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    It's sad to see you go Hope to see you on sometime!
  2. 1. What is your IGN? (In Game Name) : Maroon steam name: [GL] Maroon 2. What Regiment are you applying for? 501st 3. Why do you want to be a commander of this branch? I would like to be vice commander of the 501st because, I have had a lot of experience with the battalion [2 years] and feel that I have spent enough time within it to apply for vice commander. I love the battalion as much as I love the server, if not more. Everyone in 501st is nothing but helpful and is always nice. With our recent loss of Doomlam, I feel that somebody with experience needs to step up to take his place. I want to be Vice commander so I can take Doomlam’s place. I am very confident in myself that I can do it, I have done everything in my power as an officer to get the battalion in better shape both behavior and activity wise. I have been trying my best to get 501st Jumptroopers on its feet, but we need to wait for a VCMDR+ to approve the documents and format them. I want to help out with all of the documents and do more for the battalion. As a Vice Commander, I understand that a simple mistake can mess up a lot of things, but I have learned from my previous ones and have talked to other Vice Command+ on what not to do and how to improve. I understand what the job is and does. I love 501st and just want to make it the best it can be. 4. How much game time do you have on the the server? Time spent in an active RP Rank: 2 and a half weeks. Total game time: 4 and a half weeks if not 5 5. What is the Main Purpose of a commander for a branch? 501st Vice Commander’s job is to Oversee everyone in the battalion, including Command [Maj-Col] They are to approve Documents and ideas for the battalion. Vice Commander is to be non-biased at all times and be serious, as they set an example for the entire Battalion. A Vice Commander is to Promote or approve officer promotions. Vice Commander is in charge of promoting Senior NCO’s into 2LT [Officer]. Vice Commander’s job is to host Meeting every weekend at 4PM EST. [501st meeting] Their job is to Update roster anytime needed. For Example, if a Sgt Gets SSGT, you would move the SGT up to the column above them and remove their name from the previous one. Or if a SPC joins A Sub Battalion such as 501st Heavy, you would put their name in the roster along with any other important information. As a Vice Commander, you are to help out anyone in the battalion if they have issues or have been acting up a little. You are to correct their behavior if they do misconduct. You can watch over a NCO/Officer if they are having trouble staying in line. You may approve for Applications to be open [with all other command being okay with it] Your main job is to Communicate with High Command and other Command on certain issues in either your battalion or just in general. You are to go to Command Meetings and your battalions meetings. You are to give Announcements for meetings and other important announcements. You are to ensure that everyone is doing their role in the battalion. You may promote/demote if seen fit. Vice commander is to be a Role Model for everyone. They are to lead by example. Vice Commander are to hand out weekly assignments for Officers/NCO’s. They are to make sure that Officers are entertained okay and check in on everyone for any concerns about the battalion or if they have any questions. 6. Why should we trust you to be a commander? : I am a CPT/JTL in 501st and used to be CPT a year ago. I am currently in ARC Reserves. I am a JR LT in Naval along with a TSO. [trial Security Officer] I haven’t been Warned in over a year on the Server. I have learned very much about my mistakes and believe I am ready. Others tell me that I am doing amazing and am setting a great example for what an Officer should be. I am always open for contact and always online anytime I can be. I enjoy the server so I don’t get burnt out too much. I never take long breaks from the server and have much experience within the battalion and wish to take it one step forwards. I know what my job is and know how to do it efficiently. I have made enough mistakes to learn from them and have been given much advise over the years on what command does and how to be perfect in it. I know that I am Ready and others believe so too. I am willing to help out others if needed. I will do anything as long as it is in reasoning. If I ever need advise for how to do something I am not afraid to ask my peers. I can be strict if needed. I have matured, even if you can’t see it in my voice. I am not an extremist and yell at people if they are doing something wrong, but I will give them a second to compose themselves then talk to them about what they did wrong and why it’s wrong. 7. How often can you be Online? : EveryDay of the weeks from hours 3-9PM EST Weekends can vary, I am at my dads some weekends and moms others. 8. Do you have any Warnings? (What for?) : I have three: ARDM RDM FailRp They were all from over a year ago. ****Something I would like to add********* I am applying to do what’s best for the battalion. I understand my job and how to do it. I can do much if you simply give me the chance. And to all other Applicants, GOODLUCK!!
  3. MASSIVE +SUPPORT -Has Been COL for 2 MONTHS!! -Possibly The Coolest and Most Honest Person I've seen on the game. [Except for Story] -Has Well over the amount of Experience needed for the Position. -Is adaptable -Great guy -GREAT APP! -Amazing Reputation -0 Warns -Overall everything is perfect about his app and his intents. HOPE YOU GET IT!
  4. -Support -Short app -Seems Rushed. -Not the Nicest Guy -Not The Greatest when talking to someone hes not friends with. -Is not Very Friendly [To me atleast.] If You truly wanted VCMDR, You would've made a good app.
  5. MASSIVE +Support am in 501st with him hes a good guy hes an officer in 501st he would make a great staff and would go far. Good luck akeru Make sure not to reply to your own app
  6. 1. Steam Name: [GL] Maroon 2. In game Name: Maroon 3. SteamID: STEAM_0:0:526709568 4. Have you donated to the server? yes, About $300 5. Staff Restriction Length: Perma i think. 6. Staff Member that Staff Restricted you: [GL] ChineseMan 7. Reason for Staff Restriction: DOX threat 8. Why do you think that your Staff Restriction should be removed? (longer the better): I will list off a lot of reasons below: 1B) I understand what i did wrong and will not do it again. 2B) Feel much Regret 3B) I am a 501st JTL 1LT, Naval SubLt, & 501st ARC trooper. 4B) It has been a long time since that happened. 5B) At the Time of the incident, I had some really bad stuff happen in real life and was just trying to calm down. 6B)I will explain what happened: It was about midnight and I was laying in bed looking at my friend's snap stories, then I got a ping on my phone saying that I was being put on a 1 Week DNP for saying a joke that read, " Imagine not being a stuck at Senior Researcher for 2 weeks :lol: " The person who i ended up Threatening to DOX saw that as Complaining, so he went and put me on a DNP. I was confused and told him that it was a joke, but he didn't listen to me and said: "bro chill out It's just a Week" That kind of made me frustrated with him because he clearly wasn't taking me seriously and Didn't care for what I had to say. Considering he's Research Command he should've had more respect for me. I had anger issues at the time [I got them checked out and I'm fine now] which didn't help. So I started getting Defensive and Said that he is acting like I committed a felony. This is where I lose my temper. [To be Clear, I was 12 at the time] He said Something along the lines of: "Since you're clearly mad about something so little, I will shorten it to 3 Days" I still found the situation unfair because, I didn't do anything wrong in the first place. We go back and forth on why it's wrong. I end up Delivering the message that it's correct, then he says something that Triggers me. "It's only 3 Days, You'll be fine" At this point i lose my shit and start saying stuff like, this conversation is over, because I don't want to incriminate myself because i'm really pissed off and just want to go to bed. But he keeps Messaging me annoying stuff then i tell him to quit or something bad is going to happen. And that's what led to me being Perma Banned on SCP-RP and Staff/GM Restriction on any server. A year later I am here making this Ban appeal. 7B) With all of that being said, I am wrong for what I said, but so is the Research Command member. He was constantly antagonizing me. Conclusion: I am Truly Sorry for what I said, and To the Research Command, I apologize for like the 50th time. I still feel much regret. But he also did antagonize a 12 Year Old boy. That is all I have to say, and to the SMT/JMT who read this. Please take this into consideration, I have made it far in Imperial RP and would like to go farther. I am a Human like the rest of you [Hopefully] and I make mistakes. I am Young [14] and make mistakes. But, I learn from them. -Crysto [2020] -Gamma [2020-2021] -Maroon[2022]
  7. MASSIVE +SUPPORT -Possibly one of the Best SSO's We've had in a while. -VERY Mature -Can handle high positions of power. -Is a great guy. -Amazing reputation -High rank in naval already, Which goes to show that he is very much worthy -Knows how to handle situations -Has much experience on this server. -He is already an SSO which proves that he is trusted within SO. -Is one rank away from it. -has had no issues lately with behavior. -Great leader. -Responsible -Knows how to communicate with higher ups and lower ranks on issues. -Great with giving out orders and making them fair. -understands the Job of Kallus. -Is completely capable of being in charge of SO. -Is great at communicating with DT & shock. Overall he is perfect for the job in every way and I believe that he will be our next agent Kallus. I wish you the best of luck wolf.
  8. + and - Support -You just got Security Officer and now you want agent Kallus, seems a bit power-hungry from my viewpoint. -You can sometimes take RP a little too serious but can recompose yourself. It's clear that you know how the job works and what it means to be Kallus, But are you fit to be Kallus? At the end of the day, It's just an RP server on GMOD, I hope you get it if it's what you really want.
  9. +MASSIVE SUPPORT -Is an amazing Commander for 501st -Has AMAZING leadership skills -Overall perfect for the job
  10. What is your in game name and rank? Full name: 501st JTO 2LT Maroon 7567 / ARC 2LT Maroon 12 name: Maroon Rank:2LT What position are you applying for? JTL / Jump-Trooper Lead What is your SteamID? STEAM_0:0:526709568 How long have you been a member of the 501st Legion? 2 Months Why do you believe you should become a member of Sub-Battalion leadership? What can you offer? What Command Experience do you hold? (200 words minimum) I believe I should become Jump-Trooper Lead because I've Seen that nobody wants to take leadership and JT cannot become a sub battalion again without good leadership. This is the part where I step in, I have been a JTO before it was removed from 501st Sub battalions and just became a CERT. That being said I have a lot of experience within the Branch. I Know What my job is and how to do it. I can Offer Leadership that is very much needed to get this Sub Battalion off the ground. I feel that if i don't do anything, then JT will never change and always be a CERT. I hold the experience within the Branch of being a Captain a while ago, A 2LT now, And I used to be a JTO. I know that I can be leadership for Jump Troopers and i am confident that I will get there. I have the Time and the Experience to take on the Role of JTL. Within my time in the 501st I have gained much experience and I wish to put it to the test by applying for JTL. Seeing as nobody else want to take on the responsibility of being a JTL, I will gladly take it as JT deserves to be a Sub Battalion again. If JT stays a CERT not many changes will be done to it. But When I get it off of the ground and make it a Sub Battalion again, It will have Changes that the Members of JT Want. So when it comes to Leading a Sub Division such as JT. I am up for the Responsibility. Describe the duties of a Sub-Battalion Lead / Assistance Lead (75 words minimum) Sub battalion Leads Assistant Leads jobs are to Be the Voice of their Sub Division. If their Members of their Division want a change, The Lead / Sub Lead make it happen or try to. Leads are to communicate with command about their divisions and what's let them know what's happening. Leads are tasked with ensuring that the Sub Battalion is doing well with activity and changes. Without change, it will become boring and it will be just a CERT. With Too much change, It can become confusing with the conduct and what's happening. With just the right amount, it can become something greater. A Lead is to Be passionate with their role and be non-Biased when it comes to punishments or Misconduct. Sub Battalion Leads/Assistant Leads are to Promote when seen fit. Promotions within Sub Divisions aren't just given out. If one has been seen to be active but has done nothing to prove themselves they are not ready for their next promotion. If they have done much for the battalion and are standing out [in a good way] they are to be promoted as seen fit. A member of your Sub-Battalion was caught red handed abusing their specialized gear. What do you do? Strike them, Remove them from the Sub Division depending on how severe the Abuse was. If seen doing simple misconduct they are to be told to stop immediately. If they continue with it, they are to be Striked/Removed. if they Are abusing their equipment such as Jetpacks, they are to go to precautions such as Applying limited fuel to their jetpacks until told to return it to normal. If they are found doing Severe misconduct such as Using A Rocket Launcher [PLX-1] on ship Without permission from higher up / not in a sim or claimed area, they are to be immediately striked and removed from the Sub Division, and maybe put on DNT if seen fit. Have you ever been striked in the 501st? If so, what for? No. Is there anything else you'd like to add? Hello everyone! I applied because I thought it would be most beneficial to the jumptrooper division.
  11. +Support -App coulda been a little longer but delivers message. -Very Responsible -Knows how to do his job From what I have seen, he has every reason to be an Aviation Officer. good luck Top!
  12. What is your in-game name?: SubLT Maroon or ARC 2LT Maroon 12 / 501st JTO 2LT Maroon 7567 What is your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:526709568 What is your rank on the Naval Roster?: SubLT What specialty are you applying for?: TSO / Trial Security Overseer What Naval Command (Rear Admiral+) gave you permission to apply?: SSO Rear Admiral Ankh & Rear Admiral Sam What can you do to improve the branch you will be responsible for?: I can help the Branch stay active by keeping them entertained with Sims of all sorts. I will ask for any feedback on the branch and what they would like to see in the future of their battalion. I would answer any questions they had about their battalion. I can Keep them motivated to do better and reward them for it. I would encourage them to keep working for their goals. As an overseer you are tasked with ensuring the battalion is in shape and active and that's exactly what I will do. Why should you be trusted with this position? I am already Officer in 501st and have great passion for 501st and Shock. i have much time dedicated to the server and intend to dedicate more. I have much experience with being given authority, and have learned when I need to take a break. Even though I have minor ADHD I can be the good officer that I see in myself. With the time i've dedicated to the server, I have learned that with being trusted with a higher rank means you have more responsibility. I have good leadership skills, I am mature when needed, Good at following orders, and I am great with being given power. I can handle power really well for my age [13] Why do you want this rank?: i have always been interested in Shock and DT. I think that with the rank of TSO it can really help me understand the two. I have always loved DT for being so cool and Shock for being police of the ship. Even though they can be seen as the bad guy, they always come through and if you spend enough time with them, they are all actually really cool guys. I would like to be given the power to oversee Shock and ensure they are doing well and staying active. Do you understand that if you receive a strike you will be stripped of this rank?: Yes. What is your purpose within your assigned branch?: The purpose of SO is to Oversee Shock/DT and ensure they are behaving. but that doesn't mean you police them, as an overseer your job is to help the battalion improve and keep them active with things to do. Your job is to answer any questions they have. As an overseer you are required to be active and act as an officer for the battalion. Overseers are meant to be fun but serious when needed. They basically play the role of Officer and command at the same time. In conclusion, Overseers are meant to oversee the battalions they specialize in and make sure they are staying active and behaving whilst on job. And do lots of tryout to make the battalion grow, as that is one of the biggest things they can do.
  13. +support Perfect everything
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