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  1. What is a gaming light?! All the cool kids been talkin bout it.
  2. I miss u 

  3. U were going to be my main sniper man
  4. WHAT?! How the hell did I not see this?? I knew something was off about FBI. I'll miss u king
  5. Lime king killed me with guns. And Phill kills me with the nofuckoff gun. I can't pick.
  6. If I dance with Phil I'll get the nofuckoff weapon treatment.
  7. ez FBI on top! Big man spittin facts. ^
  8. People just watchin this happen gettin paid.
  9. In game name: Berkoham Discord: Berkoham#7735 SteamID: STEAM_0:0:202215689 Rate your activity 1-10 (1 being lowest 10 being highest): 8 Anything we should know?(If your activity is below a 5 this is a good place to explain why): I have exams so I can't play much, also exams are coming to an end. And I have a CET time zone.
  10. I try to customize the 2015 chevy suburban (e.g removing the light bar), but it doesn't remove anything. However, when you change the color it works. I asked other people and they had the same problem.
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