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  1. To add another thing is I’ve known Keegan the whole year I’ve been on this server HES had to put up with me in medical so meany times. He did so much for medical as well as so much for GM he is great person to get to know I’ll always remember MC MAJ Keegan ahhh the old days man. Also I remember as well MC PVT Keegan. I was originally in purge at the time when I meet him on the old map I basically never had a bad experience with Keegan that’s why I wish you the best of luck my man.
  2. Sad to see you go my man I loved working with you it was great to get to come up with you in this server an I will miss you my man
  3. In game name:Boss/Rex/Wolffie. STEAM ID:STEAM_0:0:201050334 need to know how much my CC’s are Custom class names I need appraisal on Darth Thanaton Darth Vestara Khal Darth Ruin
  4. -Support -Wrong formate please update it -MARDM is a ban no matter if it’s your first offense -I feel as you should just wait the few days out -I see that it was deserved
  5. +Support +Active +trust worthy +would make a great GM
  6. +Support -Active -A really good leader -is down to earth and a great person to talk to -I feel would fit the position just fine
  7. +Support -Active -Really dedicated towards there battalion -I believe will make for a great commander
  8. +Support Ik we should have plus or Minus support but the only thing is here to do is speak on This “TBH I was scared to comment cause I was afraid of effecting my Staff rank since before I’ve said before almost being in staff for a year and I love being part of administration.” TBH the first time I’ve spoke with hotshot he is a pretty cool dude to me. But hearing Keegan got removed for standing up for imperial RP players about the as some say the “purge of the Roster” . I can’t speak up on the points of what HC or JMT and SMT have to deal with cause IDK and it’s not my place for me to talk on it. on the thing Keegan mention about IC these models have been in the works since bear was boss of IC or as everyone knows him now as “High General bear” almost a year now that the models were being worked on little by little and getting prepared these models were supposed to drop on our Christmas sale for imperial RP never happens I understand the internet issue part. And I don’t blame him for having to push IC models back. Due to problems but it’s kinda getting ridiculous we have had almost two new bosses since the models have been in the works. “Joker” Them me as boss . I have always wanted the best for IC and I feel as if I need to mention something about it. I want nothing but the best for them but so things got to change tbh. Or we are gonna lose a lot of players but (this is in no way a attack on hotshot i am giving my points on the IC part that was mentioned) (Again I was scared to talk on the matter cause I don’t wanna affect my rank in staff or in RP but I love this server to much to see it go to shit) Which I don’t think it will I feel as if hotshot can improve cause to be honest only thing I was ever mad with him about was the models I wanted to come back to this and add some more things. I have tired my best to do for IC to make them the best of the best to follow in bears footprints these models were so looked forward to by all IC and it tbh pissed me off when we didn’t get them. I have so much respect for you Hotshot I really do but from stuff I hear from time to time it kinda dose make me feel like IC never gets treated highly like other battalions I feel like we are at a struggle point sometimes. and as of Keegan being removed for sticking up for everyone who has reserves so they wouldn’t lose it it’s kind of strange. keegan has done so much to help the community. He wants nothing but the best for everyone but I feel as id anyone speaks up they fear for there rank or staff rank if they are in staff. But no hate my man believe me
  9. Post Title: “(The Aerial Attack) - Hosted by (Rex) on (1/13/22)” Event Type: (Combat Mega ) Event Description: [Combat-Mega] “The Aerial Attack” Host:Rex Co-host:N/A [Rebel COMMS]: We will be arriving to coordinates X:345.000 Y:85.000 Z: 145.000 in around 30 Minutes we will be coordinating an aerial Attack on “ISD GL 2”. The Pride of the Imperial Fleet will provide a window for the ships to hyperspace in and drop our troops in their ship. Will we hold back the Imperial Star fighters you will hyperspace in and drop the troops”. This is a message for “ISD GL2” We are coming for you and we plan to sink your ISD We will be Securing a Victory For the Rebellion. We will not stop till we sink the Pride of the Imperial Fleet we will leave the Ship In ruins. Mark my Words. The Attack will Commence in “30 Minutes” Be prepared the Imperials will be waiting for you What could have gone better in the event?: (Better music) Please leave your feedback on my event in the comments, as well as a rating from 1 (bad event) to 5 (good event).
  10. All posts made in this section must follow the bellow format as well as having a poll with the options 1 to 5! Post Title: “(The Rouge ISB) - Hosted by (Rex) on (1/12/22)” Event Type: (Combat-Onship) Event Description: Three ISB agents have gone rogue and are trying to steal the Pandora to use it to help aid the rebellion. These agents have been double agents for the rebellion and the empire they have been giving away secret of the empire to help the rebellion win fights. The power to the Pandora was cut by “ISB Deputy Director Max” He sends a message to all Imperial’s “the Pandora Has been taken by the rebellion they plan on using this to shoot down the ISD GL2 they are planning on seeking for a rank in the rebellion for giving away imperial plans. It will be your Job to Protect the ISD form almost certain Doom. What could have gone better in the event? (What you feel could be improved) Please leave your feedback on my event in the comments, as well as a rating from 1 (bad event) to 5 (good event).
  11. ACCEPTED Speak to a VCMDR+ for your training