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  1. +support 74 warns? Fffffffishpaste that's a lot!
  2. I'll wait on Will's side before making a decision.
  3. +support I worked so hard to get his ban accepted the first time. He needs to be gone. He literally can NOT behave. I mean LOOK at his profile. SCP and Military have already blacklisted him. Imperial banned him for inappropriate stuff. WE banned him again for a few days. It's time to face facts, he wasn't really sorry.
  4. +support He was causing issues whilst I was on. respawning his car I stole and copbaiting. I never thought to check his warns, since I never had him in a sit. This explains a lot.
  5. +support Over the limit, time to go.
  6. Definitely. Been long deserving of this promotion. Good luck!
  7. +support Excellent staff member. Active. It's time for him to get his reward for all his hard work! Good luck!