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  1. -Support -Not needed -Much more work for nothing
  2. When Entering any sort of ship (first go) in third person you will be promted to a error and black screen with some having that the error, black screen or just the inability to start engines in third person. I have experienced all three and so have other people but by now i only experience the inability to start a ship in third person (wont drag the line in the circle) with some times getting the erorr message (Couldnt get the error message or black screen in the clip only not starting the ship) And lastly the Third Person issue also works with the skill machine in IQ bunks. You are unable to be in third person to check the skill machine as well as also being promoted saying "third Person is creating errors" which is the LUA File Overall the third person is just messing up, these are only two i have found everyday which are annoying, who knows what else there is envolving the third person error
  3. There are no hitmarkers with shooting or attacking players Note: this happens ever day shortly after a server restart (2-3 hours after) then gets stuck like that untill next restart
  4. +Support -Decent Application -Knows the basics of Adminisration and what they do -has read the guidelines and seems keen to join the staff team -Good Answers for the questions -It is a little short but i do think Cozy would make a good staff member Goodluck!
  5. +Support -Really well detailed and Good strong answers -Clearly read the Guidelines -Confident in his role -Would make a really good staff member -Has 2 months+ Server experience