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    Reddington still the best <3
  2. Cutie Did you name him after Ozzy from the navy?
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    Hallo v0y4g3r666
  5. Hello, I thought it would be funny to see if any of you guys have some of the old pictures from GamingLight from back in the days. Sadly my drive where I had all my old pictures got deleted during the time I reset my computer so the oldest one that I found in my google drive was from 09.25.2021
  6. Hello, just making this post for fun to see which battalion people started in and why. I myself started in 501st on the old map and when I returned to the new new map I joined 501st again, for me it was a mix of the 501st having a nice look (appearance) and overall the lore, even though it basically "just" is stormtroopers with blue, they still served a huge purpose and fought close along side Darth Vader, so imo very cool battalion
  7. 1. Steam Name: Gustav 2. Ingame Name: ST PVT Gustav 1030 3. SteamID: STEAM_0:0:148216594 4. Ban Length: Permanent 5. Admin that Banned you: Igneous 6. Reason for Ban: SMT Disrespect. 7. Dispute: Hello, so I have been trying to appeal this for a while, sometimes I'm not sure what else to really do and say as you are very limited being banned. I got banned for disrespecting Igneous here on the forums in dms. I called him unprofessional, never realized it would escalate to the size that it did. In my appeals some people brought up different issues and so on, and I was glad they did because that offered me a chance to make do, so I contacted everyone that I could think of where there could have been a minor/bigger issues with in the past, asked them what I could do to improve or what they would like to see in order to support me. The reason that I actually want to return is because I still miss many of the people on the server, I mean, no matter who you are there or which interests you had, gaminglight always had one or two people who shared those interests and so on. This is also why this server is more than just a server, I mean surely sometimes we have biased stuff but that stuff gets taken care of. Which is also why I miss the server and the positive features. If I were to return to gaminglight, if you would allow me, I would focus on regaining a positive aura? I guess you can call it? I mean typical people who gets banned are either minges and or people who don't have any respect for fellow players. I do not wish to have this tag on me, or any other negative tag that it may have. Also if I return I wont cause like anything bad or whatever imaginable. I have apologized to Igneous and other people included in any argument or disagreement. I feel like we have overcome whatever happened that one day half a year ago. I hope you will consider unbanning me.
  8. +Support Even though Crunch has a point it sounds like he should have been banned or punished for different. I think this situation is kind of like if someone goes and ardm 2 people but gets banned for massrdm its not really the same and makes the ban invalid?
  9. +Support I would like to put my word in here, because I have played GamingLight for years and, have had a lot of similiar experiences as other people mention. The thing that I am more concerned about is that, Manjini were quite mingy and has broken a lot of rules, and each time myself or others were in a sit with him, he would always only recieve a verbal warning. Because they were his friends. Ive never quite understood how he were allowed to truly do as he wanted. He once RDM me with TIE fighters intentionally aiming for me and again, in the sit the staff just warned him. I think overall that Manjini has dodged a lot of bullets but the evidence that @Brandshow is truly shocking. The fact that Manjini is telling him NOT to apply? That is truly terrible and the fact that he threatens to blackmail him which is obvious from the screenshots shouldnt have happend.
  10. +Support After reading through everything I would like to +support. Not only did the staff member LIE about having the clips that he would provide he is also arguing in the staff report against him. Im surprised we havent had a Forum Diplomat message about it, after many messages not being +/- I think that the advert is invalid, if I had seen that in chat I might just have read “#neverfirget Nimo Sector Lead” and then looked away. Staff member should recieve a staff strike and a warn. Also maybe it would be worth adding to !motd that advert has to be in english and be 100% Understandable without too many weird stuff/characters.
  11. +Support Logs shows clear breach of MOTD BH rules. However I would rather have him recieve a warning for breaking MOTD rather than a job blacklist.
  12. +/- Support Yeah you gotta explain why you believe its false and why it should be removed, also just explain the entire situation yeah im not staff but thats what I reckon is a good start. Edit: +Support
  13. Yeah, you have a good one mate, everyone can make mistakes.
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