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  1. 0din

    Hello There!

    No thanks. (Enjoy your time on the server if you do actually decide to come back, though.)
  2. +Support Although I'm resigned, I wanna toss my hat into the ring on this one as I have a great deal of experience working alongside Astro. I could write a essay detailing why you'd be a good candidate but I'll just get straight to the point instead. 1.You're incredibly easy to work & communicate with. 2. you complete any and all tasks assigned to you with a great deal of efficiency. 3.you're a teamplayer and work well with others. 4. You have an adaptable mindset that would suit incredibly well in navy high command. 5. You're good at being independent. Best of luck.
  3. Pouring one out for you, welcome to the reserves gang.
  4. As of recent I’ve entirely lost interest in the server, things have gotten repetitive and stale. I really wish I could give a grand, dramatic, and elaborate reason for my resignation but I just don’t have the motivation or willingness to put in the effort anymore. The one thing that made me stick around for this long was the community, it’s a mixed bag and I have my fair share of people I don’t like. But for a majority of the servers the people really make it fun to hang around. So thanks for making my experience as enjoyable as I found it, I hope I made yours equally as enjoyable. Thanks for everything dudes. Honorable mentions Bop - One of the most genuine members of the community I have ever come across, I’m glad we became friends. Astro - You were a pleasure to work with. Mann - You have a shit ton of potential, harbor it. Hex - One of the most dedicated medical I've seen, a pleasure to talk to. Frog - Trust your gut, and you will do fine. Rux - An incredibly kind individual to work with, it's not often where I come across someone that treats everyone this nicely. Hold on to that, It'll get you places. ST PVT Jacob 5475 - Micspammed the entire discography of Lil nasx on bridge for me.
  5. +Support What's most important is what reflects the current needs, wishes and ideas of a command team regarding an application. Besides, with it's recent buff the DLT-19x is much more of a utility compared to before.
  6. +Support The application is well written and establishes that you have a fair amount of experience with staffing, however what I recommend is that you try and re-establish a presence within the community to get your name put out there as that is an incredibly important element to being a good staff member. However regardless of current community status, it's a fair application and you seem like a good pick. Best of luck!
  7. +Support Your application is well written and provides good & elaborated answers, you'd make a wonderful staff member especially considering the fact that you have previous experience in staffing. Good luck!
  8. 0din

    Zefer birthday post

    Happy birthday Zefer!
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