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  1. +Support Sounds like a misunderstanding, and even if it was true 6 months just for that is too much.
  2. +Support You mean the offense wasent intentionally? Right? Sounds like he actually made a mistake with no bad intentions, and I do believe that its always the intention which you want to look at. You do seem new, and I realize that in itself is not a valid excuse, however I personally think you do deserve a unban.
  3. @TriZ You must fill out this form in order to be considered for a unban. 1. Steam Name: 2. Ingame Name: 3. SteamID: 4. Ban Length: 5. Admin that Banned you: 6. Reason for Ban: 7. Dispute: Go ahead and edit the appeal with above information/format including +/-support may change if he uses the correct format.
  4. +Support ˚ Has a lot of leading experience ˚ Is always very professional when it comes to communication and problem solving ˚ Sainty is unbiased which is a rare and amazing trait for someone in a Commander position Goodluck
  5. Yeah, I know it its unacceptable, and this is probably going to get denied anyways lol, theres sadly a lot of biased comments and I could proof that its biased, but that probably wont get any attention at this point. I just fucked up, at least I acknowledge it. I just kinda hoped that giving my clean slate would buy me a non-permanent ban. I dont think I have ever seen a person been permanent banned with any prior punishments before. I know there are sometimes that makes you get automatically banned and such, but yeah. Lastly I just want to tell you that, this is exactly things people here tell eachother if they strongly disagree, honestly its not rare its quite common, but yeah its fine man. Thank you for your post/comment.
  6. I stated it in the respons to Sainty in theese comments, you could re-read the entire thread. Hi, so yeah, basicly I have been kinda mad with you, and you know why, you have been very biased and much more, which I wont go in details here as this is not a report on anyone. Also I didnt use it to describe it in a racist way, im not a racism person mate. Also I cant see how bringing up things from the past, whereas some of them are really long time ago would make sense of anything. The behavior that made me get banned wasent that message that you posted, not that alone at least, It was more due to the things which I called the manager. I mean theese ban appeals, I mean its not like I disagree that wrongdoing has been made, I were just wondering if the punishment could at least be altered. I mean yes what i did were bad, but permanent ban bad? That is discuss able. Also I have said what I did when I reply to Sainty, I would recommend you reading the entire thread before posting I suppose. Also Im not arguing, Im replying back, and to be honest Im not even sure if i am allowed to reply back as i am doing now, but I havent gotten a message from a forum diplomat yet, so I assume its okay to reply to comments here. If this didnt answer all of your questions feel free to dm me on discord.
  7. @SAINTY. Well... I said "you are kinda retarded" and "guess all +supporters are braindeads" which is wrong to do and not words you should utilize as a normally mature person, however I did, sadly, would take it back but that sadly is not possible either. I 100% acknowledge it was wrong, and I dont mind getting some sort of punishment, but a Permanent ban, is too much for me, since that makes me unable to play. I wouldnt mind getting unbanned and then banned for a month or whatever @Igneoussee fit. I think that Igenous might have thought that this is how I always were which is why he basically gave me the max punishment which you can get on GamingLight, I dont know, I just know that some of it have already been lifted and with that, I just thought then maybe I could just get unbanned from the Imperial server, the perm ban can remain on SCPRP and the other servers.
  8. I get it was wrong, but the question is, do you honestly feel that the crime fits the punishment? Also it was not really the post in the Hotshot report that made me get banned, but something else. Either way do you think player disrespect is a permanent ban worth? Taking into consideration that I have never ever broken a single rule, never gotten warned and never punished on any GamingLight server, or any server previously. As staff you have to enforce rules yes, but to judge fairly, and its not that I wont to discuss if the punishment were place appropriately, however I don't think the punishment reflects my wrongdoing, you may of course disagree or agree, that's fine, but again, taking into account that this is my first offense ever, I think a permanent ban might just be a bit too much. If I had said the things that I had to normal players I would never have gotten banned, it only happened because the guy were a SMT.
  9. 1. Steam Name: Gustav 2. Ingame Name: ST PVT 3010 Gustav 3. SteamID:STEAM_0:0:148216594 4. Ban Length: Permanent (Appealable) 5. Admin that Banned you: Igeneous 6. Reason for Ban: SMT/Player disrespect 7. Dispute: Hi, never thought I would be making a ban appeal. As many of you know I never broke rules or minged at all during my playtime in-game, if anything I were just the strict-kinda person who didn't want troopers to knife each other in the bunks, I have never been warned on any GamingLight server. So as many of you know I am a very active user here on the forums, I tend to leave my true and unbiased opinion on as much as possible in order to help and assist current staff to have a better understanding regarding the situation(s) and players, in order for them to get unbanned/warn removed if they got falsely punished. Some of you may wonder why I ended up getting banned, well, unfortunately I sometimes can have a difficult time communicating with certain people, this however does not occur often but it CAN happen. The poor communication is based off my culture and the country which I live in (Denmark) In Denmark you see, you can basically say/write/do whatever you want.. and with this danish people are genuine just used to speak their minds and use words and slang words which seem fit for the emotional expression of what you are trying to say. I hope that this does not sound too confusing, but my point is that, I am used to make posts with my true unbiased opinion and with a respectful yet right-on direct tone which some might misunderstand/define as disrespect. I'm not mad or blaming anyone for banning me for this, I kinda had it foreseen that one day someone would misunderstand it, which is fine. I do acknowledge reasons as to why I were banned, I would just like to point out that, I did not have the bad intentions of being disrespect, only to attempt to having a constructive discussion. Sometimes people fuck up and slip, making a mistake, and this were mine. As some of you say/read I posted my first opinion on Keegans report on Hotshot, the post I made were of poor quality, even though I do sincerely believe I spoke truth of several elements in the post. But yeah that doesn't really matter as this is not a report on someone. Overall I want to apologies to @[email protected] @caps and others which I have been wrongdoing as of recently. I know I sorta resigned on the server, but sometimes I do check in from time to time, since GamingLight obviously still have some of the best in-game features which some servers cant compete with, which is also the reason GamingLight is as big as it is. I don't mind if I wont get unbanned, however the incident which occurred the day I got banned wont happen again.
  10. -Support I cant +support this because personally I have truly never experienced some of the claims made against Hotshot. regarding Spectre: Spectre did a lot of awful things… things you normally get banned for, so I were just A BIT surprised to see that he didnt really get punished for the many things he did wrong such as: Using alt, being very disrespectful and rude. Regarding Hotshot not doing roster work and document work: I honestly dont really feel/think that this is up to Hotshot to do so, I believe this is the work of High Command, however I can understand the frustration which some migt have had, if he were the only one with acces to something and he didnt share that/worked on it, however I dont think its too bad. I do think some of the comments might bear slight biased opinions, but to be honest, it can be really difficult to remain unbiased, I mean, even if you think you might be biased, you could still go around and give certain groups a special set of benefits. Regarding Hotshot being lazy/not available when needed: I think that Hotshot is a genuine busy guy who puts a lot fo work into the server as a whole but also has a loving family to take care of, I dont think he mean to be hard to getting touch with by reason. Regarding Rivers promotion: Maybe the promotion occured a bit early but, River has done a lot of great work on the server. He were always there to help and assist people when they needed it, and during downtime he would always attempt to keep the server up and running with fun for the people on. Overall I dont feel like Hotshot deserves any punishment, the guy has active tried to improve the server and actively promoted lower staff ranks because of a major need of JMT+ because they switched to the DarkRP server and some of them just resigned.
  11. +Support Clearly an acident.
  12. +Support Sawick you kinda fucked up man. Im not sure why Benjacops want you to get banned for this, uh. This is terrrible and bad behaviour and should not be tolerated at all, at any time. However... I dont feel this is a ban-worth..... I dont think Sawick has the right to manipulate/make a witchhunt against River which he did. I dont think Sawick deserves a ban for theese actions even though they for some, seem horriffic. Posts like this are ofcourse never fun, as Sawick has been not only one of the most respected staff members but also a very respected player in the Iden Versio position. Anyways buttom line is that I think the actions were wrong, but I highly disagree with Benjacops opinion when it comes to his recommended punishment. My Recommended Punishment: A warn. (not a ban, but a warn for manipulating/witchhunting? Whatever you classify this as) Happy New Year
  13. +Support + Due to staff made a mistake, try to be more precise when warning... always doubble-check and such its not hard. This shouldnt happen.. anyways. He should get the warn removed.