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  1. +support evidence clearly shows proof of LTAP and Player Diss
  2. +support Video shows they broke many rules
  3. +support Clearly shows he stole the Govt car
  4. I agree with Frog, the last question dose need some help, Also we do not use Minge any more, we just jail but I see what you mean. Other than that it looks good. Good Luck!
  5. Zerg


    I agree with max, sadly the chances it gets added back are very slim
  6. Stay safe, Sucks you see you go
  7. +support Clear Proof of Racism. Racism is not allowed on any server.
  8. +support Clearly has 30 Warns, Had 30 chances to read the MOTD and not do it again and didn't take them
  9. Zerg


    Wow why am I not surprised
  10. +support racism is not allowed on any of the servers