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  1. What do you want to see?: I would like to see there be a department and game-wide rule limiting the use of gas grenades in tactical situations. Why should we add it?: It would actually force Tactical units to practice and hone in on their stacking and clearing skills that they need to have anyways. Bring actual gunfights into situations. And avoids the abuse of gas being used. Which happens more often than people think. There is no reason why 6gov vs 2 Criminals feel the need to throw over 2 Gas grenades without any attempts to move in. What are the advantages of having this?: Avoids Gas Abuse Who would it benefit?: Gov would get better at doing their actual tactical duty. And Criminals won't be 1 tapped by gas, without any type of RP gunfight. Links to any content: N/A
  2. I know this post will come as a shock to most. So, I warn you at the beginning that this will be a long post as there are just so many people, I have to thank for making USMS the way it is. The United States Marshals Department was originally founded on Gaming light as the Drug Enforcement Agency for those of you who are that old. That was about 3 years ago. We then converted to USMS at the end of our first year as it would be better and more interesting to Gaminglight PoliceRP members. Like Crack Cocaine, the switch was a hit. SO many people flooded into USMS. At one point our activity even rivaled those of departments that had been around longer than us. Unfortunately, due to the fact that I have graduated college and now going on to my career, I find that I have little to no time for USMS anymore. For those reasons I am resigning from my post as Head Marshal, and it would be the first time someone else is going to get Head Marshal in the history of USMS. So now the moment everyone really reads these posts, brace yourself for a long ass list of shoutouts for just the absolute dime these people have been in aiding USMS an getting it to where it got to. My Shoutouts: Zeeptin and Jimmy James- Both these individuals have been crucial in the development of USMS. They have been patient, understanding, helpful, never one moment were they ever against anything regarding USMS and they always found a way to just make it work even when the odds seem stacked against them. My FBI Directors, Juan, Phil and Lime King: Without these Directors USMS would not have been such a successful and important Sub-Department as it is today, they worked day in and day out to ensure that USMS had everything they needed to be able to grow. Cars, Uniforms, even the switching of DEA to USMS came from these Directors. DrDuck: Although he's a fat minge now, this man single handedly ran USMS in my absence and did one good ass job at it as well. I never appreciated his work while it was happening, but he made it happen. To my Deputy Marshals, Kale, Cade, Slasher, and Clarkie: You guys are some of my best friends and honestly made playing on PoliceRP and USMS the best it's ever been. You guys always made sure to have my back no matter who we were facing. To my brother Fork, who is the primary reason I was able to continue to afford providing quality updates for USMS so that our members could have awesome times on the Job. To my first Command team of DEA, y'all made it possible to get even started. We spent nonstop hours writing and contemplating different SOP's just trying to figure out what would be best. To my current Command team, you guys have been a pleasure to work with and I hope you don't give the next Marshal a hard time. And Last of All, Soup95 for being a good friend and just always being available to talk anytime anywhere. PS. King you were going to get a shoutout, but you didn't give me one so now I'm petty. PS PS. Although we aren't talking anymore small shoutout to Travis Sandman who at one point was the reason I was able to keep going with USMS. With all that being said, I would never leave USMS in the wrong hands, after speaking with Jimmy James and other PD High Command we have come to the conclusion that Slasher would be taking over my position. I have faith Slasher will continue my vision for USMS as well as incorporating his own ideals into the department and yet again make it a top dog department on the server. Thanks for everything, USMS Marshal Spoon 1K97 signing off.
  3. Bro imagine not getting a shoutout
  4. What you want to see? - I would like to see that BCSO have access to the LSPD Armory. Why should we add it? - Due to the fact that BCSO is the number one active police force on the server right now. It is unfortunate that most of the 911 calls originate in Downtown Los Santos, which is really far from Sandy Shores Station. With this being said after BCSO officers die, they either A) Continue responding to calls without proper equipment due to them perhaps getting robbed or B) They are unavailable to other calls for more than 5 minutes as they have to drive all the way back to restock on their kit. What are the advantages of having this? - The advantages of having this will be that BCSO officers will no longer have to drive all the way back to Sandy Shores Station to re-equip their kits, they would now be able to access the Armory at Both MRPD and VPD. This would make them a more effective Police Unit and would allow them to respond to calls quicker post death. Who is it mainly for? - BCSO Links to any content - n/a
  5. In Game Name [ex. John Doe]: Abraham Remington Discord Username [ex. JohnDoe#4731]: Spoon#0087 Time zone [ex. EST, GMT]: EST Are you apart of any other department in another life? [ex. LSPD , BCSO]: N/A Why do you want to be apart of EMS? [50 words minimum]: So far while I have been patrolling and driving around Los Santos, I have seen that EMS is a crucial part of the experience that you receive on FIVEM. Without EMS players online would be bleeding out and constantly losing their supplies therefor they play a crucia role for both Government and Criminals alike on the server. What services can you bring to the department? [50 words minimum]: I am decently active on FiveM. I have also led my own department on PoliceRP on Gmod before so i have multiple command experiences that would be able to help in the future should I ever obtain a command position within EMS. Hopefully I am exactly what you guys are looking for. Do you have any prior experience in emergency medical services? (If so, please explain): GL GMOD PRP EMS
  6. In-Game Name: Rick Brimes Discord Name: Spoon#0087 Why do you wanna join the LSPD [50 Words Minimum]: The reason why I would like to join the LSPD is because as of right now, I am only a civilian/crim and often times when there is no government on it leaves criminals with nothing to expect from the server and nothing to do. So by becoming government, I would be able to hop on and stop crime which in turn gives criminals things to do. What can you bring to the LSPD [50 Words Minimum] : I run my own department on GL's PRP, so I can bring my command experience as well as my activity and experience. I have had enough experience to know how to deal with situations, train other cadets/candidates and so on so forth. Do you have any prior law enforcement experience: GL PRP: FBI COS, State Captain, USMS Lead Marshal, PD Major.
  7. Have had similar issues, it seems even when there are FTO's available they just ignore. I was really hoping to put my skills into LSPD but this issue needs to be resolved if possible. I'd greatly appreciate it.
  8. PLEASE FILL OUT THIS FORMAT BY THE END DATE OR BE REMOVED! Name: Rank: Activity 1-10 (be honest): (please respond to this roll call by commenting on this post)
  9. +Support -Active -Mature -Has been a monumental part of other departments so I think he'd be a good fit for our command. -Gets on a trains people.
  10. So, I'm sure that most everyone saw this one coming, but I am officially putting it into writing. For more reasons than one, I am going to be resigning from FBI following the resignation of my brother in arms, Kale. It has been an honor to serve but given light of recent events i have decided to go into reserves for FBI. Me and Kale have gone above and beyond for FBI, and I'd argue with anyone who says otherwise. With that being said here's a couple mentions. @Kale_: The true G, monumental efforts for change in FBI that severely increased FBI's output. Sorry you didn't get the appreciation I know you deserved. @Slasher: Another homie, I'll still see you around in USMS of course, another monumental figure to maintaining FBI. @ClarkieNew to FBI nevertheless the homie. @Big Gunther: Biggest Opp known to man, @Justin: @Lime KingA true homie, thanks for being a mentor, hope we served well. @hobochickenbob: Welcome back to FBI Command???????????????????????????? And to anyone who I didn't mention you guys are also monumental to FBI's success. Mini shoutout to USMS as the department itself made tremendous sacrifices for the success of FBI.
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