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  1. I honestly do, I did not think that the Government wasn't breaking any laws in this case. Just like how we see SWAT, Delta etc.. carry illegal firearms under the current laws this same scheme applies to printing money for the intended use to fund the governments coffers. If you look at the current Federal reserve's balance sheet, it has $5,767,508 worth of us Treasury bills. Any new player could clearly get confused on this one and setup a printing operation where they issue Treasury bills that are bought under a Quantitative easing program. With the funds solely going towards the gov balance sheet. I would totally agree if the server had the name "Counterfeit money printer" when you press f4. But it has "money printer" and the only difference between fake and real fiat currency is who issued it.
  2. Your In-Game Name: Dear_Leader Your SteamID: N/A Staff member's In-Game Name: Phill What did they do? I am all for a fair and speedy process but to me it appears that this admin denied that simple request and choose instead to use his powers to target me an close my just warn appeal thread in only 8 hours of it being up overnight so no community members could give input. An it wasn't even a closed cut case such as a direct MOTD rule violation. All I am asking for is fair treatment from the staff members. Evidence (REQUIRED): Dumpsterfire - False Warn Report- Denied - Denied - Gaminglight Forums - GMod Community - Was left up for 3 days. ~ Closed by Phil SL Tj Player report- Denied - Denied - Gaminglight Forums - GMod Community - Was left up for 1 day ~ Closed by Phil Enforcer Soprano report- Denied - Denied - Gaminglight Forums - GMod Community - Left up for a day ~ Closed by Phill Atomic's Warn appeal- Denied - Denied - Gaminglight Forums - GMod Community - Left up for a day ~ Closed by Phill [GL] Strider - False Warn Report- Denied - Denied - Gaminglight Forums - GMod Community - Left up for 8 hours. Overnight ~ Closed by phill at 6am. My warn appeal. What do you think is an acceptable punishment? Unlock the thread for at least a day to allow members of the community to give an input.
  3. What you want to see? - Update the motd to include money printers are banned for gov. Why should we add it? - I am frankly tired of getting completely false warns based off some admin telling moderators rules in ts that are not even in the motd. It's not fun and it feels unfair. If this rule was added it would clear up any debate on this issue. I do not believe that the current rule "Weed, printers, and money silos are illegal by default. Weed can be made legal by the President." is clear enough. It is not clear enough due to the fact that illegal and banned have such a different interpretation. What are the advantages of having this? - Clear and total transparency on the rules for members of our community. Who is it mainly for? - All PRP Players
  4. That should be in the MOTD and I should be unwarned, I was simply carrying out presidential orders with the Quantitative easing program and all money was going to the town treasury. I honestly didn't think it was illegal since it's pretty realistic and standard practice. Apologies for losing connection btw my local ISP is terrible.
  5. Your In-game: Donald T The admin's name in-game: [GL] Strider The admin's steam name (If you know it): [GL] Strider What warning did you receive: Failrp Evidence of the warn (REQUIRED): Why do you think this warn was false: I was completely inline RP and not Failrp. There is nothing in the MOTD that states that Quantitative Easing to fund the Government is Failrp or disallowed. I was in agreement with the president to setup an American Recovery Department. This program would work with the Treasury department and the Fed and authorize me to setup a printer in the office basement which would be used to purchase /write "bonds" for the cash value then be deposited into the town Treasury. This policy is also known as Quantitative Easing. All proceeds for this program would go into the Treasury for the Town to purchase upgrades and assign bonuses to gov officials. There was nothing illegal about this practice it is standard across the world. Any extra information: https://www.investopedia.com/terms/q/quantitative-easing.asp
  6. Absolutely couldn't agree more. One must follow the MOTD. Hmm.. Maybe it's under elevator. "Intentionally breaking or spamming the elevator is prohibited." Well this was the only thing under elevator doesn't really fit What about general rules. "Do not kill without an RP reason, this is considered a random deathmatch (RDM)." I mean maybe, though the warn reason is far from this as Gommbastomping. An I never killed anyone, the elevator did. An quite frankly I thought the elevator was an SCP. I mean I got dragged to a coffee machine that instantly killed me. The facility is full of instant death items. It is quite plausible any new player could get overwhelmed exploring the vast facility full of SCP's and get confused on this one.
  7. Yea, there was a reply hidden in that thread. Although it wasn't complete yet. It wasn't arguing, just comparing similarities between the ban appeal process and show trials. I'm just so tired, was banned about a week ago on the PD server. The appeal process turned into a total witch hunt with their side losing all their evidence to a "filled drive." Imperial Ban was even more of a witch hunt with a trial mod sent out there to read a script. It's all so tiring. But yea probably going to wait this one out and make sure to record every session. Thanks friend.
  8. Your In-game Name: RandPaul Your SteamID: 76561197999133011 The admin's name in-game: [GL] Toasty What warning did you receive: Goomba Stomping (I don't speak Mario I don't know what this means)? When did you receive this warning: 5/15 Please give a description of the situation that led to the warning: The server was lagging horribly, I couldn't use /occ. I kept relogging in trying to fix it. I logged in at one point and got warned in chat???? No sit no nothing? Why do you think this warn was false: No admin sit, server was broken. An I can't even understand the weeb terminology in the warning. Evidence the warning is false: This is how broken the server was. Very unreliable.
  9. Perfectly agreeable, the guard murdered your fellow inmate while you watched. +support Best of luck on your climb in the staff ranks.
  10. Your In-game: Cross Your SteamID: N/A The admin's name in-game: Sage The admin's steam name (If you know it): Sage What did the admin do: Locked my ban appeal with the false accusation of arguing happening in the thread. There was no arguing. Evidence of the abusive action(s) (REQUIRED): https://gaminglight.com/forums/topic/90871-banned-appeal/ What do you believe should happen to the admin: Unlock the thread and tell the admin who continually harasses me to stay away.
  11. There was no LTAP. the staff had horrible communication skills and allowed me to leave without notifying me with the intent to have a sit. I crossed a line that said "kos/aos" got killed and respawned, I left for another game. Is staff doing their job?? the event took place over the course of 10mins I had no sit. Do I need to AFK for 10mins before disconnecting now? You are also currently serving a 20 warn ban for Gaminglights PoliceRP Server, and currently have 23 warns all across gaminglight. Those were false warns and the ban appeal thread was a total witch hunt.
  12. Thank you for your biased opinion. An disregarding my entire appeal to spout your own view of past events.
  13. 1. Steam Name: Cross 2. Ingame Name: N/A 3. SteamID64: 76561197999133011 4. Ban Length: 3 days 5. Admin that Banned you: [GL]Benjacobs34 6. Reason for Ban: Ltap Done for Salad 7. Dispute: I have no idea what I did or that this was even an admin issue. Backstory I am new to Imperial RP I am still trying to figure out where stuff is on the ship. I was exploring the vast ship which is easy to get turned around in. When I found a way outside. I may have crossed a KOS/AOS line during this exploration. I don't know why they are on the floor very easy to miss. I am outside the ship for a while, when I noticed the doors close on the way I got out. I was confused and just waited around a bit more. Until the doors opened and I got shot. I figured "oh I must have crossed a kos/aos line" my friend invited me too HLL so I left the server after getting killed. Today I go to login and find I have a 3 day ban for LTAP plus a warn. I am guessing for entering an AREA?????? The Line says AOS/KOS but I guess some lines require the admin to go full gestapo and Ban / Warn. My dispute with this ban is the admins inability to communicate in anyway during the events that unfolded. If I was breaking the rules there should have been an admin sit immediately. Instead I got killed in a completely RP manner for crossing a KOS/AOS line. This was an RP situation that got handled that way. At no point was I pm or messaged by anyone. When I died I respawned and nothing happened no communication no nothing. An I left the server thinking that it was a simple passing of kos/aos sign.
  14. The donation system of this server seems more akin to a casino rather than actual gameplay after learning about this crate. You don't publish the game of chance list and you violate laws in Belguim, Netherlands, and Japan. An while those countries may not be where this server is hosted you do host players from across the world. Do you restrict players by region? With how the payment and donation system is structured. There should be someway in game to obtain this key rather than a $10 literal payment for the key. There should also be a list of chance for this item as it's a premium item that requires a $10.00 key to unlock. This type of donation system can get young people into gambling. An should have some free avenue to obtain keys for this item. Paper linked below on the effects. https://royalsocietypublishing.org/doi/10.1098/rsos.190049
  15. -support. I don't understand the issue this is a feature of electric cars which is long charge times.
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