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  1. This Topic was moved to the correct section +Support
  2. This has been moved to the correct section
  3. For one, your ban was on PoliceRP not Imperial RP and going by what this says, i dont think zeeptin wants you unbanned. "Do not appeal please" i have looked through your warns and it seems you have alot of major ones that are constantly repeated meaning you have not learned from them, with you also being banned for hacking the community which also isnt good. If the owner himself had to ban you i strongly disbelieve this will be appealed. I will also take this is meant to be a policeRP unban meaning i will move this to the correct section.
  4. +Support - Nice guy - Good application - Previous experience - Understands how a gm functions and works
  5. -Support - I know you dont know much but this app was written in very little time with very minimal effort. You didnt even answer the full question giving an example for the on and off ship. I believe you can do alot more with this app and put more effort into it
  6. +Support Would look really nice, never really seen Imperials doing patrols in the night, would be cool, also the effects and explosions would look better in the night time, enhancing immersion
  7. This isnt a case where this sort of thing just randomly happens, plus any administrator didnt do it because it never popped up in chat as a command
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