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  1. This Topic was moved to the correct section +Support
  2. This has been moved to the correct section
  3. For one, your ban was on PoliceRP not Imperial RP and going by what this says, i dont think zeeptin wants you unbanned. "Do not appeal please" i have looked through your warns and it seems you have alot of major ones that are constantly repeated meaning you have not learned from them, with you also being banned for hacking the community which also isnt good. If the owner himself had to ban you i strongly disbelieve this will be appealed. I will also take this is meant to be a policeRP unban meaning i will move this to the correct section.
  4. +Support - Nice guy - Good application - Previous experience - Understands how a gm functions and works
  5. -Support - I know you dont know much but this app was written in very little time with very minimal effort. You didnt even answer the full question giving an example for the on and off ship. I believe you can do alot more with this app and put more effort into it
  6. This isnt a case where this sort of thing just randomly happens, plus any administrator didnt do it because it never popped up in chat as a command
  7. What is your In Game Name/Steam ID and Discord ID?: In Game Name: Name SteamID: STEAM_0:0:218861100 Discord ID: 352027216780984321 Why do you want to become a Member of the Pyke’s?: I would like to join the new profound battalion and see what its like to be on the other end of the Imperial server, entertaining the server while leading and developing players into a whole new version of roleplay. I would like to try something new and be apart of something that needs help or is in development to try and pull more people in as much as i can. I would like to organise and plan with members of the battalion and set up raids and stratergies which make it hard and fun for people on the server which gives a whole meaning to imperials knowing what its like to finally get close to failure. I have great understanding of what it means to be a trooper and follow the rules and i believe this will be a great start and something i want to be apart of What is something that sets you apart from other applicants?: With my Experience as High Inquisitor, The Grand Inquisitor, Sovereign protector and of course many other officer and command positions i can say i am heavily trusted and know what it means to be in a whole new position in a battalion, to be a leader and someone to look up to and respect. I take my responsibilities very seriously and hope to stay within the syndicate and rank up to become someone to look up to. I believe i can teach people and help new members that come in with my previous knowledge and understanding it will be really easy for me than other people to catch onto a problem and quickly find a solution or even knowing where to stear enlisted if they wonder off too far. I work really well with others and i know alot of people and alot of people know me, i always tend to get involved and give my thoughts whenever needed which is why i believe i deserve a place within the syndicate, to therefore enforce the rules and structure of a new line What is the biggest thing you would bring to the Pyke Branch? (Please explain): I would bring stratergies, raids, heavy emerrsion and constant teamwork, working will people around me and getting everyone envolved to come up with amazing ideas. I would like to oneday work with the command team and command structure to find out where we can take this and what is the next step because this can become something amazing with just the right mind and work. List a few achievements you have accomplished in the server: (From a long time ago) My accomplishments as Low Command . I managed to bring RG back from its inactive state, being able to bring more officers into the Royal Guard battalion along with raising both our sim and training count. I have managed to involve RG in many missions with other battalions along with helping aside the Inquisitorious duelling tournaments. I managed to raise back the Shadow Guard and get them active along with having a good officer team to maintain that standard. I also helped create a new Royal Guard Handbook with other RG command and IQ high command, adding all the new necessary rules and information along with being able to maintain any problems that would have majorly struck the battalion. My accomplishments as High Command. I managed to bring out a lot more sims and training than majority of other command in previous months. I managed to bring back and revive a donator class which was never used and used the product of advertising donator branches/classes which pulled in people on black Friday. I still trained members in purge/IQ, and RG as well as stepping in as a command member when someone was away or to lead a branch. Managed to pull up an RG command team and bring back some of our old members. Talked with other command to get operations and missions done. With help of IQ HC we brought back old ideas that pushed activity up and enforcing missions which overall brought IQ back to its previous stage, whilst still going strong right now. I have also managed to become apart of the junior Management Team in staff and become a Grand General equivalency in IQ whilst it being incredibly hard by working from another timezone. How often can you be active in-game?: I can be on everyday, for the last week i havent been active but thats my mistake as i was taking a little break from the server, had focused on another game with friends Do you have any Warnings? (What for?): I have no warnings on the server and no warnings throughout my history whilst being in a battalion
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