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  1. Lets not go that far, people pay good money for that Anyway -Support, it's not just random donators who play SEC HVY. 1 bad apple shouldn't spoil the bunch. The lvl 3 card is needed to escort researchers It's already a rule that Foundation no matter what can't help D Class or CI (unless under fearrp)
  2. -Support It'll just make it so that D Class absolutely need CI to break them out to the point of impossible rather very difficult
  3. Protoss

    049 health

    -Support I like using him as a bullet sponge when MTF are shooting me down a hall
  4. Of course the guy with the commie picture would say "our"
  5. Ayy thanks for teaching me the signs of a crack addict
  6. +Support Having been a COL twice before, stands a dedicated member of the community, in particular SCP-RP
  8. Well nobody likes having to negotiate with terrorists, just look at our real life scenario Besides my stance on this is if you guys tried to be funny, we'll up the price by 1.5x and quite possibly scam you the next time you come back (Providing you failed) Though I do prefer we get rid of SCPs we no longer need and set it back to Defcon 5 for Foundation Research to finally research
  9. The rewards remained the same while the risk was increase was what I was saying
  10. -Support All this does is add more risk factor with no addition of reward that you claim It's already hard enough to try and win a 60+ and 70+ Roll I'd be leaning towards + support if the rolls were lowered to 40 and 50 in favor of this Besides activating teslas and or turning off lights is an alarm of itself that CI is in the facility Might I mention that sometimes it's not a good idea for us to waste our time in control room if we were getting things like D Class or 049
  11. You make this sound too good