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  1. When I play as 106, I go after everyone I see and grab everyone I can. Usually the D Class stick in their hallway so I can not reach them so I go after the next best thing. I recall tranqing a 939 by accident once, and this was due to miscommunication. I did not mean to tranq him, so I allowed him his timer then we continued the RP. I know how it feels to be falsely tranqed as a 939 and I do not want anyone else to feel the annoyance of waiting their tranq timer for no reason. I sincerely apologize if my actions have caused you any inconveniences, and I will ensure to prevent these things from happening.
  2. +Support - This would help newcomers to the server get the help they need when they first join.
  3. What are you suggesting? - Recently the Dupe prop limit has been decreased to 50, which prevents some previous made dupes to be spawned for Events/ PTs/ and ETC. The Event Team side of this is that ET Members who use dupes for events, for example: Sewer events, PvP Events, Surface Events that involve a more props than 50, as well as more things related to this. Most of the props that ET uses for these large dupes do not cause lag, from previous experience of using a large dupe for events/PTs for my events/PTs. What I am suggesting is that the prop limit be increased to a range of 60-65. I understand the reason why the decreasing of props was put in place, but having some more space with props for dupes would help benefit ET, the Server, and more things. From my experience with using a dupe that is very large, it did not lag the server as a whole; however, it only slightly increased the frame rate of the people inside the duplication. It did not crash anyone and it did not crash the server. From the multiple times I have spawned the dupes that exceed 60 props, it did not lag the server nor crash anyone on it. Another suggestion I am implying is that the prop limit be increased for a week to allow those with large dupes to fix their dupes or split each dupe. I would accept either decision because it would allow us time to fix our dupes, or allow us to continue with our dupes as they are. For large dupes as a whole: ET should communicate with each other when using a large quantity of props to prevent two ETs spawning a amount of props that can crash the server. Communication would prevent the problem with too many dupes at once, or too many props as a whole. How would this change better the server? - For Events, it would increase the experience for the player and it would increase the role play for the player participating in the event. For PTs and Events that involve PVP Arenas, it would inrcease the immersion for the player and give the player a better RP Experience. It would increase RP potential, as well as create a fun environment for the player. Players would want to see more of these events or PTs, and stay online to participate in these detailed events. Are there any disadvantages of making this change to the server? If so, explain. - The only disadvantage that it could bring is slight lag, but if used in moderation it will not be a problem. Who would this change mostly benefit? - This would benefit the Event Team, RP, and the server as a whole. This would bring RP opportunities, Event opportunities, as well as bring detailed immersion to the server for the player to come back to. This would benefit players to come back to the server for fun, immersion, and detailed events. Please link any workshop content, screenshots, or anything that you think may be helpful to those who view this suggestion - N/A Notes: Newly added limit: [Anti-Crash] That dupe exceeds the max size limit! (size:65, max:50)
  4. In Game Name: Travar. Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:62467440 Job applying for (Medical - MEDIC + | Red Right Hand - ANY MTF RANK OR GENSEC COMMAND | Research - Researcher+): I am applying for Red Right Hand. If applying for Red Right Hand preferred O5 to guard: 05-13 Catsro. How many Strikes do you have: I have 0 Strikes. Why do you want to join the O5 staff team: I want to join the 05 Staff Team because I want to become apart of the unique experience that is apart of the foundation. I have always been intrigued in applying for Red Right Hand, and I want to be apart of something that heavily involves RP. I want to guard 05 Staff because it brings a unique RP experience, as well as provides a more RP environment to the server. 05 Staff running around without a escort leaves them vulnerable to GOIs, SCPs, or other harmful parties. Being apart of the unit that escorts and guards those staff members has always been on my mind. I am well versed on the lore of 05 Staff as well as the lore of the "Red Right Hand". Escorting 05 Staff is a highly important task, and I want to be apart of escorting these staff members. I love the RP that becoming 05 Staff brings off, the potential to assist 05 Staff in situations, and being apart of the team that has members in it that each worked their way into becoming 05 Staff Members. I want to become a 05 Staff Member to increase the RP Experience for the 05 Staff Team, Persons on the server, and increase a RP Experience for myself as well. I know how to escort High Value Members and how to properly secure each Member. Why should we accept you: I am a active member on the server, as well as a active member in MTF. I am a active member in Nu7 and I am making my way up the ranks. I am pushing to become a active leader in Nu7 to help Nu7 become a greater MTF Branch than it currently is. I am loyal to the MTF, and I want to be loyal to the 05 Staff Team. I understand my duties as a Red Right hand and I am dedicated to upholding my position as Red Right hand. I completely understand that once a 05 Staff Team Member flags up that I flag up to provide them armed escort. I am dedicated to provide a RP friendly experience on the server and provide a good experience to the Staff I am protecting. I have made a good name for myself on the server, and I try to be respectful to everyone I encounter. I understand everyone has opinions, and to respect each opinion a person could have. During situations or tasks, I do what must be done. I do not hesitate and I am dedicated to upholding the expectations I am given as a Red Right Hand. I am experienced in escorting, combat, and RP Situations. I have played on other SCP RP Servers before, and I am versed in the lore of the 05 Staff. I am good at protecting others, good with combat, and I am good at being loyal to those I am assigned to. I am willing to work with others and I am good at communicating with others. I will communicate with the Staff I am assigned to as well as the Council members I am assigned to. I am not afraid to make judgement calls that will save the life of the staff member I am escorting, risking my own life. I understand the severity of the secrecy and Redacted classification the 05 Staff Team upholds. I know I am responsible for what I do and that my actions are always being watched as a Red Right Hand. I do not take my position lightly as Red Right Hand, and stay active in RRH, as well as professional in RRH.