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  1. Last thing I expected to happen during my LOA.... Cya rabbit, we'll miss ya
  2. Name: Snowflake Rank: 1LT Callsign: LT13 Date of LOA Leave/Return: 6/29 to 7/2 (this thursday) Reason (if private write N/A): I've been wanting to take an LOA for a while now, and its about time. I've lost zero motivation to get on and I am completely burnt out, My sleep schedule is completely fucked and I'm not in the best mental state right now.
  3. Name: Snowflake Rank: 2LT SteamID: STEAM_1:0:114783587 Discord: Snowflake#0352 SubBranches(s): Hotshot, Longshot Things you wanna see in CI: Moving debrief to killhouse (dont know what happened to that) Activity: Active Why should you keep your position?{COMMAND ONLY}: I have absolutely dedicated myself towards this branch. My activity is crazy high (getting on everyday and putting in at-least 4-8 hours a day). Not only that, but I am willing to help in anyway I can and during my short time as a command member, I have learned to become more of a leader.
  4. +Support Evidence is clear
  5. -Support I tested this thing on a E4 I shot all 12 bullets into his head and it left him at 1 HP.
  6. Massive -Support People cant even manage 2 lifes, i dont expect people to be able to manage 3.
  7. SnowFlake

    ok bye

    Sad to see you go, I remember when you promoted me to SGT, I wish I had gotten to know you a little bit better. Good luck in your future endeavors.
  8. +Support Having a usable riot shield would open new scenarios.
  9. +Support Everyone has a different answer, and its very confusing.
  10. -Support This entire thread's going to be heavily biased, anyways.
  11. Although i had not gotten to know you, I respected you. Goodbye duke, I wish you the best and good luck in your future endeavors.
  12. +Support i ah gree becas komander inn actif and yur cohl!