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  1. +support was an accident.
  2. Go away. Seriously. This makes us want you back less and less.
  3. Name: Ronin Rank: Lead Paramedic How Active Do You Think You Are (Be Honest): Weekends Only(mind my 'weekends' change from week to week.) Why Do You Want To Stay In EMS?: I enjoy the RP. What Could Change In EMS?: Not much.
  4. Accepted list: If you have been accepted, please contact a Field Training Officer ASAP for training! You have 14 days to be trained by an FTO. Failure to do so will have you removed from the department and you'll have to reapply. Denied List: Goody Didn't reach 150 words(had 10), no warn proof, improper forums link. ZERO EFFORT. If you were DENIED, please wait until 01/23/2020 before submitting another application. SWAT CoCMDR Ronin XBA3
  5. +support We used to be able to, and it keeps someone from maybe slipping in when you don't notice and stealing the car as soon as you get out, which is rather unrealistic IMHO.
  6. -support due to what Calamity has enlightened us with.
  7. I am REALLY happy that you're doing better now. A stroke is NOT something I'd want to ever have happen. But I am here for you, as well as many others I am sure.
  8. I don't really see a strike as being valid, as I've done this before. Maybe just a caution on being more careful next time.
  9. Take care of yourself mate! Let us know how you are doing.
  10. +support Great staff. Very active. One of the few that actually gets on staff when asked to fill ratio. Wonderful personality. Has been Senior Mod for a good long while. I think you deserve a shot. GOOD LUCK EMS DADDY ENDER!
  11. For someone who's staff in another GL server, you sure don't seem to be able to follow our rules when you're in ours. Makes me wonder if you do this in SCPRP.