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  1. They have 125 hp at most. I'm confused about how that is strong when you have 200 hp 200 ap. Anyways how does this suggestion involve D-Block? they would Be OUT OF IT in the armory for this to happen and what do you mean by "Unrealistic" the foundation has several military-grade weapons in their armories like negevs, fully automatic assault rifles, snipers, Smgs, and grenades. The point of an armory existing is so you can get these in an RP method rather than pulling it out of your ass. A Riot Shield isn't a weapon and the longbow has a better counterpart called a 50 cal sniper that does more damage. As I said your just minus supporting this just because it gives D-Class a method to fight back once they are out of D-Block. in an armory that sells LMGs and anti-material rifles.
  2. Post name: “General Suggestion - addition of a "Donor weapon NPC” in Armory for D-Class" What are you suggesting? - make an NPC that D-Class or SCP 035 can grab donor weapons from in the armory. or make it so armory NPC has another tab for it like "donor weapons" How would this change better the server? - allow D-Class to get longbow/riot shields like guards when the reach armory Are there any disadvantages of making this change to the server? If so, explain. - none really besides the "IT HELPS D-CLASS. NERF THEM MORE" Who would this change mostly benefit? - D-Class/SCP 035 Please link any workshop content, screenshots, or anything that you think may be helpful to those who view this suggestion - l
  3. -support making shotguns wider then your mother
  4. What bug is occurring? 035 Model's hitbox is only torso Is it tied to a specific job, swep, player model, etc? models/logone/player/035_player.mdl Has it only occurred once, or is it continuous? always Please provide screenshots or a short video of the bug in action: Don't have any right now you can see for yourself if ya want to tho
  5. Change/Fringbean 6/11/22 (My birthday) "Hope I never see you again if I do... Something bad happened" Lukemario: only Maj I like Trydicks: Best Maj. role model since RCT. Zod: best no mic to exist Gar: Better than cosmic Cosmic: worse than Gar. Scooty: get off tarkov Pure: Funny rdmer in base with knife Talila: should've stayed Cyclone: good Maj Dick Grayson: Rank locked | inactive | go fuck yourself Jeff: not even a 2nd LT on purpose | Best E4 Elijah: gay bitch#1 Perms: Bri'ish Big Bob: "Crossfire" Gordan: resigned but will reply to this forum Kieran: Always a role model looked up to in military command (should be promoted) Tempus: only talked to you once but you're the best captain Mind: furry #1 Zj: Gay bitch#2 Jack Crest: only person wardens should escort Chineseman131: future of wardens and gensec Gamehunter: why aren't you major or WL Sixx: where is my money (50 million and counting) SavagerY: furry#2 Islandtoad: Should be super admin | abuses admin like SMT Nu7: Branch dis warn x68 E11: you smell take a shower D5: best MTF branch fusion: the best friend I have made on gaminglight Zack: I hate you and love you igneous: https://streamable.com/fe55yi Coltable: better than rang in every way beside simping Rang: Simp Flixy: Best friend Should be command: Kiwi, Global, shadow, and seven that is everyone I had a somewhat strong relationship too or deserved credit for what they did.
  6. ROA or LOA: LOA Name: Fringbean/change Rank: Member Start Date: 5/26/22 End Date: 6/11/22 Reason: Can't make quota (finals/exams. etc) LOA till school is over / summer break I'll be back with better ideas for events
  7. man just said it all -suppport
  8. LOA Name: Fringbean/change Rank: member Start Date: 5/12/22 End Date: 5/20/22 Reason: Burnt out just taking a break.
  9. ACCEPTED After reviewing your application, we think you will be a good addition to the insurgency! TO BEGIN Now join the GamingLight SCP-RP discord server and head to "member-self-roles" channel click the 5th emoji to get the "Requesting CI Tags" role then navigate to CI "Requesting-FTO" channel and you will see the "Requesting FTO format" fill it out in the channel and wait for an FTO to train you! feel free to DM me on discord if you have any questions: FringO BingO#6843 Or make a staff sit in-game to be brought to CI base @Recron
  10. Lies. First to start off is exspira is to learn their behavior. You first need to know how the class is played and what it is equipped with. Exspira is a cloaking foundation unit within the warden sub branch within gensec this class is equipped with a KSG 12 shot gun that does 80-100 damage to the body on average, they are also equipped with a SMG that does 24-26 dmg a shot at 600 rpm. Play styles. Exspira units focus on solo work regarding recon, assassination, and SOLO head on fights. Weaknesses. Exspira units fail in scenarios such as group, crossfire, Hp, ranged, and crouch jump spamming combat. If you want to win force them into these scenarios. NEVER LET THEM GET THE FIRST SHOT. Strengths. Exspira units focus on these scenarios and will most if not always win in 1v1s, assassinations, SCPs, and ambushes. Avoid these at ALL COSTS. How to deal with them. If you want to win in combat follow this simple phrase A.A.T.C.A Awareness if they are near you or stalking you. Avoid getting shot first . Trap the exspira. Crouch spam and jump. attack the exspira after they think they are safe. in a ideal situation the exspira unit will stalk you into a room or hall way and because of awareness and not giving them a good opportunity to shoot you they follow you into this room then you close the door and crouch and jump spam in the direction you think he is once he is uncloaked you won. (KSG 12 can't win against jump and crouch spam) - CI SFTO CPT Change LUCKY
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