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  1. + Squash makes me feel some sort of way when I look at them, and also good person, with good work
  2. Oh...........................................................shit lmao.
  3. It sorted it's self out, when logging back in. Though, still want to report it since. it was really unusual.
  4. Look at the Defcon and level bar
  5. oh lawd he comin + Not to mention, this man is really kind hearted and helpful. My First day of being Tmod, I made an oopsie, and he calmed me down and hleped me out big time. Rektify, your a good fucking mate, hope you get SA
  6. Hey, fret not. According to a 'story' on a site called Channel 45 News, “Mojang has announced on their Twitter that Minecraft will shut down their servers on December 21st, 2020.” But if you actually follow that link, you'll soon find that the site in question is a prank generator, designed to let you quickly make goofball news ^ It's a hoax bud!
  7. Big +, This guy is a good person, and a hard worker
  8. I can first hand, say. I do see Vlad on, doing his best. Doing a great job. He always brings something fun to the table.
  9. -Support To this stuff, I believe there should be no second chances. People when they do this often know the ordeals/punishment that follow and just do it for a sinister kick. To even act in this way, and expect no major punishment is very ignorant and naive. I do not know what was your motive for that very day you decided to act and behave like that. Either way, the words and actions were true on that day. I believe that you should remain banned permanently. The staff and players do there hardest to keep this server free from toxicity. And, I know I can speak for a majority of the folks here on GamingLight. We do not tolerate racism nor find it funny in ANY way. Personally, this will sound harsh. I believe that the actions you did, plus the troubles you gave Staff. This comes out of MY mouth, my purest opinion, and is not in any way reflecting how my co-workers/staff feel and or -->/Gaminglight/Players and or Patrons of Gaminglight. I believe you do not fit in this community with that behavior, therefore. I believe you should remain on the permanent ban. I personally ask, from one soul to another. That you perhaps learn from these mistakes and move on. -Sincerely Jackal
  10. E11 Jackal

    Gordan's LOA

    be safe brudder
  11. + Good guy in E11 Follows rules Gets stuff done Highly Recommend