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  1. "Daily Words Of Wisdom" Welcome to your daily dose of Inspiration! Words of Wisdom: Quote of the Day is written EVERY DAY to inspire and encourage you to live a more abundant life, to help you to truly seize the day ('carpe diem'!) No matter how bad things seemed yesterday, today is a brand new beginning. Each new day is a new opportunity to reach a little further towards your destiny. Alex Uwajeh, The Power of Positive Affirmations A new day is a new page in your life. A new day brings a fresh beginning, a chance to make good, to see the world with new eyes, to speak with new voice and do something positive. Sihle B.V. Ntshingila, Let Your Greatness Become A Reality
  2. When Did You Join the Server? And what was your first regiment you Joined? I Joined the server around September 5th of 2020. The first regiment I Joined Was Purge and at that time I Went by the Names Soap/Mason Now i go by Rex or Wolffie or by my Least known name Blackout.
  3. Should I make a major return to GamingLight to start a new reign of BenJacobs and do a full grind on the server?
  4. I am loving the new update of the map and the new Tatooine base as well. Thank you to all of the people who took there time to work on these new updates for the map y’all do a good job every time and do not disappoint you guys have done a amazing job. Keep up the good work guys - Love from BenJacobs.
  5. I will message you after I get out of my last two classes in school and show you some of the options off CCs of mine you could possibly join. My discord is Rex#6725
  6. @Bear_ Congrats!!! I just wanna say a big congrats to bear on Darth Vader I have seen him grow in the Gaminglight Community you have made a big impact. On all of us I’ve seen how hard you have worked. I have made do meant great memories with you and working by your side in IC and during your climb through the ranks. You have worked really hard keep pushing. You have achieved great things some wish they could. Never quit climbing you have a great future ahead of you in this community keep pushing and going.- “Retired Commander Boss(Rex/Wolffie). Ik this is late I’ve been real my busy. But you do deserve it keep up the good work “Lord Vader” (Everyone say congrats!)
  7. Hey guys it’s me Benjacobs Ik I randomly disappeared off the game and out of the discord well over the time I’ve been in school I got sick again but I’m a lot better now. I lost access to my discord account so I’m a still waiting to get into it I left unannounced and without proper resignation from the server but I wasn’t able to do anything after I lost my phone and I finally got a new one I’ve been in a string of bad luck so far guys but I may be coming back soon
  8. +Support great person dose a lot for the staff team I believe will do a lot of good in this rank is a well trusted member of the community
  9. +Support Honest mistake he explained the whole situation i say remove the warn since it wasn't for him in the first place.
  10. Stay strong man it’s will be hard at first but you will make it through it.
  11. +support -Clearly MARDM -knows as a staff member to not do stuff like this and dose not need to get away with it
  12. I will continue watching from the shadows as staff
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