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  1. +/- Support Yeah you gotta explain why you believe its false and why it should be removed, also just explain the entire situation yeah im not staff but thats what I reckon is a good start. Edit: +Support
  2. Yeah, you have a good one mate, everyone can make mistakes.
  3. Hello AcidTest, to be honest I was kinda wondering too, I think its just about the wording. The wording is wrong. Because the first forum diplomat says "Arguing between each other is prohibited. Failure to do so and continued arguing will result in forums warnings/restrictions being handed out as well as this topic being locked" however it does NOT seem like anyone were arguing after that? So not sure why Sage locked it and claimed someone argued, even though there wasn't. So you are right in a way, I am just not sure if an admin report is like the correct solution, also I don't think anyone would really care too much about it. I know you made a ban appeal and I think it got denied and hey man, I know how it is, I myself been trying to appeal for like 5-6 months now erm, and I know you might be angry and feel hurt my friend but, this does not help you brother. Just be happy your ban is only 3 days and not permanent ^^ Before edit -Support sry -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- EDIT: Okay so the post that contained arguing was hidden so it made sense that Sage locked it. But Acid, just because forum diplomats lock them I dont think it will get auto-denied I think it depends maybe, what do I know im not staff But yeah man, have a good night and goodluck in the future man.
  4. + MASSIVE SUPPORT I served as officer together with Doomlam back then, he is an absolute amazing person! He fits extremely well as the next 501st vice-commander because he has been in GamingLight for a LONG time. He has a ton of experience and back then when we played together he would be super creative and have many initiatives within the battalion which helped us grow and maintain fun while still being committed to be a non-mingy battalion. He truly deserves this Goodluck:)
  5. +Support Well even though you are a prisoner I don't believe you are allowed to just use slurs or be rude even though some may argue that would be included in the roleplay as a prisoner. However its a long time ago and seems silly to hold grudges about it I reckon + also if he didnt your side of the story the warn should be invalid tbh. It would have been easier if this warn appeal had been made earlier to get proof and such but yeah.
  6. Hate to follow the bandwagon and especially a negative one, but 1 line per question is a bit short. I also think the position requires a lot of trust and engagement. goodluck though.
  7. +Support You have been in RG as long as I can remember, im sure Jaeger taught you everyyyything you need to know at this point. Goodluck man.
  8. +Support Actually a good idea, would make sense and improve the roleplay emersion when dueling.
  9. Aw @Zefersorry to hear that man, I also lost my dog and its been really weird without her. She always used to run into my bedroom each morning and wake me up but yeah, now its all silence. I know how it can actually feel to loose a dog that you love so man if you need anything AVANE#4736 you can always dm me
  10. 1. Steam Name: Gustav | IFN.GG 2. Ingame Name: ST 3010 Gustav 3. SteamID: 76561198256698916 4. Ban Length: Permanent 5. Admin that Banned you: Igneous 6. Reason for Ban: SMT Disrespect 7. Dispute: Hello, I got banned a very long time ago so hope you will consider this ban appeal. I used to play a lot on GamingLight but then I got banned one day for well disrespecting a SMT by degrading his opinion. This was not my original intention, my intention were indeed to talk with him about it but it did escalate, I ended up saying his opinion was “kinda retarded” and he banned me. This is again a long time ago and I have apologized to him and he accepted it back then, and quote on quote said “its all good” so with this, I look forward to return to the Imperial server(Hopefully) I have 0 prior warns/bans so I don't know what else to say to be honest. I might have had an ego problem once, but that was just a point in time where someone close to me died, I channeled the anger wrongly and it might have affected certain people. Feel free to DM me feedback on how to improve.
  11. +Support Seems to be legit mardm, however I may change support after hearing his side.
  12. Steam Name: Gustav | Ingame Name: N/A SteamID:76561198256698916 Ban Length: Permanent (but appealable) Admin that Banned you: Igneous Reason for Ban: Disrespect Dispute: I said "Wow you are actually kinda retarded… but i guess thats just the trait of the +supportersall braindeads" to Igneous so he globally permanent banned me. And I would like to return to the gaming light community as I have been in it for 2+ years and have no prior warns/bans than this current one.
  13. Oh okay, nice nice, yeah its nice to check in at times right?
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