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  1. +support - Good app - Good reasons - Nice guy, trustworthy. only thing I'd say is that ranking up as NCO is very valuable. it's a mix of leadership with a room for error. but it does seem you're ready. I will also say there is some punctuation that could be improved upon. Anyways, good luck!
  2. the other 5 reports are now deleted, however, i believe forum dips can look at deleted posts and such. you originally posted 1 report, and both of your friends posted 2.
  3. not in any way in disagreement, just fyi, I did also warn then in voice chat
  4. 2 things: 1: I thought I had the clip, I don't. I clipped too late. 2: The punishment of 600 seconds in jail is fine by me, and I'd be fine with like 5 jails, but the consequences of staff reports are much higher than that. also you have not included video evidence, and please tell your friends to delete one of their two reports, because you and your two friends have 5 reports total (it was 6 earlier)
  5. My response: please read before +/- supporting. To start things off, I am responsible for what I have done. What I have done. But to me what I have done is a simple mistake. I did not know that a bind I used (which did not include leave the area) was invalid. I thought as long as it had (warn 1/2/3) I was allowed to use it. I admit I made the mistake of using a faulty bind, but I do not believe that it warrants a punishment beyond a staff strike as it was not intentional or out or malicious intent. Leading up to the situation: Leading up to this, I was guarding IQ bunks, doing some sims, ETC. At one point, I was faced with a HOARDE of minges. About 3-4. They repeatedly NLR’d or RDM’d my troops. (one of them event ended up getting warned.) I had many instances where I killed trespassers but not as many where I killed loiterers. I thought these people were the same people. I don’t have any definitive proof with or against that however. I warned them three times to leave, then around 5 seconds after the third warn I started attacking them. There was a ton of people in the area so I was overwhelmed and needed people to leave. Faulty sit: Some things went wrong in the sit that I would like to point out. The individuals in question did not have any clips of the situation to prove it, to start off. Secondly, one of the staff used my kill count against me. Upon me saying that it was from tresspassers not loiterers they said something along the lines of “yeah right” or “noone cares.” and thirdly, the staff in this sit almost IMMEDIATELY sided with the other party and wouldn’t hear me out at ALL. Conclusion: The errors I made were as follows: I mistook these STs for others and warned them in chat. I used a warn which I’ve seen used before and never have been told wasn’t allowed. Upon finding out I immediately changed it back to what my old one was. I’ve only had this warn for about 2 hours. I fully apologize to you for that. I have changed my bind so the confusion won’t happen again, but keep in mind I did also verbally warn you, so you knew you were supposed to leave. Let me know if you would like to see the exact warn. Also you and your friends each making 2 warns makes it smell awfully mingey. use this as the centralized thread please. I respect your interpretation of the situation, but I never used this foul language in the ticket apart from one slip up, which wasn't disrespectful or rude. it was "I even have the fucking clips" of tresspassers coming into bunks. When I said "most of my kills are from tresspassers" one of you straight up told me it was BS, which is what inherited that response. I also changed the bind the moment I found out it wasn't allowed. I was not using the fact other people use it as an excuse, but rather why I thought it was okay. and I said I might have the clips and if I would I would post them, however, I clipped too late and it did not capture it. The second half of kiar's statement is simply untrue. I do not want to come off as arguementative, but I just want to clear things up. I am sorry about that.
  6. +support - Really good person, senior officer, hosts TONS of missions and has lots of good ideas and a good understanding of GM - has a really good valid reason for wanting to join. - knowing him personally, he has an amazing attitude perfect for GM, and would make an amazing addition - I love the event pings and event ideas, and I know you have lots of good ones and are well prepared since I've personally GM'd for you a few times before for missions. small -support - other questions are a tad short (please ping me or react to this if you edit them and add make them longer and I will delete the -support part) OVERALL, GOODLUCK JACK! I HOPE TO SEE YOU IN GM!
  7. -support - Really short, basic answers - Extremely low effort - Unoriginal, low detail event ideas. - no originality or personality in questions. You did below the bare minimum. I suggest you edit your app (make each question at least 2-3 sentences) and perhaps take a look at some accepted GM applications, however this DOES NOT mean you should copy, just means you should take some inspiration. I've never seen you do anything bad or mingey, but I think the application could use some work. Gooduck though!
  8. [GL] Lumm's false warn report Admin name - False warn report ================================================================================================================== 1: Questions: N/A 2: What's your in-game name? [GL] Lumm is my steam name but Lord IX Lumm is my most commonly used name. 3: What is your steamID? STEAM_0:0:568513356 4: What is the staff members in-game name? [GL] Lumm 5: The staff members steamname [GL] Lumm 6: What warning did you receive? A warn that was meant for an individual in a sit was warned on me. it was False sit | Player dis | Community dis 7: Proof of warn (Listed at bottom of post) 8: Why do you think this warn was false? I warned myself. I feel extremely stupid. What happened is as follows: I have hosted a lot of sims and missions today, and I have a muscle memory of looking up my steamID. I went to get joe's steamID, zoned out, then got my own steamID. I mainly did this from my 3 hours of sleep and pure muscle memory. I'm just glad I accidentally warned myself instead of someone else. 9: any info: I'm really sorry and I feel exremely stupid. There was many events that lead up to this mistake. I was told by name ([GL] Collectiveworld) to appeal this via the forums.
  9. The offensive item in question was along the lines of "you talk too much shit" but phrased differently, no highly offensive language
  10. I agree partially with theta however: I believe people change. I don't think this should warrant a permanent ban. Maybe, give him a 2 week ban (additionally) and a very very thin rope. +support!
  11. +/- Support kind of low effort answers, good ideas but poorly written/punctuated. Overall you're a good applicant, but I'd suggest looking at how much effort the accepted ones have put into them. Also I would say not fully knowing basic ULX commands while applying is not a good idea. Read through the whole GM handbook and revise your answers, then i'll gladly change to +support
  12. -support Really small, low-effort answers Poor spelling and punctuation. Read through some other GM applications and take inspiration from them! (don't copy them) Put more effort in to sell yourself! But goodluck!
  13. +/- support I think he's super trustworthy. I know him and think he'd make a great fit, but this application seems low-effort. Also you should know some basic ULX stuff before joining. from experience I can say it's better to study for 2 weeks or so about gm and ULX and dupes (ETC ETC) before joining, as there is a cooldown after removal if you make any mistakes. Edit your app, read through the entirety of gm handbook (use the tabs on the side to see more) and i'll gladly edit to +support You're a good guy and I hope you get in!
  14. [GL] Lumm's false warn report Admin name - False warn report before you read: this warn is quite old. It was given a long time ago by a retired staff member and I only want it removed now so that my "resume" for applications looks nicer as I believe this warn is invalid. ================================================================================================================== 1: Questions: N/A 2: What's your in-game name? [GL] Lumm is my steam name but Lord IX Lumm is my most commonly used name. 3: What is your steamID? STEAM_0:0:568513356 4: What is the staff members in-game name? 69th TRN Zefer | Was a TMOD at the time. 5: The staff members steamname Not sure, but I believe it is [GL] Zefer or at least used to be. 6: What warning did you receive? I received a warning for player disrespect. On the warn it is listed as "player dis" 7: Proof of warn (Listed at bottom of post) 8: Why do you think this warn was false? The situation that transpired was as follows; I was a prisoner (I had just reached the level requirement) and I went around just running around not knowing the rules (so I didn't attack anyone at that point.) I saw a prisoner with a knife so I went over and he started stabbing me. I died to an IF who was in the brig. Either it was an accident (he mistook me for the other prisoner) or the prison was on lockdown and I didn't notice. Either way, he killed me and at the time I didn't know why. I can't remember the specifics, but I made an in-character insult that would be given by a prisoner to a trigger-fingery guard. I was then pulled into a SIT by a trial moderator. The IF sent a clip of the insult and without letting me defend myself or talk a single time, I was warned. I didn't know how to check my warns or how this mattered. And for a long time I didn't care. But now I'm in staff and planning on applying for other positions and I would like it removed. TLDR Reasons: - It was not a fair trial, I was not allowed to speak - It was an in-rp insult that a prisoner would give. Prisoners would not be friendly after watching a guard murder their friend in-rp. - I was a low level and clearly had no malicious intent, it was a simple mistake. The t-mod could have easily verbally warned me, but he seemed almost eager to warn me. 9: Any info: This was a trial moderator, so they likely made a mistake. I don't want any sort of punishment to the tmod in question, just my warn removed. This was 4 months ago so I don't remember it entirely. I only recently (as of 1-2 months) found out it was false and only recently now want it removed from my record.
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