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  1. I'd like to think it's my nature to see the potential in people, that being said he's dedicated, active, adaptive, creatively brilliant, straight forward and shows that he's capable of taking on additional responsibility while excelling his expectations. But like any one of us we all have our moments, his just so happens to come off as short-tempered but I assure you it doesn't come from a place of defiance but from a place of passion. He wants to do well by the server and when he witnesses something that is wrong he will call it how he see's it. I'm more than sure that he's capable of letting up when need be, and whether it's enough or not to join RRH with more time on the server you'll eventually see what I mean, this is on behalf of myself and on behalf of some of the Nu7 enlisted that created a bond with him and don't think they have a voice yet to state their opinions. +1
  2. Overall nice execution, you're active and I have no questions towards your integrity. That being the case I think you deserve a shot, good luck. +1
  3. In Game Name: Kindred Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:84420904 Job applying for (Medical - MEDIC + | Red Right Hand - ANY MTF/CI RANK OR GENSEC COMMAND | Research/RND - Researcher+): Red Right Hand If applying for Red Right Hand preferred O5 to guard: 05-5 "The Treasurer" or whomever needs RRH How many Strikes do you have: 0 Why do you want to join the O5 staff team: I want to join RRH because it provides an opportunity for me to step up and accumulate additional responsibility's which would attribute to my experience on the server. Furthermore, becoming RRH would allow me to involve myself in a more serious RP environment in a way that isn't mundane, I would expect the job to be just as fun. I'm striving for longevity on this server so getting to know the 05 and involving myself in the community more would benefit me in the future to play a bigger role and helping the community to the best of my ability. Throughout my time playing on the server I would listen with awe as MTF command would tell me previous stories of Alpha-1 and since then I've looked more into them and was infatuated with their lore. Lastly, I'm hoping to learn a lot from the current RRH and 05 council throughout my experience in RRH if I were to get excepted which would translate in making me a much more efficient leader and or representative of the server/foundation. Why should we accept you: I'm a dedicated player to the server having previously played 33 hours straight representing Nu7 as HSU, Head Field Expert, and Junior Command all these are honorary titles bestowed to me by those who saw me fit to carry the torch and pass it on. My current activity averages from 12-15+ hours a day, meaning that for those 12-15+ hours I will be on standby for those 05 personnel that are in need of an escort. I'm a very experienced role player as I've been playing RPG's almost for the entirety of my childhood and knowing that G-Mod SCP-RP presents a slightly different aspect to this wherever I need to improve I hope to learn from the best on the server and become an excellent example. I'm a straight forward and intuitive individual who's chill but necessarily understands when to be serious, however not uptight so that I get on everyone's nerves. I'd like to say that I've made a pretty good reputation so far on the server and that those of you who do or don't know me give me the opportunity to introduce myself as I plan to be here a very long time and make the best of that time, hopefully attributing to the servers well being in the meantime. Personal experiences in Nu7 have taught me expertise in dealing with CI/GOI/SCP threats and I've personally attempted to incorporate philosophical and militaristic strategies such as counter-offensive choke points on Site-05 which resulted in the decimation of large CI Raids in a matter of seconds, unfortunately due to the site transfer these procedures are no longer valid as the construct of HCZ is dissimilar. As Head Field Expert, I've learned a valuable lesson in leadership and communication between MTF and Maintenance to the point where I can make efficient decisions on a whim attributing to the safety of the 05. All in all, dedication, attentiveness, trustworthiness, intuitiveness, adaptability and wittiness all reinforce my ability to understand new concepts and apply them efficiently and be the RRH that 05 deserves.
  4. First let me begin with the definition of "Checkpoint": A barrier or manned entrance, typically at a border, where travelers are subject to security checks. This would specifically fall as a "Military Checkpoint": Place where military police check vehicular or pedestrian traffic in order to enforce circulation control measures and other laws, orders, and regulations. What is the purpose of a military checkpoint; A military checkpoint is a permanent feature where access by civilian visitors and vehicles will be controlled by a military authority, such as at a point of entry to a restricted or secured area, or a checkpoint on a public highway within areas under military or paramilitary supervision. The entire point of a checkpoint is for people to be there at all times, in this case "OMI9", which they aren't because the branch is struggling with activity problems. The new GOI has an RPG which they can shoot through the CP window and completely devastate the personnel inside mandating the checkpoint, along with grenades. Other counters to these checkpoints are utilizing "Riot Shields" and or smoke/flash grenades so that they can buy time for the one who's keypad cracking the level 3 door to allow his GOI to storm in the CP. The same angles available to you inside the CP are also available outside the checkpoint (except for the outside corner) making it fair for combat, and if you're inside the CP most of the time you'll have to fall back to at least the second window because you'll get eradicated by the hostiles at the windows so it's nothing that is busted. D-Class already have an easy enough time breaking out of LCZ, making it constant chaos through and through and MTF have to stretch their personnel just to deal with them while GENSEC picks themselves back up. In any case like I previously stated beforehand, there's almost no one mandating these checkpoints because OMI9 is currently struggling with activity and so that being the case the CP's aren't that much of an issue for D-Class even, because if I remember correctly, yesterday they were in EZ/HCZ/LCZ running around and causing total havoc for several hours without being contested, because of their no NLR rule, they outnumber foundation personnel and swarm them. These checkpoints are our last line of defense of creating a little stability in the foundation, and blocking the windows even though there's an equal opportunity for all is ridiculous. If you want to make the gap in the window bigger, so be it, but removing it altogether would defeat the purpose of having a CP. CI had two riot shields at the window and throwing grenades inside and shooting me inside while covered, I couldn't shoot back because the riot shields were blocked. -1
  5. It's been a pleasure, take care.
  6. I was hoping to see you as high command soon, unfortunately life must go on. Nu7 has lost a great 2LT, you lightened the mood through stressful times and situations and even if it was never said I personally really appreciated your positive attitude. See ya buddy. Take it easy with work and school, and thank you for everything. E. F. o7
  7. Agreed, with the new rules in place everything has changed, I think this is a better resolve to the conundrum that stealth classes were facing. Understandably infiltrator is a strong Bishop for the Chaos Insurgency, I can see how they'd stir away from the pack to pick off the one's falling behind or overextended. In which case I'm excited for what this update will do for them, although the 3 minute timer is still ridiculous and hard to explain.
  8. The weapon doesn't use shotgun slug ammunition, it uses cartridge ammunition. -1
  9. Interesting, I see your reasoning behind it but it doesn't make sense for thermals to expire in 3 minutes (ran out of battery?) CI have the advantage of being already grouped when raiding the facility, and as they say; "For the strength of the pack is the wolf, and the strength of the wolf is the pack." It takes MTF time to re-group since we are spread throughout the site doing our jobs. Even if this were to be implemented I see it as redundant, we'd just turn them back on with a bind, and even with the possibility that we'd have a CD on our thermals after the 3 minutes, how much would it really benefit an infiltrator? Now, thermals should expire during the end of every situation that is the following; SCP-966 Breach, CI Raid, and or Power Outage. But as far as I've seen this has already been made a rule followed by MTF, even unknowingly. -1