunate they didn't make it perm for racism and diss.
  4. -support Warn barns aren't appealable. Some may have been old, but you and your friends have been pretty badly behaved lately. perhaps take this time to rethink a few things.
  5. Ronin

    Solomon 48hr

    Awww, later Solominge.
  6. *glances at the one that was UC FBI* Good job.
  7. Good luck wherever you end up from here.
  8. ^ Literally ^ Not what BeHappy said but above. ^
  9. Sorry to do it lads, but with the new rule of it being mandatory to be on for several hours each week it makes it impossible for me to do with my IRL obligations, SWAT and staff. See you guys when I'm on SWAT.
  10. +/- support I mean, Zeeptin doesn't do things like this without good reason, however all of you guys saying it looks bad on staff for him doing this, keep in mind that it was a YEAR AGO that he got discord banned and he only got staff a couple weeks ago and has been an exemplary staff member during this time.