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  1. +Support Whilst I have read and also seen the other candidates for the position of the role of high general I will be giving my vote/+Support to bob for the reasons I am going to be writing below. Experience With my experience with you from the whole server and not just within ranks or jobs I would have to say you're the most polite, respectful and a outstanding person to the community and server. I even remember when you was medical COL and the out most maturity you brought and how you have grinded to get this far in your ranks is admiring. Community Support I will say it as it is. Within our community on the server you're seen with high value and with high respect. When people mention or have talked about you its always been in a positive matter. Fit for the role I think you're the one who is most compatible in earning this role. I feel like you have an amazing future ahead with the HC team and personally speaking. I do see you being a potential SHC member if that does occur that is. Over than what I wrote my support is to go to you.
  2. As the title said I am resigning from my HCOM position however I am not going to be going away from the server. I have been struggling keeping up with both tasks so I thought it would be best to do my term and move on!!! Special mentions as we do in the resignations!!!! Starting with my HCOM partners! Bon - The one and only Emperor. You're both intimidating and easy to talk to so keep up the work! Bear - Whilst me and you have not really encountered due to time zone. I still have my up most respect! Kio - Still my boss but a boss I respect a lot! Bub - I want to see you ground command Starch and suns - You are both funny guys and both very well. Sainty - Shout out to you! Racc - Not only HCOM but JMT? Damn hes going places THE TOP DOGS I HAVE SPECIAL MESSAGES FOR Vertigo - Man, you have seen me grow in the branch from starting low to starting here. It honestly has been a pleasure growing with someone as influential as you also as a great leader like you too! Zabuza - I couldn't be more happy having you working along side with HCOM with. You have passion, ambition and a great role model for the team and especially the IQ team. Icey - A man who I admire who has passion, respect and love for his branch. Jax - Whilst at start we did not agree a lot over time I am glad we both got to talk, work together and at the end I respect having you as a command member for IQ and I hope you reach higher in your time! Lukas - I grew with you so now you can watch me grow in GM!! Rux - Good luck on seventh! Light - You're new and growing so keep it up! Atomic - You the nuke son! Iceberkk - Ill see you as a fellow SGM! And the biggest message I am giving to is... GRIZZLY AIM FOR COMMAND YOU GOT IT!!!!! #GRIZZLY FOR COMMAND!!!!
  3. SGM Azrael Review on this app - Pros and cons will be based on experience I have had/quality of the person. The App review. Before anything wow the formatting and the correct cleanest of this app I have to already say I am impressed even before reading I have high hopes for this. Qualities to the app. Experience - As you have stated, you have experience within the GM team and being a prior GM No strikes active/given through out your GM life. Ambition - As you have stated "you never join a server unless you want to give your loyalty to it." That is something I do agree personally with. ULX Master - 6 years!? Damn he has deffo got the experience In game life | Role - You are the DT VCMDR. You clearly have the maturity to be one of the SGM team with maturity. Cons The Mega event plan should have followed how the doc works. Other than that nothing else. Your app is basically 9/10 and I see no issues. Overall You will be receiving my +Mega support. I really do hope you make it! All the best, Daze. Kind regards Azrael
  4. SGM Azrael Review on this app - Pros and cons will be based on experience I have had/quality of the person. The App review. Your app for me is a 50/50. Whilst you have brought good responses and knowing you, you do have ambitions your app is short and will note all the Qualities and cons to your app! Qualities to the app. Experience - You know what you're doing! Ambition - You have the qualities of a true star wars fan You know your lore - Big fan as you have stated. Positive attitude.- You are a splendid person and I think the team would benefit having a good leader. Cons to the app. Short app - More written detail | More reasons would benefit. Incorrect mega plan format | Mega doc does have a format we use whilst you did show how to conduct it the format needs to follow. [All in yellow as it is not critical/going to affect your chances but criticism to your app.] Overall, you will be receiving my +support. I cannot wait to see what you can bring. All the best, Theta. Kind regards Azrael
  5. SGM Azrael Review on this app - Pros and cons will be based on experience I have had/quality of the person. The App review. The app you have made is very clean and has many qualities to it and some cons to it. Allow me to note what stand out. Qualities to the app. No strikes Ambition to grow the team Has stated "I want to continue events and help the server" Aware of ULX Knows the value of a GM. Correct formatting of creating a mega event. A good plan too! Cons Only joined may 10th Has only done 2 mega events. [It has highlighted in yellow as its mild and not critical/affecting your chances.] Overall You will be receiving my +support. All the best, Anomaly. Kind regards Azrael
  6. +SUPPORT Your app has many qualities and I wish to express them here. ULX Experience You have studied combat [Going beyond in my eyes] You have stated you wanted to assist the server and GM team Experience within event and sims CONS What I have seen you have no cons! I do hope you make the team!
  7. What is your IGN? (In Game Name): Azrael Why do you want to become the position of High Inquisitor?: The reason why I believe I am ready to become the next high inquisitor is down to these many factors I have brought upon the server which I have listen down below. My experience/history within IQ I am an experienced member within the IQ branch and here is my story from past to present. I officially joined the inquisitors branch on the 22nd August 2021 and through out my time being enlisted/NCO. I have learnt many great things from past IQ command members from knowing how to show respect to how a true leader should be in action. My main goal during the times of being an enlisted/NCO was to prove I was officer ready and to grow within the server and the community as a whole. Within the date of October the 8th 2021 I officially became an officer! With my time being an officer one thing for sure was I wanted to grow within IQ. From being a leader to the enlisted/NCO to encouraging people to join IQ showing its many benefits and ways it can contribute within the server! My next big step for me was to reach the rank of overseer/COL. On the 6th of November 2021 I officially became an overseer! During my time as an overseer my main goal and duty was to be the voice of the voiceless. Ensuring enlisted feel welcomed, NCO preparing to become officers and even assisting officers to reaching the rank of high officer Maj+. That was not it. I was ready and wanted to become the next member of the IQ command team. 20th November 2021 the big day came. I officially became a member of the IQ command team via being accepted for the role of the eighth brother! During my time as the eighth brother, I wanted to be shown as leader, someone who could help, someone to inspire people and someone who can get people back on the right track to grow within the rankings of the IQ branch. The main goal for me during this time as the eighth brother was to run sims, host trainings and teach people within IQ and the server in general on how conduct is to be shown and set. The biggest achievement for me during these times was watching many people grow. From enlisted becoming officers to even officers being welcomed into the Maj+ team! March 12th, 2022 was the biggest and most achieving day I have ever reached. I was officially accepted in becoming the second sister/commander for the IQ branch! During my time now and prior the biggest goal for me as a commander was to be the voice of the voiceless. From helping struggling players grow, listening to complaints, solving conflict, creating peace and for me the biggest thing for a commander to do was to show off their branch to the server! I do this by hosting many public sims all following IQ operations to show the server what we do and what you can expect IQ to be when joining us! Also following that, hosting missions too! from IQ branch missions to inviting many other branches to join in too! Relationships Being where I am in IQ branch [Commander] to me I do not see the members as just people who have the same interest in roleplay and star wars but I see them as friends. Even if we only speak within RP the fact is if I can help change people and watch them grow it really shows I am doing something right. I am not a cruel and harsh person. I am understanding, excepting and will listen to all the IQ branch from purge, inquisitors and royal guards if they wished to speak to me privately. This also comes down to the discord too. I am not only active in game but active on discord too always accepting any complaints via private messages that I get, accepting people suggestions and assisting them in sims, trainings or even missions they have conducted and created themselves. Becoming a role model. With being a member of the high command team you are held to a higher standard. The highest to be blunt. I have showed in many ways I can be a great role model. Fixing peoples errors, helping them grow and show them the right path to go down. I want to be a person people can look up to and to gain experience from. I want not only to be a leader but a teacher too assisting people in their growth and never turning someone down. People make mistakes. You do not push them away. What I do is find the problem, create a solution and fix it up! That is the only way you can help people grow and mature within the branch of IQ! What is the biggest thing you would bring to Inquisitorious High Command?: I will bring order, I will bring power and most importantly I will bring equality when it comes down to the inquisitor branch. Here are some examples of what I can bring down! Branched Missions I will bring upon Gaming Light special story line mission created by the community that heavily involves around the inquisitors branch and the community itself. Ranging from daily missions from search and retrieving holocrons to hunting down remaining Jedi that survived order 66! Not only that but I would encourage many IQ command to high officers into creating special missions for the IQ branch to follow but that is not all. With missions being made, potential gaming light lore can be made too! With special made characters invented by the community to come to life and to allow the players to experience what they have created come to life! Working with the other branches The IQ branch is not a branch on its own. There is one thing we share with the others including navy and army. We are all a team! We all follow the same SOP, Chain of command and knowledge for star wars role play / imperial role play. To truly be a leader and high command member you are to be open with everyone. Inviting other branches / regiments down to join in with your sims and your missions to give an insight on what you bring to the table and to hopefully encourage members to join the rankings of the inquisitors. What is the purpose of a High IQ?: The main purposes of being a high IQ are listed here below. Leadership Being the high IQ shows that you're a leader. You create order, you create routine and you ensure everyone is on track. If to say someone is falling behind you inform them. You tell them they need to step it up! With that you also have to inform people if they are doing great too! Encouraging players can boost their self esteem and will make them feel proud they are being noticed and respected too. Being the voice With the High IQ you are to listen to your branch and voice what they have brought up to the high command to see if change can be made! This varies from buffing to nerfing weapons, a change to arsenal or general concerns that may be brought up to ensure it can be fixed up and to ensure every player is enjoying their time within the server and being on the IQ branch jobs! Why should we trust you to be IQ High Command?: I should be trusted to be in IQ high command as I wish to enforce some changes to it. Here is what I would bring to the table Inquisitors The inquisitors are not only known to just be force sensitive users but should be known to be highly skilled warriors in the arts of the force and the usage of lightsabers. A big change I would make for the inquisitors is to allow them to master what they are good at. From controlling the ways they duel to mastering their force abilities they can unlock through gaining skill points. I would also enrolee more of a passive RP scenarios from unlocking found holocrons that could lead us down to discovering new untouched areas to opening new gates to allow IQ to become stronger and more knowledge when it comes down the the operations they run! Purge Branch Purge troopers are troopers specialised within the usage of electro-weapons as well as hunting down remaining Jedi/force users. Changes I wish to be made and shown is allowing purge troopers to get involved when it comes down to taking down Jedi's. It is their goal and specialisation they have within the IQ branch / within the server With me being the high IQ I would ensure the purge troopers get a chance to show off their skills. Not just to stand around but to train in both ranged and close combat to them becoming true Jedi killers! Royal Guards The royal guards are not only guards to protect us. They are trained killers that specialise in doing the job that needs to be done! with me being the high IQ I would want to see royal guards get what they deserve from regular trainings to allowing their officers to host up trainings to assist them growing within their respected ranking. They are not only protectors but trained killers that should have their skills be used correctly when it comes to the battle fields. Especially against potential force users / Jedi's. How often can you be active in-game?: Timing on how active I can be is a hard estimate to make however, I can assure I am active. I have recently left college leaving me very free to come on and assist when possible. I would like to say on a daily I try to achieve at least 5-7 hours a day on the server. With me also being from the UK the latest I can be on via EST time is 7PM as that is equivalent to 12PM for me Do you have any Warnings? (What for?): I have received no warning, no kicks or no bans through out my gaming light experience.
  8. +SUPPORT If you was to ask be to describe bub these are the many words I would use. *Loyal *Trustworthy *Friendly *Easy to talk to *Easy going *And many more I don't just say this as we have a good rp relationship within the server but he's never done wrong. He helps players, reached out within his 69th ranking and overall a good apple so I would say he is ready and mature enough to become a marshal commander [Side-note] Considering English is your second language you are very fluent when you speak it and your app via grammar and spelling is top notch!
  9. +MEGA SUPPORT Many reasons why I say he should shoot his shot. He is a COL Clearly has served his time within 501st. Hosts activates for his men/women Great guy Cares for how battalion
  10. 1. What is your IGN? (In Game Name) : Azrael 2. What Regiment are you applying for? I am applying for the role of The Second Sister = Commander of the Inquisitors. 3. Why do you want to be a commander of this branch? I believe I have many qualities for becoming the next second sister so I decided to make separate paragraphs on showing you who I am and why you should select me on becoming the next Second Sister. My experience from the past to present day. I started my life within IQ on the 22nd of august 2021 and I knew from day one I wanted to reach for the top and to show the players what I am made off. I wanted to show the player base the passion, loyalty and respect I had in my heart and soul for the star wars roleplaying community. Through out my enlisted days in IQ, I learnt many amazing tips, lessons and skills from EX Players, reserved players and even the returning players who decided to join back to the IQ branch. On the 3rd of September 2021 I hit the rank of lord. During my time as a lord I pushed out many training sessions as well as training new initiates into the inquisitor program. Even reaching 6 trained in one day as a personal record. My main goal as an NCO Lord was to get along with other NCOS and enlisted players to grow together and to show what IQ is truly about. On the 8th of October I officially became an officer. During my time as an officer I wanted to stand out and be a leader. During events I implemented order, leadership and respect to the NCO'S and enlisted within the branch. Within my time as an officer my main goal was to see people grow. I wanted people to truly shine and to get acknowledge by IQ command and high command itself. On the 6th of November I became an overseer however this was not enough for me. I knew my trainings, experience and knowledge was worthy so I had my eyes on becoming a next vice commander and on the 20th of November 2021 I was accepted and become the role of the Eighth brother. During my current time as the Eighth brother it was all so new and real to me but it did not stop me at all. I pushed out trainings, announcements, encouraged activity and shown what true leadership means and what it looks like. Current time [March] I have created many new activity plans, dupes and training sessions for IQ to enjoy and others to join in too. Trust. I will openly say that I am a trusting person. Why you may ask? Well during events and other scenarios based around team work I like to ensure officers and NCO'S in the branch have a chance in becoming front line leaders and to show their skills for their future endeavours. Players at times have come forward to me with their issues. From conflict with another member to asking a questions I have the answers for. For all reports I get I grantee no one is left disappointed I always want the best for everyone. In my books we are all a team. Granted I may be a vice commander but I would never treat anyone different within the branch. To me the team matters and the players welfare matters more to me. Relationships within the RP community. I believe I have made many friends and positives connections within the RP section. From greeting players within IQ As well as talking to players that are outside of the IQ branch. I Also believe I have a healthy relationship with my IQ command team from healthy communication to supporting one another. 4. How much game time do you have on the server? Within my playtimes I play mostly from 11AM - 5PM EST Due to me living in GMT Time https://www.battlemetrics.com/players/976353529 I also initially started in the server on the 22nd of august 2021. 5. What is the Main Purpose of a commander for a branch? A commander to me is someone who speaks for the voiceless, uses their power to create positive changes, enforces the rules to ensure no one breaks them and to stand out as a true leader and not someone who just simply applies common rules onto someone. The main goal of a commander in IQ to is to teach all. Not only you are teaching but you yourself will be learning along side seeing peoples development from ranking up in the system to becoming the next face in future times ahead. A true commander sees all his men as his partners not his followers. As to add on to that the inquisitors to my eyes are warriors. We possess the lightsaber as a weapon and should have full respect when using it. Especially when in battle. 6. Why should we trust you to be a commander? : Why you should trust me as a leader? Well to put it simply I want all of IQ voices and concerns heard. Even if it means it takes a chunk out of my day to fix and resolve conflict. I want the IQ, Purge and even RG to know they are in good and supporting hands. And this can even grow within their RP lives. If you need to take time off or even speak to me on a personal note I will listen and understand. All I want is for everyone to know as commander I will ensure your voice and concerns are heard and not left astray. 7. How often can you be Online? : Due to me living in England and living within the GMT time zone I am on from 10AM EST - 5PM EST. [In some cases I can stay on for as long as 7PM EST if required] 8. Do you have any Warnings? (What for?) : I have had no warnings, kicks or bans on my record.
  11. Whilst I knew this was coming and I understand the business of your life you will always be known to be the best IQ partner I have had. I do hope to see you around now and again!
  12. +Support Only because his GIF shows what really happens during people falling down pits
  13. The mans App is spot on! He also has IRL experiences as a bonus.
  14. Yeah this man got potential and dedication too.
  15. This man bub. I have seen him work within medical for a while, not only hes the rank of COL but he really puts his spine and work into getting medical work done. HUGE Respect for him and HUGE support.
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