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  1. It has been fun when I was in the department but it’s time for me to move on
  2. + Support Pretty active person Shows a lot of future potential Would do amazing as a captain Mature Knows how to handle command situations with respect, professionalism and good leadership skills
  3. + Support Active Always a pleasure to work with Professional and Mature
  4. -Support Has only been Colonel for two weeks Just needs a little more time in command compared to the experience of other applicants.
  5. -Support - Inactive within PD only time I have seen him on is recently after Tactical's resignation
  6. +Support -Friendly -Great person -I think more activity is needed, nonetheless, Good Luck!!
  7. +Support We've never had this before -Good idea!
  8. dmm glad you had a good time with Delta Force
  9. n-Game Name: Jack My Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:502502915 Job Name: Ghost SteamID Paid For Everything: STEAM_0:1:502502915 Owner of CC STEAM: ID STEAM_0:0:57266598 Total Amount Paid: $30 USD
  10. n-Game Name: Jack My Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:502502915 Server: PoliceRP Job Name: North Carolina Deputy SteamID Paid For Everything: STEAM_0:1:502502915 Total Amount Paid: $30 USD
  11. CC Owner: Phil CC name: Rockford tac unit SteamID being added: STEAM_0:1:502502915 SteamID that paid: STEAM_0:1:502502915 Person's name being added: Jack SteamID of person being removed: STEAM_0:0:181101264 SteamID of person that paid: STEAM_0:1:502502915 Amount Paid: 30
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