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Found 4 results

  1. @Bear_ Congrats!!! I just wanna say a big congrats to bear on Darth Vader I have seen him grow in the Gaminglight Community you have made a big impact. On all of us I’ve seen how hard you have worked. I have made do meant great memories with you and working by your side in IC and during your climb through the ranks. You have worked really hard keep pushing. You have achieved great things some wish they could. Never quit climbing you have a great future ahead of you in this community keep pushing and going.- “Retired Commander Boss(Rex/Wolffie). Ik this is late I’ve been real my busy. But you do deserve it keep up the good work “Lord Vader” (Everyone say congrats!)
  2. =Section 1=- General info: In-game name: Kibbles the Magic Crayon-DT CPL KK4- IQ Apprentice IV Kibbles- Navy Enlisted Kibbles Steam Name: Kibbles the Magic Crayon Steam ID: 76561198085947358 Age: 16 and I turn 17 in June. -=Section 2=- Why do you want to become the role of Darth Vader? The main reason I am so interested in the role of Darth Vader is mostly related to my love of Darth Vader as a character alone in Star Wars Legends and Canons, he's just a really interesting and cool character to get into. I also am interested in Darth Vader because I am also in IQ, which is also a really fun and interesting group in Star wars legends and canon. I'm fairly active on the server with IQ and Naval being my favorite jobs on the server because I love to rp and lead on the server. There are plenty of other reasons why I would love to be Darth Vader but they aren't that interesting to hear and I'm sure plenty of other applications need to be read. What experience do you have that would be relevant to the role of Darth Vader? Well outside of rp I have lots of experience with moderation. I have been a moderator for Iron clad networks (shutdown), Geetslys gaming network clone wars rp, and am now a retired staff manager for Popcorns SCP rp, I am still a moderator for Popcorns Alien rp server however. Inside of rp I have been in practically every battalion/regiment in star wars on various popular servers (Icefuse, Geetslys, Gaming Light, Iron Clad Networks, etc), with my biggest accomplishments in rp being most likely my time as shock commander for Fusion RP, and Jedi Commander for Shock on Geetslys RP. Why do you think I should pick you over other applicants? Most people can outdo me in terms of activity but in terms of skill and experience with leading and other various skills I outdo the majority of people most likely applying for this job. The only reason I haven't been active is just boredom. If I had a chance at being Darth Vader my activity would sky rocket because of how important and interesting Darth Vader as a character is, especially on Gaming Lights Imperial RP. Other then those reasons, all my other skills (modelling, gming, map making) are pretty useless for the role as Darth Vader. Please outline some ideas that you could bring to improve the server as Darth Vader: Well personally, I haven't seen Darth Vader on the server more then a couple times every once and a while, so the first idea I have is just being active. I would also do my best at leading the server since Darth Vader is one of the highest ranking jobs on the server currently. I would definitely want to change 501st a little bit because on the server 501st has been getting a little boring and generic, so I would really love to add something unique that only Gaming Light does for the 501st. I'm sure I have plenty of ideas that I can think of later on when I am not focusing so much on proper grammar for this application! -=Section 3=- In your personal experience with being a player, what issues have you come across? Inactivity is by far the biggest issue, specifically the inactivity between time zones. I am MST and if I get accepted as Darth Vader I think it would really benefit those in my time zone or near my time zone so they can have a fun experience with me being Darth Vader. I would also like to promote moderation on the server because another issue is that whenever I get on I rarely see more then 4 staff on at a time when there are well over 40 players. In response to the question above, how would you handle and fix these issues? Well, first of all I stated above that I hope players would be motivated to get on when there isn't a large majority of players on (less then 30). A basic principle of gmod is that the more players you have on a server, the more people that will want to join that server. Having more players on at different times would boost the servers popularity because of that simple principle. The other problem can simply be solved by my first statement. The more players that we have on the server, the more players that we will have apply and be accepted for staff on the server in separate time zones. Anything else you would like to add? Even if I am not accepted as Darth Vader I hope that my problems and solutions listed will be dealt with appropriately! Thanks for taking the time to read this application.
  3. -=Section 1=- In-game name: Emily Steam Name: [GL] ❤ -Emily- ❤ Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:183533210 Age: 20 -=Section 2=- Why do you want to become the role of Darth Vader? Becoming Darth Vader isn’t about managing others, it’s about Trust and Believing and I’d like to believe that I can be trusted in this position. I want to become Darth Vader for many reasons, such as assisting HCMD in difficult decisions, Actively patrolling the ship and showing activity for HCMD, assisting battalions in difficult positions or other and basically plainly being a HCMD member and putting in my work. Another huge reason I would like to become Darth Vader is mainly to build and increase the community in Roleplay/Ranking wise by mainly helping all battalions grow and build with tryouts, or other. What experience do you have that would be relevant to the role of Darth Vader? I have a lot of Experience in many different servers such as High Command or other, however I will only be listing my Gamling Light experience because that’s what matters most. My first experience starts on SCP RP which began in Nu-7, I gained the rank of Colonel and joined HCMD. (Colonel isn’t HCMD Anymore sadly but was HCMD at the time.) My experiences in Nu-7 were absolutely amazing and I love them still to this day but the experience I had there did come to an end when I resigned after a few months being in Nu-7. My second experience is when I came over to ImperialRP and got along with a lot of people after coming with an old General and a lot of jokes were around the community which gave me a little boost in reputation which was funny. I began by jumping battalions to try and find where I fit in until eventually someone came to me and offered me a position in SF to assist activity and other because no one else accepted his offer so I went for it and within 2 weeks I applied for Vice Marshal and was accepted which made me super happy. I led SF alongside another Vice Marshal and once my goal was completed, I decided to leave at a good time. After leaving SF I went over to Naval and moved up the ranks until I was a Security Officer, Commander. I continued building my rank in Gamemaster as well and eventually was made a Senior Gamemaster. I resigned from Naval and decided to go up in IQ. My third experience is my current experience, I am an Assistant Head Gamemaster and still currently managing and assisting the Gamemaster team the very best I can by increasing activity and other. I’d like to think that the Gamemaster team is very fond of me and enjoys my presence. Why do you think I should pick you over other applicants? Competing with other applicants is what comes with this application but frankly I don’t wanna compete, I’m super excited to enter this race in who gets accepted and I wish all others good luck however if I was accepted, I’d do my absolute best in putting my activity, and work in this position by learning and helping the community grow. Please outline some ideas that you could bring to improve the server as Darth Vader: I have a lot of ideas I could be doing however a lot of the time it’s when you ARE Darth Vader when the most ideas come to mind however I’ll name the current ones I’m thinking of. 1: Possible other Lightsaber hilts for IQ! This could increase more donations and activity for IQ or even others to collect and observe what’s new for IQ, plus it gives more opportunities to find new things that they haven’t seen before, especially for experienced players or Veteran players. 2: Server SIMs and Tournaments! This could be a fun little competition for Battalions versing each other and giving players something to practice on. Plus, it’s all fun and fun so it could be pretty entertaining to host something like this. Plus, rewards from these could be fun to give as well. 3: Speaking directly to everyone about changing attitudes and how we treat new players to the server. I’ve noticed that ST’s are treated differently a lot, and it gives them an attitude and a reason to minge. We could change this and encourage ST’s to join battalions or just keep up the great work! A lot of the time, ST’s have to show a different side to them to seem professional and NOT mingey, this needs to change as well. 4: Photos! Memories and others are always kept in mind by memories but Screenshots and others can be saved and remembered forever. Getting battalions together for a group photo is awesome, and is a great idea in my opinion to get the community together. 5: More viewing into applications and possible transfers to Battalions that do need assistance in activity because some Commanders or others are LOA because of the sickness that’s spreading throughout America, Covid. This could help activity because someone of rank is on and can promote or encourage members of that battalions to be much more active for promotions. -=Section 3=- In your personal experience with being a player, what issues have you come across? I’ve come across a lot of issues but not as many as I expected. Firstly, I feel like a lot of HCMD usually get more inactive once reaching a certain position and I think that needs to be changed or talked about in the future. I’ve also noticed attitudes in HCMD towards lower ranks are a bit mean but I haven’t seen it at all. And common issues aren’t really that bad other than lag or other that’s being fixed already. In response to the question above, how would you handle and fix these issues? I could fix two. One, I would speak to HCMD and see how they feel and what we can improve in activity as well as find out why they are inactive. Of course, real life problems are much more important so I would consider this. I could also look towards more Low command on things and see if they can improve things as well. Anything else you would like to add? I currently do have an application for Seventh Sister up. I understand it’s weird to have two applications up at the same time, but this is a special opportunity so I decided to just try both and see how it goes. I wanted to put my hat in the ring. Female Vader! EDIT: I am applying for Seventh Sister as well! But this is a special Opportunity so, I didn't want it to pass!
  4. -=Section 1=- In-game name: Jupiter Steam Name: Mars Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:198997368 Age: 20 -=Section 2=- Why do you want to become the role of Darth Vader? I would want to become Darth Vader to make and help the server be a more and fun place and also let battalions do more things with the power. Also I would like to become Darth Vader to help the 501st and also all other battalions by giving them a leader to follow behind and a leader that can see the potential, of the people in the battalion. Also I would like to become Vader because I love the lore behind him and how his good beginnings turn into tragedy short after. Also Vader is a good chance for me to get a leadership position in the server to help me change it for the better. Vader would mean a lot to me because I love the server and the community in it. I would love to be a major part in Gaming light history and make a changes in the server that everyone would love. Darth Vader is also a great responsibility that I am ready to take and I believe I can make amazing changes to the server and also for the popularity to the server. Also Darth Vader is one not if my favorite Sith in lore he has an amazing background story and where he came from and everything. Also another reason is that I would like to see a lot more activity In IQ and for that to happen, I believe that I would need this role. Also would like to see IQ lore leadership roles doing more RP during events and also on ship. What experience do you have that would be relevant to the role of Darth Vader? The experience I would have is I have been on several JvS servers in high ranking positions. Such as Emperors hand and also Emperors Voice so basically the Emperors right hand men. Also have been high ranking roles on sever Imperial and Clone wars servers. Also was several of high command roles in a 1945 RP. Why do you think I should pick you over other applicants? You should pick me over all the other applicant because I have a strong and good speaking voice and will make decisions on the spot if needed. Also my background on the past JvS server shows that I was a good duelist was ranked one on the leaderboards. I'm also easy to get along with if you just want to talk or have a conversation. I am active on the server and also I have defeated the Grand IQ in a duel multiple times. Also I will not make rash decisions on a random occasion. Also I will go to the Emperor always first before making a decision because it has to go through him first for it to happen. Please outline some ideas that you could bring to improve the server as Darth Vader: 1. As Darth Vader I would give all battalions more to do such as Joint ops trainings. I would also make sure the leadership is good in every battalion make sure they are active and also fit for the position that they have. 2. I will bring an active Vader to the server that is willing to hear anyone out if they need to talk or have any ideas. 3. I would try my hardest to help and make IQ more active such as more lore sessions and also more passive dueling sessions to see who is worthy. Also to see if the IQ lore are doing their jobs making sure they are doing ok and hearing their questions they have for me or any request they may have. 4. I will check all applications personally to make sure if they are reliable for said position and then talk to them afterwards like a interview to see how they speak and also ask them a few questions. 5. Asking people personally on what changes they would want on the server and see if they could be done with the best of my ability. -=Section 3=- In your personal experience with being a player, what issues have you come across? What I have come across was bad leadership and also how inactive a lot of the battalion leads where and inactivity of battalions. I would like to see all battalions active and they all have a good chunk of players in them. In response to the question above, how would you handle and fix these issues? I would talk to the leaders of each battalion separately and then I would see why they are all inactive. If they respond with a reasonable answer then I will give then time to be more active. If they are not active within that set time then i would start requesting all officers for a meeting of said battalion. Then I would tell them we are looking for a new lead so the more active they are more likely to be in the lead. Then if I see good leadership skills and also good activity I would set them on a trial period for the said rank. If they pass the trail period then they deserve that position. Also to get more people in the different battalions I would push to make them more active and give them more to do during missions and also on ship. Then that would interest people to join more and more to see an active battalion that does a lot. Anything else you would like to add? Yes good luck to all my other competitors for this rank and let the best Vader win. Long live the Empire long live the Emperor.
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